Video of How the 1% Roll. Watching the Packers vs. Giants Playoff Game at Lambeau Feld All Green Bay Packers All the Time


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15 thoughts on “Video of How the 1% Roll. Watching the Packers vs. Giants Playoff Game at Lambeau Feld

  1. That guy makes me laugh.

    Then I think about more constructive uses for $240,000 and weep for America…

    1. No need to weep Wag, he’s putting nearly a quarter of a million into the economy. That’s a good thing. The restauarant owner, the people serving him and going to the game with him all benefit. And they will probably all have a good time. Nothing bad here.

      1. Right on Mo! I wish people would worry more about themselves than what others should do. He undoubtedly pays 5 times more in taxes than the whinners make in a year. We need more like him and less whinners.

      2. Spending $240,000 on a football game is like drafting AJ Hawk in the first round. Sure… you can do it, but it’s stupid and everyone is gonna hate you for for it.

        It’s his right to spend his money how he wants as it is mine to voice my opinion on the matter and point out frivolity in his decision.

  2. I am doing everything within my power to maximize my mojo for the game: (1), took Mac and Cheez for a romp at the dog park (hey, we’ve only lost one game this year when I did that); (2), got a roast in the crock-pot; (3), until that is done, I will be munching on pretzel sticks out of a Farmer Boys 8 oz. tray; (4), I know the Offense will bring it, but since we really need the D to step up I’m sporting the 92; (5), my ARod and CM3 dolls (um, “action figures”) are ideally situated on the sofa at the optimum viewing angle; (6), in a very close call, I have decided against initiating any good-luck hanky-panky with Mrs. Steve Cheez- I am keeping that in reserve for Indy (tho’ it is tough after seeing Bo Derek on “Chuck” last night…). I am confident that if we don’t win it won’t be because of any shortcoming on my part.

    1. I like you Steve have many pre-game rituals. I must now decide if I should wear my lucky underware that I wore all last year through the Packs SB run. I wore it all this year until the Pack lost to the Chiefs. I don’t know if that underware mojo has worn off or not, so I’m still deciding. There’s a lot of pressure on those briefs.

      1. The pretzel thing started in the wild-card loss at Arizona. As soon as I started in on them, the Pack started their furious comeback. If only I’d pulled them out of the pantry a little earlier, or if I hadn’t run out of them by OT…

  3. Only one thing has to happen to deliver a Packer win today. NO BIG PLAYS! Take note Peprah and Burnett.

  4. I used to be a Bears fan, but I give up. Might as well support Green Bay. Packer fans were right all along. Besides, I love those Discount DoubleCheck commercials.

    GO PACK!!!

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