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Surviving Sunday with no Packers football.
Surviving Sunday with no Packers Football

This is the time of year when we plant our flowers/veggies while NFL teams hold rookie camps. There are some parallels there.

We select what we think look like healthy new plants/vegetables, and give them an initial strong foundation, planting them firmly in the ground. We then watch over them, monitoring their progress and giving them the care and nurturing they need to sprout into flower or veggie-producing mature plants.

NFL teams pick this years plants (rookies) in the April draft and the free agency period in the days following. Rookie mini-camps are held, where the players are given their initial foundation of knowledge with regards to team operations and offensive/defensive schemes. They are evaluated by the coaching staff, who then decide what kind of individualized ongoing attention and care they will need.

Training expectations are established and their progress is monitored and assisted. The goal is for these young players to develop and blossom into valuable producers in their own right.

Staying on that theme, today’s “Surviving Sunday” will focus on these new Packers players. While we all know their names by now, here are some articles that will tell us a little more about some of these players.

Tyler Dunne of does an in-depth profile of Packers UDFA running back Marc Tyler.

Over at Acme Packing Company, they take a look at Nick Perry getting all his camp reps at left OLB.

Lori Nicke of  takes a closer look at new Packers defensive back Casey Hayward.

Brian Carriveau of CheeseheadTV devotes a full podcast to a discussion of the rookie camp happenings.

Tom Silverstein of looks at the boom or bust potential of Packers 7th round draft pick Andrew Datko.

B.J. Coleman researched Packers history before coming to camp.

Jerron McMillian plans to prove the doubters wrong.

The longest of longshots: the 5 players signed as tryout invitees are discussed at

Our own Chad Toporski take a closer look at Packers’ UDFAs Sean Richardson and Dezman Moses.



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  1. Great analogy Al! Let’s hope none of GB’s choices turn into rudabaggas.

    By definition, is it possible for a 7th round draft choice to be a bust? If he just makes the team he’s already a winner.

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