Jeff Saturday is Now a Green Bay Packer Person (with videos) All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft
Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft

ESPN’s Adam Schefter announced on twitter today that former Colts All-Pro center Jeff Saturday is now “Packer People.”

Looking at Saturday’s career and actions on and off the field, if such a thing as “Packer People” exists, Saturday would certainly embody it.  You may remember Saturday’s heartfelt words thanking Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft for “saving football” while dealing with his wife’s illness at the end of last year’s lockout.

Saturday is a devout Christian and a popular motivational speaker,  speaking on leadership and teamwork.

On the field, Saturday is a 5-time Pro Bowl selection (as recent as 2010) and a 4-time All-Pro.  According to his agent Ralph Cindrich, Saturday signed a two-year deal with the Packers.

Saturday will be 37 years old by the time the season starts and this will most likely be his last contract in the NFL.  Still, I can’t think of a better stop-gap to lead the Packers offensive line while the Packers look to draft and prepare a center for the future.


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20 thoughts on “Jeff Saturday is Now a Green Bay Packer Person (with videos)

  1. If the terms of the contract are in line(with my expectations) then I’m happy. Does seem like a good guy.

    Now we can again concentrate on drafting as many defensive studs as possible.

  2. I’m shocked. But glad. Now let’s get Nick back at S. And draft ROLB/DE/ROLB/DE in the draft..

  3. I gotta say “Green Bay Packer” would have been enough! The word “Person” added to the end of it kind of made me wonder.

    1. Now to finish,(had to take a call) I am really happy the Packers signed Saturday Friday. I didn’t want to wait to sign Saturday Sunday! Welcome to The Green Bay Packers Jeff Saturday! Now, On To The Defense!

  4. Great stopgap while we groom a young center. Saved lots of cash I expect with a much shorter contract than Wells for less $. TT looking toward future needs. Now I would love to read that they signed Manny Lawson. GoPack!

  5. Replaced Wells with little impact for the short-term. Bought time to develop a youg Center. A good prospect should be available in round 5. No deed to use a top pick to get some one in and try to develop in a short time frame.

    A very judicious and secure move by TT. A big issue has been resolved.

    1. let us hope Saturday has one more good year in him; the guy is a class act all the way, and if he continues being impossible to injure and the price was reasonable this should be a good move. at least it does not look from up front, right now, as anything but a reasonable move.

  6. Good move. As everyone has said great stopgap allows us to draft an center mid round and develop possibly with competition from Genus. Doesn’t put big pressure on a rookie or promote EDS beyond his abilities. Good example of sensible use of FA..

  7. I know he’s like 37, but I don’t care.


    1. Always depressing when a pro athlete about your age is described as though he’s ready for the knackers yard…:) 🙂

  8. From a Colts fan and Jeff Saturday’s #1 fan: The Packers got a great person both on and off the field. I wish him and the Packers nothing but the best next year.

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