Packers Randall Cobb Wins 2011 AP Play of the Year: Watch it Here. All Green Bay Packers All the Time


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3 thoughts on “Packers Randall Cobb Wins 2011 AP Play of the Year: Watch it Here.

  1. What a great start to Randall Cobb’s career. Here’s hoping it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Is there anything that doesn’t have an award? Glad to see RC get it, though. He will be a real threat next year.

  3. Does Cobb remind anyone elses of Darren Sproles? I’m not saying that he’s an exact replica but probably the closest thing to Sproles out there. I hope the packers use him kind of like the saints used sproles this year… if they don’t they’re wasting a very dynamic weapon (kind of how the chargers wasted sproles’ talent for years before trading him to a team that knows how to use him). The packers would be wise to take note of this and not repeat past mistakes with similar talent. Spend ALOT of effort on this guy. I see so much talent here. He just needs to develop his fundementals and mechanics. I hope his fumbling is just rookie jitters that he can shake off next year…

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