Packers vs. Raiders – Unfiltered Game Day Commentary and First Impressions: Green Bay 46, Oakland 16 All Green Bay Packers All the Time
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Green Bay Packers vs. Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are trying to stay in the playoff picture. The Packers are trying to clinch a first-round bye and home field advantage throughout the postseason.

Here we go.

Packers inactives: QB Graham Harrell, CB Davon House, RB James Starks, LB Desmond Bishop, G Josh Sitton, T Chad Clifton.

AJ Hawk is active, but not starting. No matter because D.J. Smith picks off Carson Palmer on the Raiders first possession. Smith was just kind of hanging out, enjoying the vibe at Lambeau Field, and Palmer threw it right to him.

Two plays later, Ryan Grant goes for a 47-yard TD. McCarthy needs to call more of those stretch types of runs for Grant. He’s still decent when he can pick his way through a defense, find a hole, and accelerate. He’s no longer effective just crashing into the line up the middle.

10 yards on a fullback end-around? C’mon defense.

A little more air on that bomb to Jennings and this game would be 14-0.

No matter, because Rodgers hits Ryan Taylor for a TD a few minutes later. Taylor needs to work a bit on his Lambeau Leap, however.

Eighteen different players have scored TDs this season.

Wow, if we were frustrated by the Packers drops last week, imagine how Raiders fans feel today.

Sherrod comes in at left tackle for a series and gets absolutely run over on a 3rd down pass. Mason Crosby FG makes it 17-0.

The Raiders put 12 defenders on the field but still can’t stop a Rodgers to Jordy Nelson touchdown. 24-0 good guys. Rodgers ties Brett Favre’s single-season record for TD passes at 39.

There’s really not much to say about this game. Domination from the Packers. The defense is tackling well and generating a bit of a pass rush. Lets see if the defense keeps it up.

I guess it’s hard for the defense not to look good when Palmer is throwing it right to your players. Woodson with the pick.

Oh man, Rodgers is sacked from behind by Aaron Curry and “fumbles.” Nasty looking hit there, Rodgers easily could’ve been hurt. The fumble call is overturned after a three hour replay review.

Finley loses a jump ball in the end zone and the Raiders get an interception. The Raiders can really seize the momentum with a score before halftime (for all the Vikings fans reading this post, that’s called sarcasm).

Robert Francois picks off a pass in the end zone to end a Raiders drive late in the first half. Packers lead 31-0 at halftime.

Second half

The Raiders challenge Randall Cobb’s big return to open the second half. Cobb was clearly out of bounds about 20 yards before the play ended, but the replay system has malfuntioned so Oakland is S.O.L. Why can’t someone just turn on a TV to check replays?

Jennings hobbles off the field……

Jennings getting carted off. Dammit……

The Packers defense forgets how to tackle and the Raiders make it 31-7. I think everyone’s mind is on Jennings at this point, however.

Now Ryan Pickett is walking back to the locker room. Isn’t there a 10-run rule or some way to end this game early?

Kind of a weird vibe in the second half with the big lead and the Jennings injury.

Erik Walden recovers a hot-potato fumble, becomes the 19th Packers player to score this season, and makes it 43-7.

Matt Flynn takes over late in the third quarter. Time to make yourself some money, Mr. Flynn.

Sounds like Ryan Pickett has a head injury. Brandon Saine also left in the first half with a head injury.

In other news, the Denver Tebows just tied the Bears with three seconds left in the game. 49ers are also losing.

Getting back to Green Bay, Flynn has looked a little slow when he’s been in there.

Actually the Packers game has gotten kinda boring so I’m watching the Tebows and the 49ers……

The 49ers lose to Arizona. However, the Packers still don’t have home field advantage throughout the playoffs clinched yet.

The Packers do have a first-round by clinched, however. That’s good because I’m going to be on a beach in Mexico the first week of the playoffs.

Good Lord, I mean Good Tebow, the Broncos just (somehow) beat the Bears in overtime.

Back at Lambeau, the Raiders score and make it 46-16.

Sam Shields get a pick with less than 2 minutes left. More importantly, he took a knee instead of running around and getting hurt.

And this game is mercifully over. Packers win 46-16 and improve to 13-0.

A little ragged at times today, but a much-needed blowout win. The main thing to worry about now is Jennings’ knee injury. Everyone pray to Tebow that No. 85 is ok.

Also, Rodgers wasn’t very sharp after getting hit by Curry on the fumble that was eventually overturned. He probably won’t admit it, but I wonder if he was a bit shaken up after that play.

Finally, Derek Sherrod got a lot of time at left tackle today. On the job training or are the coaches not happy with the play of Marshall Newhouse?


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


21 thoughts on “Packers vs. Raiders – Unfiltered Game Day Commentary and First Impressions: Green Bay 46, Oakland 16

  1. Man was I wrong on the Oakland pick.

    The first pick deflated Oakland, allowing Green Bay to go early as usual. The Defense was showing signs of last year’s run when they began the playoff run.

    Ryan Grant also slammed me, when he broke 40 yard.

    Its like everything I said this week completely backfired in my face, impressive win.

    Jennings I think has a knee sprain, so he should be gone for the rest of the regular season to rest up. Starks is a good example why we should let Jennings sit.

    I had fears maybe Chicago would man up… but Tebow destroyed him with his Tebowness (a.k.a Prater).

    13-0. Go Pack Go.


