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Super-Bowl XLV T-Shirt - Packers-Steelers
Super-Bowl XLV T-Shirt – Packers-Steelers

It’s hard to believe, but (or, or is covering it’s fourth NFL season. Along the way, we’ve built a nice little community of Packers fans interested in discussing the Packers in a somewhat normal and mature manner (with a few exceptions, of course).

Some of you have been frequent commenters, some just occasional or not at all. Whatever your level of participation in the past, we just appreciate your coming here.

We are currently approaching our 20,000th comment (we’re talking real comments left by real people and not SPAM, otherwise it’s probably closer to 2o million…).

So as one way to say thank you, we’re offering a package of Packers-related prizes for the person who leaves our 20,000th comment. Here’s what we have so far;

Contest Prizes:

$100 gift Certificte to the Packers Pro Shop.

Super Bowl XLV T-Shirt (purchased at the Super Bowl). Long-sleeve, Size M

1 free admission to the Packers Hall of Fame (this season)

1 free Lambeau Field tour admission (this season)

Lambeau Field “1957” 100% Cotton Baseball Cap

1993 Topps Bret Favre football card mounted on a wall plaque


Hint: There are currently less than 500 comments to go to get to 20,000.

Good Luck!




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73 thoughts on “Win Prizes as the 20,000th Commenter

  1. I think that the Pack has finally found the right combo on defense,with Mcmillian and Hayward-no bush or MD jennings.coverage and hitting seemed to be stepped up considerably!

  2. I am SOOOO excited about the next game! I am a born and raised WI Packer fan and my wife is from Seattle. I brought my brother-in-law to Lambeau for his first time a few years back when the Packers and Seahawks played and got tickets in the 2nd row behind the ‘Hawks bench….He is now returning the favor and I am heading to Seattle thursday until following friday and have tickets in the 2nd row behind the Packers bench for the MNF game!!! And to have Russell Wilson as a starter is even better! I’m not gonna lie, I know how crazy good the ‘Hawks are at home, I am nervous about this game….ALOT!
    Still will be a fantastic trip and experience! Those 2 stadiums in Seattle are fantastic!

  3. We will have to be at our best to beat the Seahawks,they are much improved and have Great team speed. Offence must get it all together no drops,no fumbles,and a better running game. Go Pack!

  4. Monday madness… No more dropsies… And Rodgers returns to his rightful place as King of the NFL..#GoPack

  5. Cmon, Al let me win I am getting married to a Bears fan on Thursday 🙂 And Yes I am getting married in a Cobb Jersey.

  6. Kudos to you for doing this! It’s so unnecessary but I’m sure whoever wins it will be very appreciative. Me? I just love reading about the Pack and following everything that affects our great team!! Good luck to all and Go Pack!!

  7. I think the Pack will get better on offense each week,they’re getting Benson acclimated and working without Jennings.I predict that after two more games we will be hitting on all cylinders!

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