Packers News: Nick Perry fined $15k for hit on Luck

Nick Perry hits Andrew Luck in the chest, gets flagged and fined
Nick Perry hits Andrew Luck in the chest, gets flagged and fined
Nick Perry hits Andrew Luck in the chest, gets fined

In the latest edition of players getting fined for playing football, Packers linebacker Nick Perry was fined $15,000 for his hit on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck this past Sunday.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Perry plans to appeal the fine.

On the play, the official referred to Luck as a “defenseless player,” which is usually a term reserved for a receiver attempting to make a catch with no way of shielding himself from an coming collision. Luck, however, was standing in the pocket with five competent offensive linemen in front of him.

So in essence, labeling Luck a “defenseless player” is perhaps the biggest slight one could possibly give to an offensive line. Watch the play again, and see exactly what Perry was flagged, and fined, for.

Luck clearly didn’t see the Perry coming, and as a result, he was smacked by a 270-pound freight train. Perry does something that players nowadays are taught not to do, which is leading with the helmet. However, Perry hit Luck directly in the acceptable, yet constantly shrinking region to hit quarterbacks–square in the chest. The ball popped lose, and Packers linebacker D.J. Smith recovered.

The nine-yard sack was Perry’s second of the season, but a 15-yard penalty negated the turnover altogether. But if there’s a bright side to the story, it’s that Perry finally flashed his massive potential.


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19 thoughts on “Packers News: Nick Perry fined $15k for hit on Luck

  1. I don’t understand the penalty. There was nothing dirty or illegal about the hit (but it was damn hard). He hit him in the shoulders with his head up. Luck’s neck coiled back and then forward to hit Perry’s helmet.

    Luck was in the pocket with the ball in his hands behind his offensive line.


    1. Exactly, this should not have been ruled a penalty. The NFL is a joke. It doesn’t matter if it’s the replacement refs or old refs, calls like this decide games. And to make it worse, they actually fined Perry too. Perry never hit him with the crown of his helmet. And then there’s the phantom PI calls on Shields. Surprised they didn’t fine him too, for “existing” on the field.

      McGinn wrote recently how records set by current OB’s lose a lot of meaning because how the NFL has drafted so many new rules that favor QB’s and the passing game. The Perry penalty that wiped out a sack-fumble and set the Colts up in good shape is another example. Seems like the QB is playing a game with different rules than everybody else. Seriously makes the game worse for me to watch than better.

      And it’s not just the Packers either. I’ve watched other games and have come away believing the team that should of won was jobbed by poor calls. I know this happens in sports, but it seems to be getting much worse in the NFL.

      1. Finally, McGinn says something that makes sense. 🙂

        Is the red jersey about to make an appearence on game day?

  2. Think about this, folks: The NFL is saying Luck was a defenseless player. The quarterback, who had the ball, and is trying to throw the ball downfield, is now a defenseless player.

    Welcome to “football” in 2012.

    1. Maybe this is the solution for our offensive struggles. March Harrel out there and tell Bulaga and Newhouse to let the DE’s run free (they seem adept at that). Grahm would be as defenseless as a kitten, but at 15 yards a play he’d be leading the most consistant offense in the league.

  3. There’s a taste of that speed that Nick Perry possesses but had yet to really show up on the field.

    That’s a 270 lbs. man… wow.

  4. We’ve got to give Perry time to grow Lucas. Let’s wait until 2 years from now to revisit whether Perry has fallen below, met, or exceeded expectations.

    1. It’s not that I’m saying he doesn’t have potential, but he was unblocked. Yes, he closed quickly, but that’s a play that doesn’t show his talent. I would rather Cite the plays where he collapsed the pocket with his bull rush and CMIII gets the sack, or standing the tackle up and shedding to tackle the RB for no gain. Many guys have closing speed, but it’s his burst with the power that show his potential.

  5. SIGH – I remember when the play wasn’t over until the ball carrier was completely stopped. Get up and run again, crawl, or roll-no whistle until about 6 guys were laying ontop of the ball carrier. I guess this is the price you pay for trying to appeal to the less than manly amongst us. 🙂

  6. This is the exact type of penalty that should be reviewable. Coaches should be able to challenge whether or not helmet to helmet contact actually occurred when such flags are thrown, as these penalties often swing momentum in the game – majorly so in the Packers game.

  7. I have an idea. Why don’t the quarterbacks wear skirts and the defenders can pull it off instead of hitting the quarterback.

  8. The officiating is a joke along with the nfl. They don’t care how bad their product is. The officials cost the Packers the Seatle game and this one against the Colts. It was better “pr” for the Colts to win. I’m a 45 year Packer fan and can hardly stand to watch the nifl’s crap.

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