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Packers News 10/6/11

Al:   Jordy Nelson was shown a little Packers love this week, as Ted Thompson wrapped up the blossoming wide receiver for another 3 years. Nelson’s contract will be worth 13.2 million over 4 years. Nelson’s comments were fantastic, “I think some people are in this league to get the money, and are excited about it. For myself, I love winning. I don’t know why you would want to leave a team like this, an organization like this.”

Jayme:  Great that he feels that way and it would be hard not to when your quarterback is Aaron Rodgers, who was honored as NFC offensive player of the week for the second time in 4 games.   Rodgers won the award for his record-setting performance, when he became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 400 yards, throw four touchdown passes and run for two all in the same game.

Al: Speaking of Packers quarterbacks, Good ol’ Brett Lorenzo Favre was at it again, flapping his gums in his inimitable “can’t help myself” way. Favre let out a series of  backhanded compliments, say Rodgers “just kind of fell into a good situation” and that he was surprised that Rodgers “didn’t do it sooner.”   Rodgers took the high road for the umpteenth when asked about it by reporters.

Jayme:  Jermichael Finley raised some eyebrows this week when he stated that while he understood he was being double-teamed against the Broncos, Aaron Rodgers “needed to get the ball into his playmakers’ hands.”  However, Finley met with Mike McCarthy today and seemed a little happier, stating that if he just keeps running his routes, the ball will come his way.  McCarthy sang a slightly different tune to the media, stating that while they would try to get Finley open, it isn’t necessary in this offense.

Al: While the Packers are cruising atop the power rankings with their franchise quarterback and an offense that can only be stopped by itself, the sobering news came when the NFL rankins placed Dom Capers’ Packer defense 28th overall in the league.  Big plays have plagued the defense this year, with plays over 20+ yards scorching them again and again.  In the end, the defense is 4-0 in the stat that counts the most…wins.  But…defense wins championships.

Jayme:  In the injury department for the Packers, Mike Neal is still not ready to practice. Frank Zombo practiced for the first time on Wednesday and said he is fully pain-free. The Packers will most likley not activate him this week, staying with their always cautious approach to injuries. Bryan Bulaga, who got very annoyed with that approach when told to sit out last Sunday is champing at the bit to play. And finally, the Packers’ Superman, Donald Driver, returned to practice today.

Al : .. Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you “News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Packers Twitterverse:

Jayme: It’s hard to believe (or is it) that Johnny Jolly has gotten arrested again. After Jason Wilde echoed all our thought by saying he was just shaking his head at that news, Andrew Brandt, former Packers VP chimed in with his insight, “I waited for a bad news call every time he left GB for Houston”

Al: With Donald Driver getting injured in the first half of last week’s game and James Jones finally getting thrown the ball later in the game, zac calvelli had this thought, “James Jones put on Driver’s jersey at halftime in the hopes of getting more targets.”

Jayme: A favorite topic on twitter this week of course was the Brett Favre commentary on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. One of the first to mock Favre’s words was old fave the PackerRanter, who tweeted, “I’m going to fall into a pretty good situation right now. It’s called happy hour. Surprised it didn’t happen sooner.”

Al: And perhaps the best tweet on the topic that we saw was this gem from TCHeadCheese, “Favre thought Rodgers would win a Super Bowl sooner. And we thought Favre would win at least one more than Trent Dilfer.”

And that folks, was your

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3 thoughts on “CheeseheadRadio News 10-06-11: Packers at 4-0

  1. A few other things Brett Favre said:

    “He’s got tremendous talent, he’s very bright…”, “…he’s a good player”.

    You guys seriously need to drop this ridiculous notion that Favre was dissing Rodgers. Sure, it sounds like he’s saying Rodgers isn’t as good as people think, but can you remember a time when Favre actually answered a question without it sounding like it can be interpreted two ways? It was just Favre being Favre the way I see it.

    Green Bay Gazette agrees:|head

    Even if Favre really was being disrespectful, Favre never anything untrue. Rodgers did inherit a good team.

    Am I the only one thinks the team played better for Favre than they did with Rodgers?

    Would it have been better if Favre said that he WAS surprised Rodgers won a Super Bowl?

    I continue to read your guy’s work, but I’m simply putting my foot down on this one. Favre was by no means dissing Aaron Rodgers.

    1. The one thing that made me think Favre isn’t over his hurt ego is when he said Rodgers was good, pointing to him being chosen in the first round.

      He could have just as easily said Rodgers was good, pointing instead to his SB win.

      A small but evident distinction.

    2. I fully agree with you.These must be the same people that interpret the bible in so many different ways to suit their needs,LOL>

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