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DL Anthony Hargrove
DL Anthony Hargrove

With the first mandatory roster reduction scheduled for Monday, the Packers got an early start to their cuts by releasing five players on Friday.


The team’s first five cuts were defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, wide receiver Andrew Brewer, offensive tackle Herb Taylor, and defensive backs Micah Pellerin and Dion Turner.

Hargrove, carrying an eight-game suspension from the Saints’ “bounty-gate” scandal, is the most notable name among the five cuts. The 29-year-old signed with the team as an unrestricted free agent in March in hopes of bolstering the pass rush, but the Packers have clearly decided that they have better options on the defensive line.

Taylor, 27, is a journeyman offensive tackle with 18 career regular season games of experience. After staring left tackle Marshall Newhouse suffered a concussion in the Packers’ Family Night Scrimmage, Taylor was inserted into the starting lineup and provided very little resistance to opposing pass rushers.

Pellerin, 23, and Turner, 23, were clearly two of the Packers’ weakest defensive backs in camp, and neither player made a serious push to make the team in a crowded defensive backfield.

Brewer, 25, was cut after spending just over two weeks in Green Bay. He was claimed off waivers from the Eagles on August 8 but was never a threat to earn a spot on the Packers’ stacked receiving corps, which is perhaps the best unit in the NFL.

Friday’s roster moves leave the team at 85 players, and the roster must be down to 75 by Monday.


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17 thoughts on “Packers News: Anthony Hargrove among five cuts

  1. Zigi Wilf is salivating at the prospect of more Ex-Packer players. They must be his, and no else!

    I wasn’t paying close attention to Hargrove to be honest this whole pre-season but I will say that for the first time in a year, it seemed the Defensive Line I’ve been harping about was pushing back the O-Line.

    With them doing their work, they made Matthews look lethal and Perry even more so. Pressure like that will make a Poor CB look like a All-Pro.

  2. Not a surprise, they could have kept Hargrove and not affected the roster for 8 games. From what I saw last night they have the talent needed.

  3. Hargrove hadn’t done a thing. If he can’t help you, and isn’t any better than a guy you can get off the street, why spend the effort on him? I’d rather they give the reps to Worthy, Daniels, Merling and Wilson.

    1. Hargrove was barely given any reps, so his ‘not doing a thing’ should not be seen as an indicator of poor performance, just little opportunity.

    2. Yeah, not surprised at all that Hargrove was cut. If anything, I’m just surprised he was cut this early.

      You’re forgetting about Daniel Muir. In 1-on-1 drills between the O-Line and D-Line, Muir has consistently among the best D-Linemen on the team. Looks motivated, and he’s been incredibly explosive. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make the team.

    1. If he had “somehow” made that squad I would have called Herb… Herb “Tollbooth” Taylor

      1. Maybe it’d be better to call him “turnstile”, if only because calling him “Tollbooth” implies that there was a price to be paid for getting past him, and it seemed the path through Herb was a freeway that exacted no toll on the opponent.

  4. Wouldn’t that infer he ‘makes you pay’ to get pass?
    He must have raked it in this camp…severance pay?

  5. Every cut here makes complete sense, though I did wonder about the Tackle depth… not that Taylor could actually be considered “depth.”

  6. Interesting – no advantage to the Packers in cutting Hargrove now. Must be reasons other than what we know.

  7. Actually, another blog site reported that the Packers would have to pay Hargrove if he was on roster after Sept 1, so it made sense to cut him and use the money where it may be needed, also it was mentioned that they could always bring him back in the 9th week if they needed him then, unlikely that he will be signed with his suspension

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