  2. Best D play of the year. I want more.

    MM needs to get the LT situation under control and Sitton back on the field. Just heard on Bill Michaels that the word is Clifton will not play for the rest of the regular season. AR took a beating today because of bad, no rotten LT play by Newhouse and Sherrod. Must be fixed or AR should be rested as soon as possible in each of the three remaining games. He plays great even with the unending rush, mostly from the left. I had hopes that they finally found the Oline they needed. The last two weeks makes me worry about AR’s health.

    I love our two inside LB’s.

  3. Great win, I hope your right Mr Bacon, that Jennings knee is just a sprain. It didn’t look awful on the replay, but I guess we won’t know until an MRI tomorrow. I didn’t like the way he held the “I’m screwed” towel over his head. It was smart of MM to pull Rodgers and CM for the 4th qt. I’m curious to see how he plays the last game of the year if everything is wrapped up.Did Newhouse get hurt? Or was he pull for his performance? I think Arod might of had his first QB rating under a 110 today because of the end zone pick, which wasn’t a terrible pass.

    1. Well not trying to sugar coat it Dan, but it looked like he never really got a ACL-tear looking type of stretch that makes you cringe. They’re was some extension but I think with Wisconsin being very cold now… the injury felt much worse.

      Since I am not on the Packers staff, this is just a guess but I would say a Low Grade Knee Sprain.

      1. Not to be debbie downer, but let’s not forget that both Burnett and Kampman blew out ligaments without contact or unusual contortion of the knee. You never can tell. Here’s hoping it’s nothing serious.

        1. Oh yeah, Jennings had the head in the towel. So its just speculation, but if its IR for Jennings I think the Packers will be ok without him, although we will miss his production for sure.

    2. McCarthy said after the game that, basically, he wanted to get Sherrod some playing time. I don’t think now is the time for on-the-job training, but perhaps McCarthy just didn’t want to say Newhouse is playing poorly.

      1. By all means, the Packers should get Sherrod ready to play. I just hope Rodgers can survive while Sherrod settles in.

  4. For those of you who underestimated the value of a healthy Clifton, this game provides proof. The LT position was horrible.

    What do we do a RB? I don’t want to rush Starks back. Maybe have D.J. Williams in the backfield.

    Masthay’s only punt came after the safety.

    Thank goodness we have Jordy, JJ, Cobb and DD. Won’t talk about Finley right now since I’ve generally supported him and he’s letting me down.

  5. The Tebow jokes were lazy and offensive years ago – nothing has changed in the last few months…

    13-0 feels good.

    Let’s hope that Greg can get healthy and John Kuhn can never be put in a pass protection situation ever again.

  6. If, God forbid, Jennings is out for the season, next man up is Tori Gurley off the practice squad. I agree with Mr. Bacon that there was no serious contortion of Jennings’ knee joint. Anterior drawer looked negative, so we can only hope.

    1. Jim I’ve got this pain in my leg whenever the temerature drops below 40 degrees. Can you diagnose?


  7. Jim Hurly is not a Doctor, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night….just kidding… hopefully your right and GJ’s knee is a 1-5 week recovery period. Having Jennings, Clifton, Sitton, Starks, Bishop and the rest of the injured crew back for the first playoff game would be great.

    The Saints took a step closer at the #2 seed. I’m hoping they don’t get it. I still think they maybe the most dangerous team to the Packs chances at advancing to the SB. It would be nice if the Saints have to play an extra game in the playoffs. The Saints don’t look as good outside of thier dome, but still have a lot of weapons on offense. If the Pack gets the 49ers at home in the NFC championship game, its on to the Superbowl.

    1. I rather have the Saints win the #2 seed, because if the cards fall into place, then #3 plays at #2. The Saints fans will go nuts in the dome, and then force the Saint out of the airbubble and into cold air, make them see their vapor breath in 0 degree weather.

      1. Solid reasoning, Bacon.

        I know it’s blasphemy but if the Packers lost to the Saints I would be so depressed. There isn’t a team or a coach that I despise more than the Saints. The franchise in it’s current state reeks of “douche” from Payton to their ‘celebrate-after-every-play’ receivers to their QB Mr. Moneybags Brees.

        Had a lot of unfortunate run-ins with Saints fans in 2009 which turned me off for good in unison with the media shoving the “post-Katrina” storyline down by throat on a daily basis. Yuck.

        I need to go take a shower.

  8. There is logic to your scenario as the Pack has 2 cold weather tune up games and the saints have 0. Plus, of course, The Pack lives in the Great White North while the Saints will still be using sun tan lotion. If its 0 outside, they won’t know what hit them. They could be fighting the cold more then fighting the Packers.

  9. Based on what I’ve seen of the Saints this season, they don’t have the home run power of the Packers on offense. They move the ball up and down the field, but their drives tend to stall because they can’t connect on long bombs like Green Bay can, especially outside.

    Another dirty little secret that Saints fans don’t want you to know is the fact that Drew Brees will make two or three boneheaded decisions per game. It’s up to the defense to turn those into picks.

    At this point, the Giants worry me more than the Saints.

  10. Ya, you might be right Adam, I’m starting to sway in the direction of the Giants being the bigger threat. As I was watching the NYG/Cowgirls game last night, I found myself torn on who I wanted to win. I’ve hated the Cowpies my whole life, but I was thinking that it might be good if they knocked the Giants out of the playoffs. The Giants are a cold weather team with 2 good RBs, a good QB , some weapons at Rec and a good D line. On the other hand, Jerrys kids have only beatin one winning team all year, The Pack would destroy Dallas in the Playoffs, and it would be fun watching Jerrys Yoda face crying in his Lux box.

    1. Dan sez: “The Pack would destroy Dallas in the Playoffs, and it would be fun watching Jerrys Yoda face crying in his Lux box.”


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