NFL Draft Prospect Profile: OLB Sammy Brown, Houston All Green Bay Packers All the Time
NFL Draft Profile, Sammy Brown OLB Houston
Sammy Brown OLB Houston

Green Bay Packers draft prospect profile: Sammy Brown

Player information:

Sammy Brown, Houston
6’2″, 243 lbs
2011: 93 tackles, 30 TFL, 13.5 sacks
2010: 76 tackles, 19.5 TFL, 7.5 sacks, 2 FF

NFL Combine: (not invited)

Houston Pro Day:

4.64 40-yard dash
7.13 3-cone drill
4.47 20yd shuttle
10’3″ long jump
33 7/8″ arms
9.5″ hands
37″ vertical jump
20 bench press reps

News & Notes:

A JUCO transfer, Brown  led the nation in Tackles for Loss in 2011. He was named 3rd team AP All-American and 1st team All C-USA. One of the few pure 3-4 OLB’s in the draft.

What they’re saying about him:

Wes Bunting (National Football Post): Might be a little on the short side, but looks bigger because of his longer set of arms. Possesses solid girth through his frame and carries his weight well. Plays As an outside backer in Houston’s 34 front and does a nice job as a pass rusher. … A highly productive pass rusher who has come a long way since being a JUCO transfer. Has a feel for getting after the passer, exhibits a good burst and closing speed around the edge and is an intriguing 34-type prospect.

Pro Football Weekly: Fluid-moving, agile athlete capable of bending the edge. Lack of instincts and passive playing temperament could limit chances.

Video Analysis:

  • Has a lot to learn, but flashes top-level athleticism.
  • Not as active in pursuit as I’d like to see. Gives up too soon.
  • Needs to learn to use those long arms to shed blocks.
  • Shows burst to consistently get into the backfield, but doesn’t sustain his effort to the whistle.
  • A special teamer and situational pass rusher with potential for much more if he can learn to play with max effort all the time.
  • A good UDFA to bring in and see if Kevin Greene can light a fire under him.

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21 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: OLB Sammy Brown, Houston

  1. Judging by the video Kevin Greene will need a bon fire to get Brown going. It looks like his heart isn’t in it.

  2. lol… I think this guy is a long shot. A pro OT would have a hay day eith this guy as he stands right now… He was getting man handled by college level OTs. He beat them when they got their blocking schemes confused or when he was able to out speed them which more often than not was due to lethargic play out of the OTs not because he made a GREAT move. If the blocker gets his hands on him he was almost always obsolete. Undersized, not very strong, not great foot work, and doesn’t use his hands well… Positives are he is a good tackler and is pretty fast. this guy would need a lot of work. Probably why he is projected udfa but his speed makes me think wth? Get him cheap and see if you can make him a worthy pro and he’d be an asset on STs in the mean time. And cut him of he can’t get it together. It’s inexpensive either way low risk high reward type of deal.

  3. You guys are saying flat out no because you’re thinking in regards of a starting ROLB but consider a guy like this on STs… Pro level athleticism, good speed and a good tackler at league minimum… In the mean time see if he can be developed into a rotational/ situational pass rusher. Either way you have a good ST guy for cheap. Obviously not worth a draft pick but we’re talking about udfa here. Why say no in that situation?

    1. As the saying goes, you can’t teach athleticism. Those are the guys you take a shot with, and see if something develops – look at Sam Shields as a UDFA. I would definitely take this guy in as a UDFA. And Bubba, I like your bonfire comment. Maybe Greene’s the guy for the job?

      1. Al, there’s 700 guys available in the draft. If it takes Kevin Greene’s intensity AND a bon fire I say move on.

        You may not be able to teach athletism but you can’t teach “heart” either.

  4. So the theme this year for pass rushers is athletic freaks who fail to live up to it on film…

    I have a feeling we’ll see lots of busts from this class.

  5. Needs his ass kicked for lack of hustle and needs to get much stronger to shed blockers, only 20 reps on the bench, a CB can do that.

    1. Plenty of offensive lineman are around that number and even below it in the bench press. The reason is the length of their arms. Look at Brown’s arm length.

      1. This is the age old dilemma; athlete vs football player. I’d rather take a less athletic football player who has desire than what I’m seeing on tape w/ Brown.

        1. That depends on then position. In the trenches, definitely. Out in space, you can’t survive if you don’t have the athleticism.

  6. I watched him twice against good comp. and he was very disruptive ,especially against Penn St in the bowl game.I agree with all the negatives ,however he has that nack for getting in the backfield which is very lacking from all our current OLB’s. Also ,after watching film of all the DE not involved in coverage ,he actually did a good job there. I was surprised he wasn’t invited to the combine and would draft him in the much later rounds.He has what we need ,penetration. LOL

    1. Kevin will ask the same question I’m asking myself.

      “Why did they upload the Lowlight film???”

  7. Well worth signing as UDFA and to develop. That is what the practice squad is for.

  8. I hope the Texans pick him up…. 45.5 TFL in two season.. Good pick up.. He can get in the back field and cause problems!!!

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