Anthony Hargrove is Tweeting Like a Packer All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Anthony Hargrove is Tweeting like a Green Bay Packer
Is Anthony Hargrove Coming to the Packers?

“Can’t wait for my first Lambeau Leap on game day.”

“Played with Pickett when he was a Ram. Going to be great playing with him again.”

“Not yet but we screaming green and yellow green and yellow.  go Packers go.”

“Loving the packer nation for all the love already…go packers go…goodnite”

Free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove has been tweeting out hints today about where he thinks he’s going to be playing. Nothing has been announced, and my guess would be that contract details need to be finalized, but it sure sounds like Ted Thompson is about to land his third free agent of 2012.

This all assumes that it is, in fact, really Anthony Hargrove. Judging from his other tweets it has the feel of authenticity and Liz Mathews of ESPN Seattle gave his twitter account out for anyone who wants to follow.

Hargrove has always played as a 4-3DE, and is listed as 6’3″ and 272 pounds. While that would be way too light for a 3-4DE, Hargrove was close to 300 pounds when he played for the Saints. He would surely have to gain weight again if the Packers want him to play at 3-4DE, but what if they have plans to move him to OLB? After all, they have considered the possibility of moving Mike Neal there, and have also been pursuing Giants DE Dave Tollefson, who is only 260 lbs.

Could all this DE free agency pursuit just be a ruse to find themselves a “big” conversion OLB? Stay tuned…

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22 thoughts on “Anthony Hargrove is Tweeting Like a Packer

  1. Maybe they are stocking up on defensive ends so they can focus on moving up in the 1st round of the draft and getting a stud OLB.

      1. Ingram would be nice, but they would probably have to give up a ton to get him. For their 1st and 2nd round picks, according to the draft pick value chart, they could in theory move up to 17, where Courtney Upshaw might be available.

      2. I’d slow down a little bit, I’m pretty sure that no one can predict who is going to left at pick 10, let alone pick 28. I wonder if they are looking for another Cullen Jenkins type, where he doesn’t exactly fit the mold of a 3-4 DE, but is more of a pass rusher than a run blocker.

        1. Well of course we cant predict who will be available at any given pick, nor can we get inside TT’s head. However, reading the tea leaves is the only thing that keeps me sane in the offseason.

  2. First thing he’s got to learn is it’s, “Green and Gold”, not “Green and Yellow”.

    Don’t know if I like this yet. To small for DE, but hasn’t played at OLB. Plus all the baggage. Seems Ted is trying to get as many camp bodies as possible and see how things shake-out.

  3. I think we’re stocking up on D linemen because every one on the roster not named Raji is average at best (or getting long in the tooth #79). I don’t like a guy who is one more suspension away from a job in TV, but we absolutely need D linemen. And OLBs, for that matter. Come on down!

  4. I’m not sure I like this at all. He’s probably going to get suspended for the whole Bountygate deal.

    Plus, he’s too small. Or too big – depending on the position.

    Now, if this means TT will move up to get Ingram/Upshaw.. I’m all for it.

    IF (and this is a lot of ifs coming) Upshaw works out, Guy makes the team, Muir works out, Raji reverts to form, and Pick can give us a couple more good years – we’ll have a good enough DL to keep the LB’s clean.

    And IF we can get a playmaking ROLB…

    And IF Collins comes back….

    ok – done dreaming. 🙂

  5. Situational player… outside on short yardage and inside on passing passing downs… we need bodies and a much better rotation for these big bodies..

  6. I’m not particularly excited about the possibility of adding Hargrove to the roster.

      1. Haha! This past year must’ve really been hard on you, Al! 😀

        I’m most concerned about the baggage Hargrove brings.

      2. I hope TT is being a smart BellBOY in Hotel Packer and gets his money secured before lugging this guys baggage and getting stiffed for the service.

  7. I’ll just have to trust management that they know this guy has moved on from his past and won’t be a problem in the locker room.

    But then again Jolly wasn’t. If he’s cheap and can provide at least situational pass rush, good move.

  8. I agree just collecting bodies,which usually doesn’t work . Case in pt. OLB last year.Good news is that Mercilus should be available at 28.

  9. As far as I can remember the Packers play the true 3-4 only a minority of plays. I suspect Capers answer to last years defensive problems will be a hybrid defensive approach. Load up with Dlinemen with skills superior to what they had last year. Bring the aggressiveness back with more talent and deeper roster.

    Hargrove may still have not seen the result of “bountyville” yet. Could miss some games. Depth and incremental increase in Dline talent will go a long way to fix the D.

    TT you are doing a great job in FA this year. Increnmental gains vs. “break the bank” is a winning strategy.

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