Packers vs. Bears – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 23 CHI 10 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Tom Crabtree Lambeau Leap vs. Chicago bears
Surprise of the Game – Tom Crabtree Fake Field Goal TD run

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

WR Jarrett Boykin
WR Greg Jennings
S Sean Richardson
CB Davon House
RB James Starks
LB Terrell Manning
DE CJ Wilson


Jerel Worthy gets his first NFL start with CJ Wilson out for this game.  He can expect to see a steady dose of Matt Forte and Michael Bush.

31  yr old CB Charles Tillman will play for the Bears. Tillman has been responsible for more than 50 turnovers in his career (interceptions & forced fumbles combined).

LB Erik Walden returns after serving his one game suspension. It will be interesting to see how many snaps he takes from Nick Perry.


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Packers – Bears: It’s going to be a tough game. That’s what we’ve prepared for. It’s early in the season, but it’s a game we always look forward to playing

Weird schedule: This is our only division game in 1st half of season.  That’s the NFL, it’s a moving target, that’s what makes things fun.

Jennings: Greg has played very well in these game. I just spoke withhim – he’s in the tank a bit about not being able to play. If it was a 7 day week, I think the outcome would have been different. Greg has made a big impact in these games with his  ability in the quick passing game and his ability to make people miss.

Packers – Bears similarities: I like to think we look at the game the same way. We stay true to our identity and we’re 2 fundamental football teams. We need to play better fundamentals than we did four days ago.

Running game: We have to get some balance. We talked about it Monday.

Bears offensive additions: Big targets. They’ll improve your completion percentager, for sure. We can’t get to far away from playing defense the way we have it designed. Have to make the right calls

Key to Game: We have to stop the run and run the ball better. That was the emphasis all week.

Bears defense: It’s not a complicated defense, but they do as well a job as anybody in trying to take away your strengths.



Packers vs. Bears – First Impressions – First Half:

Bears win the toss and defer.  So their D wants to make an early statement…

While they do stop the Packers (thanks to a Jordy nelso drop), it’s the Packers D that comes out roaring with a sack of Jay Cutler on the first play of Chicago’s first possession.

Packers OL staring off slow again. Sitton & Bulaga not opening any holes, Lang & Newhouse resort to holding to do so…

Packers getting consistent pressure so far. Cutler will not like that at all. INTs are coming…

Another three and out for the Packer’s D: Walden and Moses both with the pressure on Cutler there forcing him to unload…

Erik Walden doing what Nick Perry has not been able to.

Packers using Benson as a workhorse end of first quarter. Between running and short passes, forcing the Bear’s safeties to not play so deep…

One thing for sure, Rodgers looks march sharper throwing the ball than 4 days ago…

Packers completely dominating this game, yet the score is only 3-0. Ugh…

Is Matthews’ resurgence due to additions elsewhere on defense or the move back to the right side? I’ve always questioned switching him to the left side…

Running behind Sitton and Bulaga just not working that well.

Randall Cobb turning into everything we hoped for. Makes defending the Packers offense so much more difficult.

Running behind Sitton and Bulaga just not working that well.

Wow – Don Barclay with the key downfield block on the fake field goal TD. Nice going, kid…

As predicted, consistent pressure on Cutler = Interceptions.  It’s live a proven law of physics – It’s foolproof…

12 sacks in this game, 7 by the #packers

Holy shit, Aaron. Two weeks in a row you don’t see the LB? So Lucky Briggs dropped that.

Packers 13 Bears 0


Packers vs. Bears – First Impressions – Second Half:

Not even a sniff of the ball for Brandon Marshall in the first halg – that’s got to change, right?

Nick Perry always gets good penetration, but he just can’t disengage from the blocker. Must learn to use  his hands better. Work in progress…

It’s nice to hear an announcer say, “they have to do something to slow down this rush” and they’re referring to the Packers’ rush…

Burnett playing single deep safety, slow to get over on that Marshall drop. Couldn’t see if there was another receiver holding him there.

Walden continues showing why he deserves to be playing more than Perry. At least at this point in time.

Where has THIS BJ Raji been the last year?

Gee, nobody knew they were running the quick dive to Kuhn on 3rd and 1 did they? What a surprise!  This drives me insane…

Imagine the Packers’ offense if they could convert a third and one? Our defense would be well rested.

Cutler continues to prove the formula correct: Interception #3.

Announcer just said “again the pocket collapsing” And he was talking about the Packers again. Music to my ears…

Love seeing Rogers show that fire as he laces into Jones for changing his route.

