Packers to Let Ryan Grant Test Free Agency All Green Bay Packers All the Time
The Packers will let RB Ryan Grant test the free agent waters but still have interest in retaining the 29-year-old.

The Green Bay Packers appear content in letting Ryan Grant enter free agency without a new contract.

But that doesn’t mean the team won’t have an interest in bringing back the veteran running back once the market is set, says Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Packers have told RB Ryan Grant that they are interested in bringing him back, but they aren’t expected to make an offer before free agency starts, and Grant will explore other options starting March 13.

Alan Herman, who represents Grant, told Silverstein that the door is still wide open for Grant to return to Green Bay.

He will hit free agency. But they gave us an indication they would like to have him back. I have to sit down with Ryan in the next few days and see what he wants to do. I haven’t talked to him about it yet. I’m sure he’s open to that (returning). On the other hand, being a free agent is enticing.

There may not be a huge market for a 29-year-old running back who doesn’t have an elite trait.

However, both the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks have history with Grant at the coaching or front-office level and could desire a backup running back for their respective starters.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was Grant’s offensive coordinator for his entire career in Green Bay and knows everything the veteran back could bring in a secondary role. Miami appears set at running back with 1,000-yard rusher Reggie Bush and youngster Daniel Thomas, however.

Seahawks GM John Schneider was a part of the Packers front office that sent a future sixth-round pick to the New York Giants for Grant back in 2007. Seattle just inked Marshawn Lynch to a multi-year deal but might have a need for a veteran backup.

Overall, it seems unlikely that any team would be willing to offer Grant a big contract and starting potential. When Grant gets to free agency and finds out that truth, returning to Green Bay might be his best situation.

As Silverstein states, Grant’s desire to play in a Super Bowl could also “affect his decision.” The Packers likely represent one of the top options for Grant to get to a Super Bowl.

Injuries kept Grant out of the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A back-to-back 1,200-yard rusher for the Packers from 2008-09, Grant tore up his ankle to start the 2010 season in Philadelphia and missed the final 19 games.

Healthy again to begin 2011, Grant entered a running-back-by-committee system with playoff standout James Starks. After a frustratingly slow start, Grant rushed 50 times for 276 yards in his final five games with Starks battling various ailments. Grant finished the season with 559 rushing yards and two touchdowns with 19 receptions for 268 yards.

In five seasons with the Packers, Grant has more than 4,000 rushing yards and 25 career touchdowns.

While Green Bay has younger players at the running back position—James Starks (26 years old), Brandon Saine (23) and Alex Green (23)—there’s no clear starter in place. Green is still recovering from ACL surgery, too. Bringing back Grant once the market sets his price certainly seems feasible.

The Packers are likely to take another look at drafting a back in the later rounds to add depth to the position, especially if Grant finds an acceptable offer on the open market.


Zach Kruse is a 23-year-old sports journalist with a passion for the Green Bay Packers. He currently lives in Wisconsin and is working on his journalism degree, while also covering prep sports for The Dunn Co. News.

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19 thoughts on “Packers to Let Ryan Grant Test Free Agency

  1. This is the fair and honest approach to take with a player that has served you well, but may no longer be the clear-cut starter he once was.

    Let the market determine the players’ fair value. If the player is offered a better deal elsewhere that can not be matched (in terms of money, situation, or play time), he can take the deal that is best for him. If the team’s offer is reasonable compared to what the market has set, the player can feel comfortable knowing he is getting a fair shake.

    No problems with that.

  2. The induced FA testing is a money saving ploy much as with JJ last season although he still got too much,Grant will be back at a price favorable to letting him go if nessesary during the season due to play,injury or Greens return from the PUP.
    Grant is now like disposable currency like late draft picks.He can hold a spot for Green and the loss in cash is a non issue just like cutting a 6-7th rd guy.
    If Grant signs elsewhere,then I see the Packers possibly drafting a guy n the 6-7th rd.
    Thought you’d like the draft currency approach Zach,a small carry over from the other post.

    1. Should have used the word approach instead of ploy as Oppy has above.This is why I don’t write articles..wording is everything.

      1. Even got the wrong guy from the other post..sorry Zach it was Hobbs,SMH
        Where’s the edit button,AL?I’m looking bad here.

  3. Are there stats on Grant’s catch percentage? Seems he could never grasp the concept of grasping before running. And now at 29, he’s shown he’s not as accountable as he used to be (c’mon Starks, stay on the field!) enough to be that one-cut runner capable of making the safety miss. BrandInsane (great name!) and Alex Green will give us what Grant could next year. With Van Pelt teaching young RBs, pass protection will improve and allow those youngsters a lot of opportunities.

  4. Poor Grant… he’s a victim of timing. He hit his stride early in his contract and got hurt at the wrong time to cash in on his ability. Now he’s over the hill and no one’s going to pay him the big bucks. Don’t feel too bad for him though… he made more in one year of his contract than I’ll make in 15 years. I could see him coming back for 1.5- 1.8 maybe… not much more than that. Like I said before take him for a bargain but don’t break the bank.

  5. Grant is a victim of being a running back in a sport where the position is declining in value. The life span is down to about 3 years.

    Bad timing for Ryan. But, I remember what he and his agent did in year two with the Packers so I’m not overly sympathetic. If the market doesn’t think he has higher value than what GB will pay, he will probably be negotiating a return.

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