2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Underrated Player

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2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Underrated Player

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Adam: Scott Wells. I think readers of this site understand how good Wells was last season, but I doubt the average fan sees it. Yeah, he’s not the greatest run blocker, but he’s superb in pass protection and excels as the quarterback of the offensive line.

Al: Brad Jones. Jones is not Mr. Dynamic. He’s not going to give you a huge pass rush boost from ROLB, but of all the knuckleheads the Packers trotted out at that position last season, he is easily the most consistent and reliable. He became a forgotten man last year, as the Packers tried desperately to catch pass rush lightning in a bottle with Walden, Zombo, Latttimore and So ‘oto, but in the end, they came back to Jones as the Packers realized what they had given up. Now the Packers’ coaches are talking up Jones as an important player for next season

Chad: Though not a superstar player, I contend that Jarrett Bush is the most underrated player on the team (at least to fans). True, he has some issues with man-to-man coverage and finding the ball as a defensive back, but his contributions on special teams has gone largely unacknowledged. Bush is set to become a free agent this year, and if he leaves, there is a serious question about who will be able to take over the gunner spot. He was always quick to the punt returner and the ball, forcing a number of downs and fair catches.

Kris: I’m going to combine underrated with underappreciated here and say Tim Masthay.  Punters never get the credit they deserve and after an insane search by Mike McCarthy to find a punter that lasted from the time he got here in 2006 until 2010, the Packers finally have their guy.  Masthay has almost singlehandedly neutered Devin Hester especially with the Packers punt coverage being famously suspect. Masthay is one of the best in the game and here’s hoping he gets his due in 2012.

Michael: I agree with Adam and think that it is Scott Wells. With his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2011, Wells was rewarded for his contributions to the Packers offense, but many seem to have no issue with Wells leaving via free agency. I completely understand not wanting to over-pay for Wells, and would agree with that notion, but I think the Packers would be better off with Wells back under center.

Thomas: Underrated equals offensive line in my books, so I’ll go with T.J. Lang.  Does anyone else remember Daryn Colledge?  That guy was inconsistent at best but when he was beat, he got beat really bad.  I felt Lang had a fantastic season; he started every game, didn’t commit a lot of penalties (except for a lot of false starts during the beginning of the season, which I think he gets a pass for needing time to get settled) and overall didn’t garner much attention.  And for a offensive linemen, that mean’s you’re doing something right, I mean look how many times Colledge’s name came up in the comments while he was a Packer.

Zach: Cullen Jenkins? All jokes aside, I’ll go with center Scott Wells–a player who could have a similar-type impact next season if he leaves free agency. He’s been rock-solid for two straight seasons and makes all the offensive line calls. If Wells finds more money on the open market, he’ll leave a gaping hole on the Packers’ offensive line.



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15 thoughts on “2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Underrated Player

  1. I’d go with Morgan Burnett. The secondary took a lot of undo heat due to lack of pass rush so no one wants to give anyone in that group credit but Burnett made some athletic game changing plays and I think that he is going to be a monster in our secondary in the coming years. I liked the Masthay pick I thought it was interesting.

  2. I go w/ TJ Lang. First off, w/ no off season he had to split reps w/ Sherrod in camp before settling in as the starter. Then plays very well on a record breaking offense. And don’t forget plays admirably when he has to move to RT when Bulaga was hurt.

  3. I’ll go with Jordy Nelson based on the spread between being expectations going into the season adn his production during it. It was hoped he would compete with James Jones for the 3 spot and wound up giving the Packers a co-#1 with Jennings.

    No one expected him to have the season he had.

  4. I went with Bush cuz last year was a reasonably decent year for STs and he is the ST Ace! It was not an easy choice! Masthay, Wells, and Lang made it hard, but @ $1.5M Bush (cough, cough) just does too many things, and yes he’s a bit like a TV Evangalist! He can make you stand up and yell “Jesus Christ”!

  5. Scott Wells? Please. Try the most overrated Player on the team. He will be replaced, and with an upgrade. Mediocre run blocker his whole career…undersized and cannot get to the second level in his entire career. Good bye and good luck. I believe my choice for most underrated would be Brian Bulaga. Whereas Wells did not earn or deserve an all-pro nod, Bulaga did (in my humble opinion)…

    1. As I’ve written elsewhere on this site, I mostly agree with you on Wells. I do think he got himself to a level the last two years where he was a solid performer, but to say he is a pro bowl player to me, is overrating him.

  6. man, slim pickin’s.

    an interesting article/poll would be:

    which packer stepped up his game most from the 2010 season to that of 2011 (short article)?


    which packer regressed most from 2010 to 2011 (longer article)?

  7. Maybe last year , but this year he made the pro bowl so that would not make him underrated.

  8. Brad Jones is interesting pick, mostly because I didn’t think of him. Then after thinking about it I have no idea why you picked him. The guy never played and, as you said, can’t get to the passer. Doesn’t take much to be better than Walden, who graded out as the worst starting ROLB in the NFL.

    I’d go with Jermichael Finley. The hate wagon has carried this guy way too far to the “he’s not even good” category which is wrong. Look at his production. Solid.

    1. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t come through it was more that he didn’t come through when we needed him most… What is the point of doing well when we would have probably won with or without him and then failing when we need him to come through more than ever? suffice it to say that he’s not a clutch player by any stretch of the imagination based on his career to this point.

    2. Jones is versatile, assignment sure and not awful at anything. Same can not be said for the other guys they trotted out at ROLB. The Packers got desperate for pass rush and kind of forgot about Jones. After the season end analysis, McCarthy basically admitted their mistake and said Jones would be utilized much more next season. If God forbid, they don’t get an impact ROLB in the draft, you will see Jones out there.

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