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Al:  The party’s over, folks. This magical carpet ride to the Super Bowl we all thought we were on came crashing down to earth last Sunday night. The near-flawless Packers offense looked human and out-of-sync for the first time and the defense, well it looked like the Packers defense.

Jayme: Yes, it was not an easy game to watch if you were a Packers fan. Both Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers said after the game that the four turnovers was a big reason for the loss. McCarthy summed it up by saying, “We didn’t play to our identity, “ meaning they lost the quarterback and turnover differential for the game. Rodgers simply said, “We got beat by a better team tonight.”

Al: Many Packers were left to ponder their futures with the team, but there’s one Packer who doesn’t know if he will ever play again – Nick Collins. Collins was optimistic when interviewed after the game. He will be examined again in March and said the decision is in the doctor’s hands. If they say he can play, Collins said he will definitely play. Conversely, if they tell him no, he will listen and retire.

Jayme:  Speaking of retirement, fan favorite Donald Driver says he’s not ready at all to hang up his cleats. Driver, who turns 37 in a few weeks said he has plenty left in the tank and wants to finish his career with the Packers. However, he is realistic and says if the Packers don’t bring him back, he’ll understand and go play somewhere else.

Al:   And the Packers have 8 players wondering if they’ll be going somewhere else. They are Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Scott Wells, Matt Flynn, Jarret Bush, Howard Green, Erik Walden and Pat Lee. Some of these pose difficult decisions for Ted Thompson, while some are no-brainers. No matter what John Rehor says (or wants) odds are that Finley will be back with the Packers. In fact, Finley’s agent today said the Packers want to sign him to a long term deal. Flynn is sure to leave and Wells and Grant and Bush will be re-signed only if the price is right. The rest are probably gone.

Jayme:  Not gone are the seven players who have been signed off the practice squad to futures contracts. there was some panic amongst fans (including myself), when it was first reported that Tori Gurley was not among the players signed. it turns out he had offers from other teams and just wanted a day to weigh his options. After talking it over with his family, his agent and God, Gurley announced he would be back with the Packers.

Al: Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you…

“Gems from the Packers Twitterverse”

Jayme: It’s been a cathartic week on twitter for Packers Nation. fans have been expressing their disappointment and venting their anger. Desmond Bishop put on his philosopher hat and tried to calm everyone down with these words, “the universe always equals things out, so next year SB 47 is ours!! We had a special season regardless tho. & we still have the best fans!”

Al:  As usual, the lightning rod known as Jermichael Finley got an earful from some angry fans on twitter for dropping some passes in the Giants game. Finley handled it well, dealing with it without showing any anger, When one tweeter said, “I may quit following you today after you dropped those passes.” Finley retorted, “Don’t waste no more time – do it now…”

Jayme: Even former packers weighed in on the heartbreaking loss. Jerry Kramer, sounding rather spent tweeted, “So amazing how u get wrapped up, emotionally involved. Your heart is involved. It’s more than a game.”

Al: And finally, I would imagine most of you have seen the video of the young girl crying hysterically because someone made her wear sparkly nailpolish and her Clay Matthews jersey. This must not have been her usual routine, because she was convinced that’s why the Packers lost. Quite surprisingly, Clay Matthews must have seen the video because he tweeted, “D_mn you Megan and your sparkles!”

And that folks, was your…

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  1. It’s been one full week. And I’m still alternately angry and crushed about this loss. It friggen sucks.

    I just read Bob McGinn’s analysis of the season – and he was absolutely brutal on TT and numerous players on D. He also said that in Jennings/Rodgers had been “on” that game still probably goes our way….

    Damn. Damn. Damn.

    TT had better fix this mess before next year.

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