INT #4 on Jay Cutler. Should have been a pick six – McMillian down on imaginary contact.

DUMB DUMB by Francois. Could have easily drawn a penalty for stupid stuff out of bounds. He makes a great play, gets him out of bounds and then has to rough him up. why? so stupid.

I’m gonna miss all the “we suck” tweets and comments after this game…


Packers 23 Bears 10



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38 thoughts on “Packers vs. Bears – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 23 CHI 10

  1. Packers defense is BACK baby! The Bears offense may be overrated, but 7 sacks, 4 INT’s, and only 186 total yards allowed? This is most complete Bears offense in recent memory, yet they put out one of worst performances we’ve seen in a long time.

    With time, Worthy, Daniels, Hayward and Perry will only get better, Mike Neal will return from suspension, and just imagine what our defense will look like then?

    Told yall there was nothing to worry about, lol.

  2. Did I tell you about Walden or did I tell you about Walden? 😉

    Very encouraging performance from the defense although I’m not a fan of Capers swapping in-and-out so much. It’s nice to give Clay a break, certainly, but putting Perry back in instead of Moses (or just keeping Walden in) always bit us in the ass last night. (Although the argument could be made for more reps being beneficial).

    But the defense needs to gel and I’m afraid that too much rotation will prevent that from happening. Still, much better game from Dom.

    Which brings us to the offense. They really need to figure this out. Without Jennings they did not look good at all.

    But I’m going to say something controversial here: keep Jennings on the sidelines for awhile. Why? First off, so he can get 100%. Secondly because we don’t need him to beat the Seahawks. Thirdly, remember in 2010 when Finley went down and the offense struggled? It took us awhile to figure things out but we did eventually. When we re-added Finley in 2011 we were unstoppable.

    Better to plan on him not being there and adjust than bet the farm on staying completely healthy all year. It’ll also force McCarthy & co. to get creative with Williams, Green, and Saine.

    Although one overwhelming positive was Cedric Benson. Looked much better than last week and I’m excited to see this cat once he’s immersed in the offense and cold weather rolls around.

    Good win last night but lot of football left.

  3. As badly as we were “outschemed’ vs. 49ers, we did the same to the Bears last night. They had no answer for our two deep safety look. We did to them what everyone is trying to do to us. We ran the ball more effectively than they did early & Cutler lost his mind. Our passing game is still a little off. When we did get opportunities for big plays either receivers couldn’t quite come up with above average cathces or AR was just a little off on the throw. Haven’t seen one “back shoulder” throw this season, that we did a lot of last year. Finley just isn’t growing up. Runs his mouth, then misses blocks, drops passes, & fumbles.

  4. AJ Hawk leads NFL in Tackles. CMJ3 leads in Sacks. Raji showed up. Wow! What a defense.

    Out offense sucked. Too many dropped balls except that old guy “Driver”. It is nice to see him give stability for Rogers.

    Cedric, Cedric, Cedric! We have a running back. When the cold weather arrives he will have been immersed into the scheme.

    Carmini was suckered like a rookie. AJ Hawk destroyed that drive with push & comment to bait carmini and it worked. 15 yards to kill a drive. AJ is coming to the party this year.

    1. That play by AJ Hawke was BS. You really think some steriod-daddy with the IQ of a grapefruit is that calculating? He’s just lucky that Carimi retaliated or the substitute referee would have thrown the flag on him.

  5. Great win for Packers in reality! Sucks if you had Nelson, Rodgers or Finley, Brandon Marshall or Forte as part of Fantasy team. Great if you GB Defense!

    1. Yeah, I had Rodgers, Jordy, Marshall, and Forte in my line-ups this week… and I sat Benson in two of them.


  6. The defense showed up for the first time in a year. I still have my concerns. I am extremely happy with the way the defense played, but I want to see it for a few weeks before we say they are back.

    Cutler is a guy that once he is rattled is completely awful. I want to see this D step up against the top QBs in the league. Brees in a couple weeks, that will be the real test.

    Good to see the rookie DL make some plays. The niners offense was a very bad matchup for the packers rookies who are penetrators and pass rushers first. Thankfully there are not a lot of teams like the niners.

    I like the switch to McMillan. I liked it before the game and the pick (should have been two). He has all the tools to be a great player, Jennings ceiling is an adequate starter. Play the future and take the lumps along the way.

  7. And of yeah, i am all for letting Finley walk after his deal is up. I have been saying for a year and a half that he is not in the elite group of TEs. He is just too unreliable. For every great play he makes, he makes three poor plays. The strip was a great play by Tillman (does he force a fumble every time the packers play the bears?) but finley needs to protect the ball better as well.

    And catch the ball! and that block on the Jones screen was a joke. If he makes even an attempt that could have been a big play. maybe it was a miscommunication, but Jones got the memo from Rodgers.

    1. I thought the exact same thing but truth is he’s 25 and has the mental intelligence of a 19.

      Kids grow up. I know, we’ve been saying it for 3 years, but it is true. I think the Packers’ approach with him is perfect.

  8. Hate the effin Bears for screwing the Pack out of Shea McLellin. Nick Perry is a hump compared to this guy and I cannot imagine how devastating it would have been to have he and beast coming off the edges.

    Bears still suck.

    1. Comparing a college DE who plays DE in the pros, to a college DE who plays OLB in the pros, is neither a fair or good analysis of talent.

      Perry will be fine, and I personally think once he learns the position and some technique he’s got the god-given talents to be a great OLB. Given a season, I don’t think you’d ever want to trade Perry for McCellin. Only time will tell, of course, but I think you will be very please with what you see from Perry as he enters the play offs.

    2. I preferred McClellin over Perry but this is wrong on so many levels.

      Perry had 3 hurries on 20 snaps, and overall player a good game. It is evident the physical tools he has, just a great combination of power and speed, but he is beyond raw, needs to learn how to use his hands and how to see the game from a LB’s perspective.

      But, remember, it took Matthews 4 games to play.

  9. If this game is a sign the defense has started to figure it out and is turning the corner, this Packers team will be a steamroller…. Once the offense works it out.

    Rodgers and the WR’s just aren’t quite clicking yet. They aren’t completely out of sorts, but just enough to barely miss the play and kill drives. Once that switch flips, it’s off to the races.

    The emergence of a sound running game last night was high-priority in light of the passing game’s hiccups. Hopefully, Benson continues to find productive lanes to eat up what is available on the ground, allowing our passing attack some breathing room and time to get it together and back up to Packers’ standards.

    If this team can put it all together by mid season, they might add some hardware to the garage.

  10. Why do you think the “we’re back” comments after beating Cutler and the Bears, again, are any more appropriate than the “we suck” from last week? As you noted…

    While they do stop the Packers (thanks to a Jordy nelso drop)

    Packers OL staring off slow again. Sitton & Bulaga not opening any holes, Lang & Newhouse resort to holding to do so…
    Packers completely dominating this game, yet the score is only 3-0. Ugh…

    Running behind Sitton and Bulaga just not working that well.

    Running behind Sitton and Bulaga just not working that well.

    Holy shit, Aaron. Two weeks in a row you don’t see the LB? So Lucky Briggs dropped that.
    Burnett playing single deep safety, slow to get over on that Marshall drop. Couldn’t see if there was another receiver holding him there.
    Gee, nobody knew they were running the quick dive to Kuhn on 3rd and 1 did they? What a surprise! This drives me insane…

    Imagine the Packers’ offense if they could convert a third and one? Our defense would be well rested.

  11. Dead on Oppy. Perry will be a force to rekon with. Before giving McLellin too much credit one should review the performance of Newhouse. He is better than the Bear LT, but still needs a lot of work.

    1. Hey Ron, what was it you said about Capers still collecting a paycheck? Lol, just yanking your chain dude.

  12. The defense played ‘nasty’ and where was that last week.
    The offense is still off kilter.
    JJ is good but has lapses(playbook study)
    Nelson will be open all over the field soon.
    Cobb is a nuisance to defenses.
    Finley is looking more useless..drops,fumbles,no blocking,head shaking plays called…
    Driver gets a TD….did any Bear defender attempt to cover him.
    Nick Perry….bull rush isn’t enough
    Walden…no more suspensions,we need you.
    Newhouse…no shame in needing a little help…still played well for your time at LT.
    Benson,Cobb and Starks…yes Starks not Green.
    Most knew the secondary would shine with pass rush…TADA
    10 days off…lets not come back and make Wilson look like Pro Bowler.

    Finley the ‘Bear Killer’…..stats…fantasy football…averaging looks great…reality is ‘INCONSITANT’..this game was more his norm than the averaging of his last 4.

  13. Last night was a great performance by the D. Enthusiasm and aggressiveness was apparent and as a result that made Cutler start wearing his “why the hell doesn’t anyone like Me” look early in the 2nd quarter. More please Dom!

    The Oline still isn’t clicking the way it should. Newhouse aside, AR is getting hit far too many times. Is Campan stuck with poor performers or is he not the right coach? I expect a big move forward for the Seattle game.

    AR and the receivers are still not in sync. This will improve soon.

    The young DB’s mixed in with Woodson and Williams peformed well. DC developed a game plan that used their speed and aggression while at the same time protected them with Morgan and a revitalized rush.

    Great game plan by Capers. Credit where credit is due.

    Smith is becoming a very, very, good ILB. A few coverage issues but that will improve with experience.

    Still need to improve but they are beginning show show signs of that happening.

    Beating the Ahole Bears is the making of a great day today. I think I’ll listen to the “SCORE” today and listen to Bear fans call for Lovie’s head on a spike.

    1. haha, I absolutely *LOVE* tuning into Chicagoland sports radio stations after the Packers whoop the Bears-

      it’s one of life’s special little treats!!

      1. Tee hee, Opie. I bet you do like listening, right after you collect your food stamps or head back into the paper mill. Everyone meetin’ at the bowlin’ alley Saturday night?

        1. That’s silly.

          I spend all of my food stamps on sexual favors from your broke-@$! mom. That’s one Bear that definitely still sucks.

          1. I’m still trying to figure out what she does with the food stamps since she doesn’t have any teeth.

  14. Finally, Capers finally plays his DBs at the line ,close to the recievers, for most of the game (which I have been waiting a year for)Not droping Perry on a WRs,Moving Pickett to the nose and BJ to DE , like the SB year, these are smart adjustments that DC just hasn’t been making lately.DC finally climbs out of his shell and redeemed himself. Great win. If DCs unit plays smart and aggressive like this the rest of the year, we win the SB. The D took the game to the opponent, not vise versa

    1. Yes, this.

      Above all else, it was great to see Capers play to the defense strenght, and the D responding accordingly.

      And it is evident that our D will pressure the QB all year. And they’ll only get better.

  15. Completely off topic, but Tyler Dunne and Tom Silverstein’s article on the JSO “Packers Replay” states that Clay Matthews had what was probably “his most dominant performance of his career” last night.

    I was thinking, even if the stat sheet didn’t reflect it, perhaps Clay’s most dominant performance was his outing in 2010 on Monday Night Football vs. the Dallas Cowboys. It felt like he just absolutely took over that game single-handedly.

    Any thoughts?

    1. I do have one thought, Opie. And that thought is that you are a worthless individual.

    2. That was a Sunday night game by the way, but back in 2010, Matthews struggled against stopping the run and as complete as a linebacker as he was then, it wasn’t as complete as he is now.

  16. Great Game:

    Matthews seems to be back so far in the season, but I would like to see Perry involved. I know it’s tough for a rookie and I said earlier a month ago that he shouldn’t be expected to. So I am patient.

    Great pressure = Great secondary. Big Big Difference that showed from the two games.

    Aaron Rodgers is having a eh moment so far with me, it seems like his touch is off with his accuracy. I know that’s crazy to say with who he is, but alot of the passes are all so close and we are use to seeing precision from Aaron. That being said, the TD to Driver showed that maybe it took him a while for a rhythm.

    Finley. His hands of stone at times gives me a heart of glass.

    McCarthy needs to be slapped at times to remember he has Benson on his squad now. 3 and 1, spread formation, slap McCarthy. 3 and 1, give it to Kuhn, slap McCarthy. Benson in a Spread/Shotgun RB formation, slap McCarthy. McCarthy is a great playcaller at times but sometimes he himself is too stupid and causes too much havoc on the team. I like to think McCarthy uses Aaron as his trusty prize horse and thinks he can get away.


    Oh yeah, if McCarthy called that play on the Rodgers interception that was meant for Jones. Slap him some more, it’s called the 4 Minute Drill. Playing boring football, because your up so many points on the Bears. Run a screen pass for damn sakes. Benson is available.

    Cutler face, Cutler face, Cut-Cut-Cut face.

    This will be a trying year it seems like, but we will still make the playoffs.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean brother. McCarthy likes to go conservative as early as he can possibly get away with. When I saw Benson running so many times early in the fourth quarter, I just knew we weren’t gonna score again. He needs to learn to just put the game away, because going conservative has historically speaking almost ALWAYS given our opponent the chance to get back in the game, and in some cases, squeak out a win.

    2. As for “calling the play” on the INT. Every pass play involves the WR’s & QB “reading” the defense. Jones appeared to read it incorrectly, or AR did. Wasn’t MM’s fault, the players have to execute.

  17. Big T, if you’re serious, you are our modern day dipshit. 2 games in? Nah… you can’t be serious. Almost had me there Broseph!

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