Fantasy Football League: Week 3 Update & Power Rankings All Green Bay Packers All the Time Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff started a league this year to see who could take home the trophy between them and some of their readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 3 Results:

Salute Your Jorts (80.18) over Jordy’s Stiff Arm (73.52)
The Gilbert Browns (126.80) over Rockwood Lodge (112.82)
Calvinball (114.34) over St. Cecilia’s HS (96.82)
Finley Named My Kids (105.72) over Lambeau’s Legends (93.38)
TouchedByTedThompson (111.00) over SuperBowl or Bust (97.20)
Cheeseheads (103.12) over Milwaukee Packers (96.62)


Writers Division

  1. The Gilbert Browns, Adam Czech (3-0-0)
  2. Salute Your Jorts, Kris Burke (2-1-0)
  3. Rockwood Lodge, Marques Eversoll (1-2-0)
  4. Calvinball, Thomas Hobbes (1-2-0)
  5. St. Cecilia’s HS, “Jersey” Al Bracco (1-2-0)
  6. Jordy’s Stiff Arm, Chad Toporski (1-2-0)

Readers Division

  1. Finley Named My Kids, Sam (3-0-0)
  2. Cheeseheads, Matt (2-1-0)
  3. Lambeau’s Legends, Henry (1-2-0)
  4. SuperBowl or Bust, Earl (1-2-0)
  5. TouchedByTedThompson, Ian (1-2-0)
  6. Milwaukee Packers, gbmb34 (1-2-0)

Power Rankings

  1. Finley Named My Kids (Same) – They put up their lowest score of the season in Week 3, and yet it was still over 100 points. Their greatest challenge may be this next game, when they take on the #2 ranked Rockwood Lodge.
  2. Rockwood Lodge (Up 1) – Though they lost to The Gilbert Browns in Week 3, their opponents did boast the highest score in all the match-ups. The Lodge has put up at least 108 points each week, and that kind of production will get a team far. A win in Week 4 would be huge.
  3. Calvinball (Up 3) – You have to admire perseverance. After two straight disappointing losses, Calvinball made a big jump this week with a solid win over St. Cecilia’s. This team might just be warming up.
  4. The Gilbert Browns (Up 4) – After being shafted in last week’s ranking, the Gilbert Browns took the biggest leap up within the league. With an undefeated record and a statement win over the #2 ranked Rockwood Lodge, it’s clear this team is not just a group of LFL lightweights.
  5. Lambeau’s Legends (Down 3) – The Legends are probably kicking themselves this week, as a couple of changes in the line-up could have spelled certain victory. Heck, their bench points were just 4 points less than their starting unit. They’ve got to figure out their identity if they want to live up to their glorious name.
  6. SuperBowl or Bust (Down 1) – It may be more Bust than SuperBowl for this team, as their points have steadily gone down each week. They’ve got to hope Gronkowski and the Baltimore defense return to form soon, or this group could quickly veer off the road to victory.
  7. Cheeseheads (Same) – This group has been as up and down as Packers fans’ emotions this season. A big showing in Week 1 was followed by an embarrassing performance in Week 2, which has been followed by a respectable win in Week 3. They’re going to need to be more consistent if they hope to have a shot.
  8. Salute Your Jorts (Down 4) – After a week in the Top 5 of the rankings, this team was just caught with its jorts down. They managed the win this week, but it was in perhaps the most pathetic match-up in the league. They’ve now put up less than 90 points in two of their three games.
  9. St. Cecilia’s HS (Same) – Team owner “Jersey” Al was seen seeking advice this week on whether to start Jay Cutler or Andy Dalton. Either he got really bad advice, or he was too distracted by followers taking jabs at his decision to draft Cutler in the first place. It’s a rookie mistake, but hopefully one that this team learns from.
  10. TouchedByTedThompson (Up 2) – While SuperBowl or Bust has been steadily getting worse, the TouchedByTedThompson team has been steadily getting better. They’ve bounced back well from a poor Week 1 outing, and while they were definitely down, they’ve shown they’re not out of it yet.
  11. Milwaukee Packers (Down 1) – Ouch. This team barely put up 100 points in Week 1, and they have yet to reach that mark again. The way this team is built, it could be a real crapshoot the hole season, as far as who to play in the line-up. And the worst part is the reward may never outweigh the risk.
  12. Jordy’s Stiff Arm (Down 1) – How the mighty have fallen. Not only has Jordy Nelson been underproductive compared to last year, but it appears as if his infamous Stiff Arm has lost all its strength. Two weeks of sub-75-point performances is something to be quite embarrassed about. There may be a glimmer of hope somewhere, but it’s quickly fading.

Week 4 Match-Ups:

#12 Jordy’s Stiff Arm (1-2-0) vs. #7 Cheeseheads (2-1-0)
#2 Rockwood Lodge (1-2-0) vs. #1Finley Names My Kids (3-0-0)
#9 St. Cecilia’s HS (1-2-0) vs. #10 TouchedByTedThompson (1-2-0)
#4 The Gilbert Browns (3-0-0) vs. #11 Milwaukee Packers (1-2-0)
#3 Calvinball (1-2-0) vs. #5 Lambeau’s Legends (1-2-0)
#8 Salute Your Jorts (2-1-0) vs. #6 SuperBowl or Bust (1-2-0)


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski