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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 09/12/12 ). Special Guest was Matt Bowen of National Football Post and together we analyzed the Packers performance against the 49ers.

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Al: Well, Packers fans, I’m afraid the quest for a perfect season in 2012 is over before it even got started.  Green Bay had the misfortune of having to open up against in what my opinion is the the best overall team in the NFC. The Packers confirmed my fears that they just weren’t ready yet for this type of contest. But there’s still plenty of season for this team to grow and they now know the level of performance they’ll have to raise their game to.

Jayme:  Talking about the game to the media, Mike McCarthy was typically understated in commenting on two recurring issues, the lack of a running game and miscommunication in the secondary. McCarthy said he’d like to see the team have, as he called it, “some semblance of a running game.” McCarthy then promised the secondary coaches would spend 10 to 15 minutes discussing the issues in the 49ers game.

Al:  10-15 minutes doesn’t seem like enough to me, but… perhaps there’s little time to reflect on Sunday as the Packers have the Bears coming up tomorrow night. And as they prepare for Chicago, it’s possible the Packers may be without Their All-Pro wide receiver Greg Jennings. Jennings suffered  a groin injury towards the very end of the 49ers game, which resulted in Donald Driver getting his only 3 snaps of the game.

Jayme: Speaking of pains in the groin, Bears QB Jay Cutler was shooting his mouth off this week. Evidently, Cutler is as giddy as a toddler at Chuckie Cheese over his new partners in the pass-completion business. Cutler wished the Packers defensive backs “Good Luck” in trying to cover his new receivers. I guess you can’t blame him now that he has some guys that can bail him out  on all those bad passes he throws.

Al: All joking aside, this is a much improved Chicago Bears offense. Finally Devin Hester can be allowed to be what he is, a #3 or 4 receiver and they have an intimidating 1-2 punch at running back with Matt Forte and Michael Bush. Gains on offense are offset by some slippage on defense, which sports a combination of aging veterans and inexperience young players. With the short week, this game will be played on emotion – good for the Packers they’ll have the home crowd behind them.

Jayme: Those were your Packers news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you …:

“Gems from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Jayme:  Evidently, the Bears fans have been a bit chatty this week about Jay Cutler playing better than  Aaron Rodgers in week one. To this, Chezhdchick (anita) had the rational response: “Cutler played against the COLTS defense. Rodgers played against the NINERS defense. There’s a BIG difference, people!”

Al: While this loss was certainly a team effort, Jarret Bush was back in the spotlight on twitter as the target of fans’ ire. While there were plenty of out and out haters, Mark Dudziak took a gentler, yet no less effective approach. Mark tweeted, “Dear Jarrett Bush… learn to say no comment and for god sake stop getting lost in zone coverage. Thanks … from Everybody”

Jayme: Commenting on the NFL negotiations with the referees union, Sports business expert and former Packers executive Andrew Brandt had this to say, “The NFL and the Refs are like boys and girls at an 8th grade social: hoping to talk but no one willing to make the first move.”

Al: Relative newcomer yet serial tweeter Bob Becker, who seems to have something to say about everything, weighen in on the Aaron Rodgers Boyz II Men situation, “So not only does Rodgers have to wear the Smith jersey, tweeted Bob, but he’s also outed himself as a Boys II Men fan. #DoubleDiscountEmbarassment


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