Fantasy Football League: Week 4 Update & Power Rankings All Green Bay Packers All the Time Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff started a league this year to see who could take home the trophy between them and some of their readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 4 Results:

Jordy’s Stiff Arm (105.46) over Cheeseheads (66.86)
St. Cecilia’s HS (137.86) over TouchedByTedThompson (102.32)
Rockwood Lodge (118.28) over Finley Named My Kids (87.46)
The Gilbert Browns (114.24) over Milwaukee Packers (85.76)
Lambeau’s Legends (159.74) over Calvinball (116.32)
SuperBowl or Bust (125.20) over Salute Your Jorts (108.30)


Writers Division

  1. The Gilbert Browns, Adam Czech (4-0-0)
  2. Rockwood Lodge, Marques Eversoll (2-2-0)
  3. St. Cecilia’s HS, “Jersey” Al Bracco (2-2-0)
  4. Salute Your Jorts, Kris Burke (2-2-0)
  5. Jordy’s Stiff Arm, Chad Toporski (2-2-0)
  6. Calvinball, Thomas Hobbes (1-3-0)

Readers Division

  1. Finley Named My Kids, Sam (3-1-0)
  2. Lambeau’s Legends, Henry (2-2-0)
  3. SuperBowl or Bust, Earl (2-2-0)
  4. Cheeseheads, Matt (2-2-0)
  5. TouchedByTedThompson, Ian (1-3-0)
  6. Milwaukee Packers, gbmb34 (1-3-0)

Power Rankings

  1. Lambeau’s Legends (Up 4) – They’ve taken the top spot this week in our power rankings, but it may not be for long. Their boom or bust performances are about as consistent as the Chicago Bears right now, so they’ll have to show some more consistency if they want to stay number one.
  2. Rockwood Lodge (Same) – The model of consistency, teams will need to bring their “A” game when facing The Rock. Their weekly point production is about as close of a shot grouping as you can get, and they just handed the Readers division leader their first loss of the season.
  3. Finley Named My Kids (Down 2) – We knew it would happen eventually, but Finley Named My Kids finally dropped a game this week. Too bad for them it was against one of their biggest competitors in the power rankings. Until they can prove otherwise, The Rock owns them.
  4. The Gilbert Browns (Same) – Perhaps the only undefeated team in the league should be ranked higher, but they once again had a soft match-up that was not difficult to overcome. Can they prove their doubters wrong, or do they prefer to play with that chip on their shoulder? We’ll see.
  5. SuperBowl or Bust (Up 1) – They’ve made some tweaks to the engine, and SuperBowl or Bust has suddenly come back to life. Just like their starting quarterback, Tom Brady, this team may look like their down, but they can never be counted out.
  6. Calvinball (Down 3) – This team just can’t catch a break. They’ve put up scores over 110 points in each of the last three weeks, and even their first performance was a respectable 99.46. But when you “give up” a league-high 509.5 total points to your opponents, it’s going to show up in your record. Calvinball could really use a lucky lady to blow on his dice right now.
  7. St. Cecilia’s HS (Up 2) – Our fearless leader finally got the big win he was looking for this week. Unlike the Bears, he didn’t take long to move on from the embarrassment that is Jay Cutler. Instead, he let sophomore quarterback Andy Dalton lead him to a Week 4 victory. Here’s to not looking back.
  8. Salute Your Jorts (Same) – A big day by Cam Newton just wasn’t enough to offset the mediocre performance of a sub-par wide receiver group. The loss of Santonio Holmes may not be as dramatic for the Jorts as it is for the Jets, but it will leave them with even less options at the flex spot going forward.
  9. TouchedByTedThompson (Up 1) – After the third week in a row of a 100+ point performance, this team might finally have found its proverbial “identity.” It might not be anything to boast about, but it should get the job done and also give some hope for further improvement.
  10. Cheeseheads (Down 3) – What a fall. These Cheeseheads melted under the pressure this week, putting up their worst performance so far this season. While some teams have started to move in a positive direction, this one just keeps slipping backwards.
  11. Milwaukee Packers (Same) – More of the same from the Milwaukee Packers this week. The inability to crack 100 points is a bad sign for their season, and it would be an epic comeback to see them even get to a .500 record.
  12. Jordy’s Stiff Arm (Same) – After putting up a 100+ point game for the first time since Week 1, Jordy’s Stiff Arm may finally be getting out of their slump. Unfortunately for them, it’s been a pretty deep slump lately, and one week will not be nearly enough to reach the light yet.

Week 5 Match-Ups:

#12 Jordy’s Stiff Arm (2-2-0) vs. #1 Lambeau’s Legends (2-2-0)
#7 St. Cecilia’s HS (2-2-0) vs. #10 Cheeseheads (2-2-0)
#3 Rockwood Lodge (2-2-0) vs. #9 TouchedByTedThompson (1-3-0)
#4 The Gilbert Browns (4-0-0) vs. #2 Finley Named My Kids (3-1-0)
#6 Calvinball (1-3-0) vs. #5 SuperBowl or Bust (2-2-0)
#8 Salute Your Jorts (2-2-0) vs. #11 Milwaukee Packers (1-3-0)


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski