Memorial Day: Packers Fans in the Military All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Military Packers fans
Packers Fans in the Military

Some US soldiers posing with the American flag and a Packers flag. Saw this on Facebook and just had to post it here.

To all who have served our country and especially to those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we thank you and honor you on this Memorial Day.


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5 thoughts on “Memorial Day: Packers Fans in the Military

  1. A hearty salute to all our brothers-in-arms. A special greeting to those whose memories reside on that black marle wall.

  2. As a Vet I salute you, my son in law is still serving. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and keeping us free. My biggest memories were not being able to see the Pack while I was in the Vietnam war but then I did not miss a whole lot if you get me.

    1. I salute you and your son in law sir, but I can’t believe someone disliked your comment. Completely disrespectful at best.

  3. Don’t call football players “soldiers”. There’s only one group of men on this planet that truly deserve that title.

    God bless the men and women in uniform. It’s their sacrifice that gives us the privilege to stay comfortable at home and watch sports that we take so much for granted.

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