Packers vs. Chargers Week 9 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 9: Green Bay Packers vs. San Diego Chargers
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 7-0 Green Bay Packers 35-31
I still think all the talk about Rivers being hurt is overblown. He is going to be better this game against a leaky Packers defense. Still, the Chargers won’t be able to stop Rodgers and company so the Packers win a squeaker.
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 7-0 Green Bay Packers 31-21
When I made my pre-season predictions on CheeseheadRadio, I did have the Packers at 7-0 at this point, but then losing their first game to these Chargers… To hell with that, I say now. Packers roll to 8-0.
Adam Czech 6-1 Green Bay Packers 27-24
I want to see Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers execute a two-minute drill with the game on the line. I think we might see it Sunday and I think the Packers prevail.
Thomas Hobbes 7-0 Green Bay Packers 24-13
Are the Packers going to see Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? I have no idea what’s going on with the Chargers but whatever it is, I don’t think its been fixed yet. Either way, I don’t think the Packers are going to be rusty from the bye, so while the Chargers might not show up, the Packers certainly will
Zach Kruse 5-2 Green Bay Packers 34-16
On paper, the Chargers are the best team the Packers have faced since Week 1. In reality, this is a banged up roster with a quarterback that has been a shell of his former self. A healing Packers defense will continue the tough start for Philip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers and Co. will take advantage of an extremely undisciplined defense. Packers cruise to 8-0 on the road.
Chad Toporski 7-0 Green Bay Packers 31-27
How can anyone possibly pick the Chargers over the Packers this week? Mike McCarthy is 4-1 in games after the bye, and Aaron Rodgers is going back to his California stomping grounds. It could get tense towards the end, but the Packers will stay patient and find the way to win.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. Don’t know why, but I think the Pack D has it’s best game of the year and the Pack roll 34-14.

  2. I agree, with Sam Shields back. I think packs coverage will be tight. Plus, Burnett should have his hand back.

  3. I say the “Phumble” begins the death of the Chargers ’11 and will cause Norv Turner’s firing.

    The franchise also begins to question the value of Phillip Rivers, who, with Eli’s sudden rise in play is now questioned as the wrong quarterback from the draft.

    Packers 48-10

  4. It is easy so far to compare the pickers’ records against the Packers’ record. We know who’s been backing us all the way!

  5. Was SOOO looking forward to seeing this game in person. Shameful for me to admit that I have yet to go to an actual NFL game, and this was going to be it, my first game. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were doubled, I couldn’t afford to gas to ride my dad’s plane, and regular gasoline is never cheap, plus, I didn’t want to drive over 10 hours in just one day.

    (sigh). Just in case anyone was interested in my misfortunes. Woe is me.

    Packers should win though at least.

  6. I thought the viqueens game was going to be closer and it was, but I knew they were not going to stop Aaron. But I do not see the bolts playing well right now. If Aaron & GB gets a big lead, look out. For what ever reason I do not see Rivers playing that well, which may hurt the bolts confidence. I hope Aaron has a great day being the first time he will be playing in Cal. If it rains, like they are calling for, this will hurt both teams since both are pass first teams. Therefore, if the weather tanks, all the more the Packers need to throw the ball early before field conditions get real bad later in the game. Lord willing, GB 34-bolts 17

    1. Actually Oppy, I HATE this article. Why alert other teams to what we’ve got locked in the PS closet? I’m for keeping our lips tightly sealed on Gurley. You know how I feel about him. Don’t want to lose him. Future Red Zone TD machine…

      1. Thought the same thing as I was reading it, Al. He’ll be with another 53 before he ever plays a down for the Packers. Bank on it

      2. Al, the same occurred to me as well, but there is that one sentence where McGinn makes the comment that perhaps the Packers would activate him rather than lose Gurley to another team..

        Maybe the pack would IR Cliffy and promote Gurley if someone comes knocking.

        1. But Oppy, if someone puts in a claim, it’s too late. The packers couldn’t activate him at that point. They would need to do it before and unless a WR gets hurt, I don’t see it…

  7. Gurley needs to fit in on special teams. if he does that theres no way we can keep him off the 53

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