Has Jordy Nelson Become the Packers No. 1 Receiver?

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Jordy Nelson has become the Packers No. 1 receiver...at least for now.

When Ted Thompson signed Jordy Nelson to a 3 year, $13.35 million contract extension, the Packers GM probably thought he was locking up his second best receiver for the foreseeable future.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps Thompson knew Nelson was more than a No. 2 guy and felt he had to sign him before Nelson himself realized he was more than a No. 2, and set his price higher than what the Packers could afford.

Either way, the signing was a good one and Nelson has taken his game to a new level since the deal was announced. Actually, Nelson has played so well that he’s the Packers No. 1 receiver, at least for now.

Since signing the extension on Oct. 2, Nelson has 30 catches for 555 yards and seven TDs. He’s led the Packers in receiving yards three times and seems to be Rodgers’ favorite target when the QB breaks the pocket and needs to get rid of the ball.

Over that same stretch, Greg Jennings, generally considered to be the Packers No. 1 WR, has 35 catches for 498 yards and five TDs. Jennings hasn’t gone over 50 yards in his last three games and only managed two catches for six yards on Sunday.

For the season, Nelson has 40 catches for 759 yards (19 yards per catch) and nine TDs. Jennings has 53 catches for 761 yards (14.4 per catch) and seven TDs.

If you ask Rodgers who the Packers No. 1 receiver is, he will likely tell you he just throws to whoever is open. If we use the QB’s criteria, Nelson belongs in the discussion.

If we factor in big plays, the ability to get open when a play breaks down, and recent performance, Nelson is the clear No. 1.

Jennings might reclaim the top spot at some point this season. But either way, Thompson should pat himself on the back for locking up Nelson when he did.


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7 thoughts on “Has Jordy Nelson Become the Packers No. 1 Receiver?

  1. If Jordy can do what Jennings has done for as long as Jennings has done it, then yes Jordy’s the number one. But for now Jennings, IMO, is still the number threat among the receivers. But very glad to have both on this team.

  2. You could try making this statement via stats based argument only. Jennings is getting the #1 cover corner and Finley drags a CB, LB and Safety over the top (sometimes he gets all three).

    Nelson deserves a lot of love, but he’s also the beneficiary of nickle coverage, often with no safety help. How many NFL teams even have a nickle corner that belongs on an NFL roster?

    Not diminishing Nelson and how much his game has progressed, he’s a dangerous receiver. Bottom line, he’s taking advantage and winning a lot of one-on-ones where he should be winning.

    Short answer, he’s a very good #2.

  3. I think Nelson is the #2 receiver, and some games he will have more catches/yards/TDs than Jennings, but Jennings is still #1.

  4. Jordy seems to display that thing that, oddly enough, I see mostly in our DBs: once I get the ball, I am going to do everything I can to get into the end zone. You have to like that.

  5. One thing we all seem to forget is the opponents defense dictates the Packer offense. So, the Packers have a team of receivers and are not themselves interested in who is #1 or #2 or whatever. So, unfortunately for the individual the team takes precedent. Over a full season things work themselves out. MM coaches for a win in the game he is playing that week. Whoever can get the job done that day will get the chances.

  6. Guys not trying to offend you, but in my opinion, Jordy Nelson is a beast. Not just because I live in the same town that he does, but in my opinion, he would be just as good as #1 or #2. Hes good. No denying,but so is Greg Jennings. Even match.

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