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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Amanda Lawson (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 10/04/12 ). Special Guest was Ty Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (and soon USA Today).

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CheeseheadRadio News 10-04-12:

Al:  Well, the Packers survived a scare from the Saints and Jeff Tripplette to persevere and hang on to an  important home win. The Saints were a desperate team, not wanting to go 0-4, and played like it. The referees performed more like their replacements did the week before, missing some obvious calls that almost cost the Packers a win. Fortunately, they pulled it out and evened their record to 2-2.

Amanda:  Speaking of the replacement referees, seems their still in the news. Wayne Ellliot, crew chief during the Packers Seahawks game, admitted this week that they made the wrong call on the last play of the game, even though the NFL upheld the ruling. I appreciate his honesty, but confirmation that the NFL handling of the matter was a sham  just adds insult to injury.

Al: Two more interesting things from Elliot. First, he revealed that during their training, the replacement officials were instructed not to call offensive interference on Hail Mary passes, but rather to just let it go. Elliot also said that Mike McCarthy called him and left a voice mail with some kind words, commending him on his handling of the situation, regardless of whether it was the right call or not.

Amanda:  Returning to the Packers this week was Mike Neal, who has completed his four game suspension and returned to practice this week. The Packers can add him right now or have the option to wait a week before deciding whether to put him on the active roster. According to Mike McCarthy, neal retuned to the team in outstanding physical condition and showed no signs of getting winded in  practice. Neal said this is the best he’s felt in 3 years.

Al: Not feeling so good is Greg Jennings, who re-injured his groin during the Saints game. Jennings expressed his extreme frustration this week and vowed he would not come back until it was 100% healed, whatever the timetable. Between this recurring injury and a preseason concussion, Jennings has missed significant time in what is an important year for him, contract-wise.

Amanda: Looking ahead to Sunday’s game, the two storylines are Jeff Saturday returning to Indy and Indy coach Chuck Pagano’s leaving the team for cancer treatments. Saturday admitted he will have some awkward feelings being back in that stadium, but he is fully a Packer now. Things will also feel different for the Indy players on Sunday with Pagano missing, but interim coach Bruce Arians said he plans few changes to Pagano’s methods.

“Gems from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Amanda:  The talk this week has been about the soft zone the Packers employed against the Saints to allow some long 3rd down conversions. To this point, Aaron Nagler tweeted, “How many times are we going to see the same film before Capers comes under fire. Come on.”

Al:  Moving to the offensive side of the ball, ESPNMilwaukee’s Bill Johnson commented on Randall Cobb, who got flipped head over heels a few times against the Saints. Johnson tweeted, “Cobb can land on his head and not hurt himself. He’s like an ant.”

Amanda:  Lauren Fernandez (aka cubanalaf) commented on the bizzare state of the NFC North: “It’s snowing in Minnesota today because hell froze over and the Vikings are on top of the NFC North.”

Al:   And summing things up today is the man who just can’t stay out of our tweets of the week, the Packer Ranter. This week he blessed us with this gem: “Was going to say the Colts owner is a weirdo, but then I realized that would be insanely hypocritical. I know tons of weirdo Packers owners.”

I guess we all do and for that, you get the…

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