Packers Loss: Name the ONE Thing That Disturbed You the Most All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers vs. 49ers: McCarthy - Harbaugh shake hands
An unhappy handshake for Mike McCarthy…

I’m always interested in seeing if other Packers fans are thinking the same thing I’m thinking. And always amazed about how so many people can watch the same game and see things so differently.

In any case, after watching the disappointing loss to the 49ers, there was plenty for everyone to not like. But if I had to pick just ONE thing that bothered me the most, what would it be?

What is YOUR one thing?

(yes, you only get one…)


I posted this question on twitter this afternoon and got an incredibly varied array of responses. Here are some of the replies:

– WR’s lack of ability to get open quicker

– The continued trend of MM/Rodgers inability to win close ones in the 4th quarter.

– The refs. we can fix mistakes cant fix refs

– in that the last 2 losses we’ve seen against good teams, they’ve gotten dominated.

– Secondary. Settle on the starters, nickel safety, and dime corner, and clean up the communication issues.

– Jarrett Bush as starting corner

– just one?!? I’ll say being out-coached at home.

– – weeping. OH you meant in the game…

– That Finley still hasn’t matured. His reaction to his drop and walking over the defender in endzone which got him cleated.

– the fact they view bush and M.D. Jennings as starting players

– coaching! Lack of any gameplan or making adjustments! Wake up & react.

– Bush being all cocky after 2 plays knowing the entire secondary was playing like shit all game

– I was going to go w/the late flags or no calls on both sides but I’ll go with #Packers had NO fire in them!

– playing what seemed like a prevent defense where there was a 10 yd cushion between every receiver an DB. Or so it seemed

– why  Capers was giving 10 yds cushion to receivers in 1st half. Was he afraid of a long pass by A Smith? Short pass killed

– The final score

– middle lb play… Always seemed to be step or two late

– Jarrett Bush being on the field…

– the secondary (yes, Jarrett Bush, I am looking at you) is still anemic and making the same mistakes as last year.

– I’d go w/ Rodgers’ struggles when 49ers disguised blitzes and coverages. Disciplined D’s will keep doing it.

– The hesitation on tackling. Everyone waited for the runner to meet them head-on instead of vice versa.

– Jim Harbaugh

– Thing that disturbed me most…being that flat in the home opener.

– accountability after the game, and lack of urgency throughout the game

– Mis-communication in the secondary on every 3rd play or so. That’s not about talent and just shouldn’t happen anymore.

This last one was tweeted by a Packers fan from the Netherlands – and it happens to be my choice as well. To see Morgan Burnett, yelling instructions in the secondary and visibly pointing over his shoulder (that whomever he’s yelling at is responsible for the deep middle) and then seeing Randy Moss run into that area with nary a Packers player within 10 yards for an easy TD… that stuff drives me crazy.)


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43 thoughts on “Packers Loss: Name the ONE Thing That Disturbed You the Most

  1. There are tons of thing…

    The coaching staff. Both on preparation, some packages need to go away, and on playcalling, every third down it seemed as if it was everybody running go routes. That falls on Rodgers too but if I need to single out one thing it’s the coaching effort.

    1. “some packages need to go away”
      How obvious does it have to get before Capers realizes that his guys just don’t fully understand the scheme? Every game there are DB’s jawing at each other while some WR runs free to the endzone. I think Capers is just too set in his ways to change.

    2. Defensive players don;t understand the scheme. How obvious does it have to get before Capers realizes it and cuts back the Exotic BS? Every game there are DB’s jawing at each other while some WR runs free to the endzone. I think Capers is just too set in his ways to change.

  2. Bulaga being a revolving door.

    Perhaps it was the plays that were called and it would have been better if a blocking back was in the backfield rather than an extra receiver. But a lot of the really bad plays were caused by Bulaga not getting the job done.

  3. Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, Jarrett Bush, and did I mention Jarret Bush?

    Also Jarrett Bush just had to say “we beat ourselves” now the Packers look like clowns all over again.

    This SHOULD’VE been his last year as a Packer.

    1. I can’t possibly blame Jarrett Bush. It’s common knowledge that he just cannot play defense, but it’s not his fault that the coaches put him to play.

      1. Fair enough. But you’ve gotta admit, Bush likes to talk the talk but he can never walk the walk.

        He’s mouthing other players out there, and has the gull to tell the press that “we beat ourselves”. He honestly BELIEVES that he’s a good player!

        The guy is a JOKE.

        1. I’m a Bush hater (all of them) through and through, believe me. I’ve said numerous times he has no business being on the field. He has actually warranted a spot on the team as his ST play has become very good, but as a defensive player he’s still a huge liability.

          But I can’t dislike him as a person. That post-super bowl interview almost made me cry. I also don’t know about him mouthing other players, haven’t seen it.

