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Packers News:

Al:  Well, it’s been almost a week since the Packers were spanked by the Browns and the grumbling among some fans is still going strong. As the title of this episode says, “This is just preseason people, right?” Well, to some, it doesn’t seem to matter. The chicken littles are clucking and even some Ted Thompson critics have crawled out of the cave they’ve been hiding in since the Super Bowl. The end result? Just a lot of noise.

CD:  A good amount of that noise was directed at one Graham Harrell, who did not have a good outing. Although he didn’t get much help from his teammates, Harrell made plenty of unforced bad throws on his own and had Packers fans clamoring for a trade for Colt McCoy or pretty much anyone. In a bit of an unusual move, Mike McCarthy acknowledged the public criticism and claimed Harrell graded out much higher than we might expect.

Al:  Don’t know if I’m buying that, but let’s talk about something you can buy. Seems that Lambeau Field has a new food service provider, Delaware North, and they’ve come up with some Wisconsin-themed food items you’ll be able to buy at Lambeau.. There’s the  Pac and cheese: four flavors of mac and cheese,  Wisconsin Nachos, which are waffle fries smothered in cheese, sour cream, bacon and green onions. The Big Brat, which is a foot long brat with sauerkraut and the Lambeau Heap, which is a one-pound barbeque bacon, cheese curd burger.

CD:  Things are finally improving on the injury front for the Packers. Greg Jennings returned to practice this week after sitting out two long weeks with a concussion. Joining him back on the practice field was Jermichael Finley, returning from a quadriceps injury. Their return and a few others meant that not counting players on PUP, the Packers injury list was in the single digits for the first time in quite awhile.

Al:   As the Packers get ready to face the Bengals in the all-important third preseason game, Mike McCarthy is planning to play his starters for the entire first half. That will include rotating first team reps at positions still up for grabs, such as cornerback, safety and running back. The second half will be all about players fighting to make the team, along with Graham Harrell getting another half of playing time and another chance to convince the coaches he can be the backup.

CD: Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you :

“Gems from the Packers Twitterverse…”

CD: Well, one of our favorite tweeters, the PackerRanter gave his unique perspective on the uproar over Graham Harrell. Said the Ranter, “Who is the Patriots backup QB? Who is the Saints backup QB? People who aren’t worth my time Googleing, that’s who.”

Al: Regular listener and twitter contributor CeallighK had a suggestion for solving the backup quarterback dilemma : I’ll  trade Graham Harrell and a case of Old Milwaukee for Matt Flynn or Russell Wilson. You can keep TJax. Thanks in advance.”

CD:  Looking ahead to the next preseaon game, and the sure-fire knee-jerk reactions to come, KelKelKelKEl tweeted, “ I’m excited for all the “omg the Packers are terrible” or “we are totally winning the Super Bowl” tweets I will see Friday morning.”

Al: In the wake of the disappointing announcement from the Hall of Fame committee, Alicia Kramer tweeted out, “Dad and I are going fishing. Thank you everyone for your support. Hope you will champion Dave Robinson. He deserves it.”  A classy tweet at what must be a tough time for her, so THAT is our
Cheesehead Radio “Tweet” of the Week


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  1. The pass rush (or lack thereof) is worrisome however I’m not expecting much improvement on the defensive side of the ball until mid-season. Too many rookies and new and suspended players.

    Raji’s been getting pushed around like a ragdoll in the pre-season, so I’d like to see that stop at the very least.

    Good episode, guys.

  2. A lot of players and coaches need to get their heads out of their rectums and then we can go to the Superbowl again…

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