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Al:  The Packers dispatched the Falcons Sunday night, but despite the win, several Packers were left with a bitter taste in their mouths. Seems that many Packers consider the Falcons to be a dirty team. Late hits, going for the leags and the old bait and flop routine were some of the complaints. Seems the Falcons live up to their nickname, the Dirty Birds.

Jayme: Well the chains have been taken off of Bryan Bulaga. Bulaga has been permitted to participate this week, much to his delight. Bulaga is wearing a knee brace as a precaution, and has looked fine in practice. According to Mike McCarthy, Bulaga participated in some one-on-one blocking drills with the defensive line and was moving well.  No word yet on his status for Sunday, but Bulaga of course is optimistic he’ll be cleared to play.

Al: Well, a Bulaga return would be just in time.  With Chad Clifton out for at least a few weeks, a Bulaga return would mean that the offensive tackles can probably get back to playing their preferred positions. Newhouse could move back to right tackle and Sherrod would be first reserve off the bench. Of course, with how much the Packers love interchangability, they could decide to move Bulaga into Clifton’s spot. We’ll just have to stay tuned.

CD:  And just so you know, we just broke the international record for most times uttering the word “Bulaga” within a 40 second time frame.

Jayme: Another reason to stay tuned is because “the truth” is coming soon. Al Harris, who underwent some excruciating rehab from a horrible knee injury and documented it all on Youtube, returns to Green Bay. Thanks to a series of injuries at cornerback for the Rams, Harris will see plenty of playing time and may even start. Another former Packer,  Brady Poppinga will return to Green Bay as a starting linebacker for the Rams. Both players say they hold no grudges against the Packers and understand why the Packers let them go.

Al: Roster moves – that’s all they were. Speaking of which, the Packers finally made it official and put Nick Collins on injured reserve, sidelining him for the season. The Packers announced this move the day after his injury, yet waited weeks to actually do it, much like they did with Nick Barnett last season. Replacing Collins on the roster was C/G Ray Dominguez, signed from the practice squad.  I wonder how his coverage skills are?

Jayme:Ridiculous Al, as will be the upcoming Throwbackweekend. This 2-day celebration of Packers fandom will kick off Saturday night with a giant tweetup at the Abbey Bar in De Pere. Sunday morning will bring a classic Packers tailgate at the Green Bay Distillery right up until game time and then again after the game. What happens Sunday night is anybody’s guess.

“News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Jayme:  Starting us off today on our tweet of the week quest is none other than our tweeter with the most appearances here, our old favorite, The Packer Ranter. After the Falcons game, the Ranter had this to say, “The Falcons said they were a “better” team. They keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means.”

Al: The Lions were certainly the better team than the Bears on Monday night, keeping pace with the Packers and rolling to their fifth straight win. To this, a tweeter called BlaqShady said, “nobody wants to beat the Lions? fine. we’ll do it ourselves.”

Jayme: One last (we hope) tweet from the Brett favre department. A clever tweeter called jennerator77 had this to say on Brett’s birthday, “Happy birthday Brent Favre. I’m surprised it took you this long to turn 42.

Al: And our final tweet tonight is from Packers defensive lineman Jarius Wynn. After yet another stellar performance by Aaron Rodgers, Wynn was moved to say the following, which he empasized with the hashtag #serioustweet, “I hope everybody sees what I’ve been seeing since day one getting drafted to green bay; Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the game”

And that folks, was your…   Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week


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