          I’m fully under the impression that he’s just not very bright. Which is not a crime, yet.

          But it’s great that he thinks he’s a good player, you can’t win in life thinking badly about yourself. If every Packer player had the same attitude as Jarrett Bush of lowering your head and giving your all out max our defense would be much better.

          The problem as I see it is that the coaches think he’s a good player, and keep asking him to do things he just can’t.

          If they offered me money to do his job I would gladly do it.

  4. How long, as in years, are they going to allow Bush to screw up our defense. The guy can NOT play and should have been shipped out years ago, so we could find someone else.

    1. And probably will be in the future because he’s a genius.

      He has about five different players from what he had last year, not mention he doesn’t have Bishop anymore, Smith is still a work in progress, Woodson is now a safety, and No. 24 is out there.

      Capers deserves more time, and you know it.

      1. A genius? Are you serious? Look at his entire coaching career. By year 3 or 4 straight to the bottom of the NFL defensive rankings. He will get more time and yes, all the points are valid. But this is Capers entire career.

  5. Offense – Rodgers. Sloppy game from him. Missed some obvious open receivers. I cannot put the blame on Finley, because I don’t trust him to have consistent hands.

    Defense – They had a pass rush, and then for most of the game, they suddenly lost it until the near end of the game. Inconsistent.

  6. As others have said, so many to chose from. But maybe the worst was seeing my coach have to congratulate that bloviating douche-psycho Jim Harbaugh on a well deserved victory (see the picture above). It’s at that point the finality of it all sets in.

  7. The exotic blitz packages that always seem to backfire…if you can pressure the QB,
    he will be looking to get rid of the ball
    in a hurry.Whom ever is left back there must beware of the quick dump offs that
    always go for big yardage!

  8. Overall poor defense. The packers Defense did not do anything very well. CM3 got pressure, and that was it. WRs running open all game, terrible matchup issues. Perry on Crabtree? really? DL was pushed around from beginning to end. miscommunication in the secondary. poor tackling. ILBs were bad. perry was crushed in the run game.

    The defense was bad again. This defense looked like the 2011 defense in the pre season and they looked like them again on sunday. There are a lot of over rated players on this defense right now. The personnel is just not very good.

    CM3 is the only real stud on this D. Everyone else is a role player or just above average. and that includes woodson, raji, hawk, tramon, burnett etc. this D is going to need an overhaul at some point. I am not in panic mode here, but there are some highly paid defenders that are not playing up to their contracts right now.

    1. This defense GOT an overall in the draft. Six new players to be exact.

      Yes, this was a piss-poor performance, Hawk and Woodson are overpaid, but I’m optimistic about the future of this D.

      In about Four games, we’ll see Jarrett Bush off the field and Casey Hayward and Sam Shields more on the field, Mike Neal will return from suspension(hey, there could be something there), D.J. Smith could very well improve, as will Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels.

      Personally, I haven’t given up on Johnny Jolly returning yet either. Again, PERSONALLY.

      Just give the D time.

      1. i have been waiting for this D to improve for 18 games. yeah the packers drafted 6 players on D and only one of them played any meaningful snaps.

  9. Morgan Burnett.

    While watching the film in the DB room, a fellow DB should B-SLAP his ass when they get to his “attempted” “tackle ” of Gore… If that’s what you call that. Disgraceful.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  10. I have never seen the ability or progress in Morgan Burnett to back up all the confidence in him. I don’t see a playmaking, study of the game. I see a confused, poor tackler with good speed. –Bush is still horrible, regardless of what the coaches claim. Keep him on ST’s. I am confident we will see Hayward play a larger role in the coming weeks. Even getting Eric Walden back may help (did I just write that?) — 70 yard bombs on 3rd and 1 when you need to establish your offense will not get it done. We were terribly out coached all game. — why the safety doesn’t move up to cover Crabtree instead of perry is beyond me. The fact that it happened more than once is why Capers deserves all this ire. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. GoPack!

  11. Packers fans acting like it’s the end of the world.

    I thought we were supposed to be the best fan base in the league?

    1. Beat me to it, I was going to write “fan reaction”. Shameful. What a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries.

      Since you took my answer, I’ll nominate another candidate that no one else will mention:

      The continued struggles of Bryan Bulaga.

      Saw this during the pre-season, and it’s confirmed on Sunday- something is just not right with Bulaga’s play this season.

      1. being a fan does not mean putting on blinders and just accepting what is on the field. the packers defense was AWFUL last year and it was AWFUL on sunday.

        also, the article asked what bothered people. discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a team is part of the fun of being a fan. i will cheer for this team every week whether they win or lose, but saying that other fans should not have an opinion about their team does not make much sense.

        and whoa…bulaga has only had one week and a pre season after stellar play last year. pretty reactionary.

