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2012 NFL Draft is ready to bring you the best in Packers’ NFL Draft Coverage. We’ll bring you detailed analysis on the players the Packers select, not from “draftniks” (not that there’s anything wrong with draftniks…), but from a professional scouting organization used by the teams themselves. Yes, you heard that right, real insider information from the true experts.

Here’s a little sample, their ranking of the top-20 wide receivers in the 2012 draft:


1 7.5 BLACKMON, Justin  (J) Oklahoma State 6:012 215 4.48 WR
1 7.0 FLOYD, Michael Notre Dame 6:025 220 4.43 WR
1 6.7 WRIGHT, Kendall Baylor 5:102 196 4.44 WR
1-2 6.5 RANDLE, Rueben (J) Louisiana State 6:031 212 4.44 WR
1-2 6.5 HILL, Stephen (J) Georgia Tech 6:040 215 4.28 WR
3-4 6.3 CRINER, Juron Arizona 6:025 224 4.61 WR
3 6.2 JENKINS, A.J. Illinois 6:002 190 4.37 WR
2-3 6.2 SANU, Mohamed (J) Rutgers 6:014 211 4.62 WR
2-3 6.2 GIVENS, Chris (J) Wake Forest 5:111 198 4.41 WR
3-4 6.1 CHILDS, Greg Arkansas 6:031 219 4.40 WR
3-4 6.1 JONES, Marvin California 6:017 199 4.51 WR
2-3 6.0 QUICK, Brian Appalachian State 6:034 220 4.50 WR
3-4 6.0 HILTON, T.Y. Florida International 5:094 183 4.37 WR
2 6.0 JEFFERY, Alshon (J) South Carolina 6:027 216 4.54 WR
5 6.0 MCNUTT, Marvin Iowa 6:026 216 4.48 WR
4 5.9 BROYLES, Ryan Oklahoma 5:101 192 4.52 WR
4-5 5.9 MATTHEWS, Rishard Nevada 6:003 217 4.54 WR
5-6 5.8 WYLIE, Devon Fresno State 5:092 187 4.36 WR
4-5 5.7 TOON, Nick Wisconsin 6:017 215 4.49 WR
4-5 5.7 ADAMS, Joe Arkansas 5:105 179 4.51 WR

And here’s a little excerpt from the official scouting report on Trent Richardson:

With more and more emphasis in the passing game, coupled with teams gearing towards a “running back by committee” approach, the day and age of the franchise ball carrier is starting to fade away. One look at this year’s tailback class and it is easy to see that there is one true franchise running back in the group, and the only player considered to be a certain first round pick – Alabama’s Trent Richardson.

The “complete” back in every sense of the word, Richardson is by far the more polished product than the tailback he had to “caddy” for prior to the 2011 season – Mark Ingram. What a team will get in Richardson is a ball carrier that not only possesses impressive strength to break tackles, his best attribute, but also one with the valid foot speed (4.48) to beat linebackers to the edge.

Richardson is not like the scatback types that litter the rest of this class, as he attacks the holes with great leg drive running between tackles, utilizing that 475-pound bench press he displays. He runs low in his pads and uses his shoulders well to run through arm tackles, as twelve of his touchdown runs last year came near the goal line. 

He has the thick frame to drag opponents for extra yardage, but also has that second gear and spring in his step, along with excellent vision to weave through traffic. When he has to encounter a defender, he consistently keeps his legs churning upon contact and has a pretty efficient spin move to slide off blocks, along with utilizing his leaping ability to elevate over the pile and prevent his opponents to take the legs out from under him…

So be sure to check in with us all week. We’ll have analysis and insider information you won’t see elsewhere. Really…



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  1. Nice one. I’ll be stopping by here every day around draft time. Interesting to see in the above grading that grades do not walk in lockstep with where a player is drafted. Things like great speed or excellent size can help decide where a player is drafted. Remember how Al Davis just loved raw speed.

    Sometimes the reason is less obvious. For example, there are five guys rated above Alshon Jeffrey who have a lower projection of where they get taken. I imagine it has a lot to do with him being a junior and the scout seeing a lot of upside.

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