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Packers Santa
Packers Santa

Last year at this time, Packers Santa and I traveled to Green Bay to deliver a bag of coal to Mike McCarthy. You see, Packers Santa always knows if they’ve been bad or good. Last year around Christmas time, the Packers were coming off of two straight losses and had lost three out of their last four games.

The bag of coal must have gotten the message through because the Packers beat the Giants that week and hadn’t lost a game since… until last week.

Now, we’re not about to give McCarthy a bag of coal over one loss, but I’ve discussed this with Packers Santa, and we’ve decided on this little message:

He will be bringing all of the Packers a clean sheet of paper. Something to record their next winning streak on…

As the Packers embark on this new journey towards a second straight Super Bowl, I just want to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone that reads, comments and frequents this site. It’s a tremendous amount of fun hanging out with everyone here, and truthfully, it’s you, the reader and your participation and feedback that makes all of this hard work worthwhile.

So on behalf of all the writers here on,  I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or the best of whatever holiday you celebrate. May you make some great family memories and may the Packers start a whole new streak starting on Christmas night.

Go Pack!


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2 thoughts on “Packers Santa Says: Time to Start a New Streak

  1. First, Merry Christmas to all! Next, Thank You Al for giving a forum to allow us to vent our theories, strategies and just outright lunacy. I’m sure I’ve saved multiple thousands of dollars in analyst fees over the past year.

    Love the clean sheet concept. Hope tonight is a big time whipping of the hated Bears. I have no tolerance for those FIB’s. That will allow MM to use the last game to furhter heal those injuries as they go into the most important 3 games of all. they must have Clifton, Pickett, Bulaga et. al. back for the playoffs. Most important PROTECT AR at all costs.

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