        1. There’s a huge difference between critiquing a poor play and the torch-and-pitchfork party people are throwing since the loss.

          I’ve seen multiple complaints of how bad the offensive line is (They handled Smith & Smith better than almost anyone in the league in the last year).

          I’ve seen Jarrett Bush is the reason for all of our defensive woes (No one can give any specifics on how terrible he played)

          Nick Perry did absolutely nothing (He showed plenty of good in his NFL premier, and yes, he needs to set the edge better and, surprise, isn’t ready to cover NFL WR’s yet)

          Morgan Burnett is a bum (Lots of talk about shitty tackling, I remember one missed tackle that he deserves taking heat for, and Woodson also whiffed on it.. I think people are mistaking Jennings for Burnett, actually, as Jennings got froze and did nothing at all when confronted by Gore in the open field)

          Cedric Benson is a bust/ our oline run blocks worse than a high school team (Playing against the best Run D in the league, in a game where our Pass offense wasn’t inspiring the 49ers to back up out of the box at all)

          Etc etc etc.

          Big difference between level headed assessment and critique, and the mad raving that’s been going on for 48 hours now.

          BTW, I’ve commented on Bulaga’s struggles sporadically throughout the preseason, not too worried. It’s still happening. Notice I didn’t freak out about it when mentioned. I just pointed it out. I didn’t call for his benching, or yell out “fire the coach”, or say we’re doomed, we’re headed straight back to the 2006 season at O line… I take no issue with rational discussion, debate, and critique. What has been going on is none of those things.

          You’d think we just got blown out by the Vikings or the Colts.

          1. here’s my analysis for you…

            they got pushed around like they were a bunch of little kids.

            every 49’er would win in a fight against the Packer player they lined up across from.

          2. “You’d think we just got blown out by the Vikings or the Colts.”

            so it’s no big deal that they got punked because they played a good team.

            got it.

            problem is there are a lot of good teams on the schedule.


            so we should expect to get bitch slapped in all of these games.


            1. beat the Bears twice last season.
              beat the Lions twice last season.
              Split with the Giants last season.
              Beat the Saints last season.

              Nobody has ever won them all. Losing is a part of the game. Losing to great teams is not the end of the world.

              Suck it up, man.

  12. The most disturbing thing is Scoreboard, by far. Because it encompasses all the failures this team had yesterday. There are so many disturbing things that it makes me sick. The Packers by far deserved to lose yesterday and the scoreboard showed it. Now, I hope this lights a fire under this whole organization and the Pack takes it out on the bears Thursday. If the Pack loses to the Bears, then its time to start worrying (even more then we are now)

  13. realizing that the feeling i had after watching the Packers win the Super Bowl may not be felt again for a very very long time.

    offense has been figured out.
    no balance.
    rodgers is 1-3 in his last 4.
    if they’re down in the 4th quarter you might as well find something else to do.. ain’t gonna happen.

    defense just needs a couple things…
    2 corners
    2 mlb’s
    1 OLB
    1 dt
    1 de
    1 safety
    new db coach
    new safety coach
    new d coordinator
    a heart
    a clue


  14. Worst Thing:

    Easy – leading rusher excluding Rodgers is Benson with 18 yds. If that isn’t fixed we will have a losing year. That’s right not even 8 -8 but a losing season. You heard it here first and I stick by it.

    1. We went 10-6 and made the playoffs without a run game in 2010. I hope you’re confident in what you’re saying.

  15. Can’t help myself here’s another one — Facing a possible 0-2 record at home against Division/onference foes.


  16. We cannot flow to the ball carrier on outside the tackle run plays.

    I cannot count how many times that play got too many yards. We need to stone that for just a yard or two gain, with the occasional zero/negative yardage. Five or more yards regularly is a killer.

  17. Alex Green. looked like he was going to be in a rotation with Benson. Give Alex the rock. He’s hungry!!

  18. I think the single most identifying event of the game was seeing Burnett wave bye bye as Gore charged by him. Gore wanted the TD more than Burnett wanted to stop him.Sort of the story of one team vs the other.

  19. I was surprised that we were that weak against the run.A rested Raji and Picket, Perry & Worthy should have lead to a better run D. However, the two Giant & our last two seasons taught me that it only matters what a team does in the last 8 to 6 games.

    1. The thing that disturbed me most- the fact that I think our young DB’s are a year or so too raw. Burnett’s an effective second year player and we’re expecting him to replace an 6 year vet who took a good 3-4 years to reach his peak..

      It was a disappointing loss-and SF did very well to create and exploit mismatches but I’m not reaching for the Prozac just yet..

  20. This team looked pretty much the same as they did against the Chiefs and Giants last year. They had the whole offseason to change, yet they didn’t. Every team in the NFL has the blue print to beating the Packers.

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