Final 2012 Packers Roster Cuts and Roster Moves Announced All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Approximately 20 minutes after roster cuts had to be submitted to the league office, the Packers’ final three moves became known.

The Packers waived QB BJ Coleman, placed OT Derek Sherrod on IR/PUP and LB Vic So ‘oto on IR (he suffered an ankle injury in last night’s game)

View the complete list of all the Packers roster moves here:



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15 thoughts on “Final 2012 Packers Roster Cuts and Roster Moves Announced

  1. I can’t believe they’re really planning on starting Jarrett Freaking Bush at RCB?!?!?!?!

    Opposing QB’s everywhere are salivating.

  2. Jarrett Bush gets a automatic pass in my book. He himself said how much he felt hated, he took that hate and he became the SPECIAL TEAMS ACE during the Superbowl season. He even Intercepted a ball for once in the big game. If he starts, fine with me. I just don’t want people bashing on Bush anymore, he has paid his dues.

    In other news, my fan crush on Zombo is now taken by Boykin. I don’t know how he did it, but he was able to take up a 6th WR Spot. Amazing!

    1. You won’t be saying that when Bush gets totally schooled by mediocre WR’s week in and out. The dude flat out sucks in man coverage – which is what needs to happen in order to generate pass rush. He has no ball skills.

      Start Shields. House when he’s healthy. Or even Heyward. Not Jarrett Friggen Bush.

      1. Bear, are you going to say Dom Capers doesn’t know what he is doing if he thinks and has confidence in Bush?

      2. The Packers know who Bush is. Do you think they are going to haphazardly expose him? I would think they would put in in the best position to succeed.

        My guess is if they put him in man, they are going to ask him to press hard at the LOS and always give him safety help over the top.

        I’d also wager he’ll be put in position to play more shallow zones, attack the QB, and generally terrorize the LOS in run support much like Woodson was doing at one time, in base defense. Remember, it will be Burnett and Woodson in the back end when Bush is on the field in base. Either one of those guys can pick up a WR if need be and run with them.

        I don’t think you’ll be seeing Bush on a #2 WR in nickle or dime in 3rd and long situations.. But early downs and 3rd and short Bush will help this defense.

        1. I hope you are right Oppy. I’d rather see House at 90% or Heyward learning on the job, or the Sam Shields we saw in 2010 and on Thursday night.

          Bush is what he is at this point. And what he is isn’t good in coverage.

  3. And on top of that, only 6 DL. I know that’s standard for a 3/4, but Muir at least deserved to be there.

    More use this year than Boykin at any rate.

  4. Whoever had money on Boykin as the 6th WR before training camp started let me stroke your talisman. Wait, that didn’t sound right.

    Also,I think Ross made the roster last week with a good game. I know Arod remembers him.

  5. first off- bush will not be the starting RCB- Woodson and Williams will be the starting two- and as for nickle and dimebacks it will be shields and maybe bush or Hayward- Bush is only on top of the depth chart as a ploy to push shields- after week one bush will be back where he belongs- on SP- no need for secondary help against SF- smith is a game manager not a game changer- thats what gore is for- they are a pound the rock type team- so we need more focus on run defense, so here to hoping our front 7 can stop the run

    1. The term Game Manager is very misleading. Alex Smith is nowhere near the Top 10, but he has Vernon Davis at TE and Randy Moss (If he get his head on straight…).

      The 49’ers were one game away from a Superbowl. So we must treat Smith like a All-Pro QB else we could get caught by surprise.

      Don’t think the 49’ers will be ready for us, we are one of the teams they draw a BIG RED CIRCLE over on the Calender. You beat Green Bay, your a Very Good to possible Elite Team.

    2. Mack,

      are you saying that Charles Woodson will not be playing safety in base?

      And, if not, how is Woodson going to play both safety AND cb at the same time?

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