Packers vs. Falcons Week 5 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 5: Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 4-0 Green Bay Packers 33-24
It won’t be a blowout this time. The Georgia Dome crowd will be fired up and the Falcons will be looking for revenge. That said, can anyone stop Aaron Rodgers right now? Not this mediocre Atlanta defense.
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 4-0 Green Bay Packers 38-24
Atlanta is a team many picked to go all the way but they’re 2-2 and haven’t even looked that good. They will play their hearts out in desperation, but it won’t be enough.
Adam Czech 3-1 Green Bay Packers 31-27
If the Packers defense gets off the field on third down, it might be another repeat of last year’s playoff game. But I expect the Falcons to throw everything they have at the Packers and make this a close one.
Thomas Hobbes 4-0 Green Bay Packers 31-20
I guess we’ll finally see if Julio Jones was worth a king’s ransom. I think the Falcons are drifting away from their identity; they are a fundamentally solid team with an emphasis on the run but now they are trying to be an explosive team with an emphasis on the pass (like the Packers). Simply put, the Falcons aren’t ready to play that way and if the Packers can stuff the run and get a lead early on, the Falcon will again show that they aren’t as good as the Packers
Zach Kruse 2-2 Green Bay Packers 34-13
Aaron Rodgers will be facing essentially the same secondary he burned to the ground in January, and he’s playing better right now then he was during that stretch. I just can’t see how they don’t score more than 30 Sunday night. The pass defense finally shows up, too, leading to a Packers blowout in primetime.
Chad Toporski 4-0 Green Bay Packers 38-30
Despite Atlanta selling the world for Julio Jones, he can’t do much for their ailing defense. We’ve seen what Rodgers and his receivers can accomplish on the fast dome track, so it’s doubtful that the touchdown machine will be slowing down this week.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. All six of you fail. The Packers D against Julio Jones and Roddy White is up in the air, I’ll give you that. But a the highest scoring prediction any of you gave was 38 points. Do any of you even remember what the Packers did on offense in January? You all do know that this offense is even better right? Indoor Rodgers is unbeatable, PERIOD.

    1. Don’t mind the disagreement, but “fail”? Harsh words for just a simple prediction.

      1. Sorry Chad, didn’t mean to come off so harsh. It’s a common phrase where I’m from, and it’s supposed to be all in good fun.

      1. Sorry Al, didn’t mean to come off so harsh. It’s a common phrase where I’m from, and it’s supposed to be all in good fun. I honestly respect your work, and think you guys provide some honestly well written analysis.

  2. Atlanta is a much better team than Denver. As good as the Packers offense is, it will be difficult to score 40-50 points in front of a worked-up home crowd. I think a bit of overzealous is prevailing among Packers fans. of course, I could be proven wrong, but I’ll stick with my gut here.

    1. Yes, that’s true, but the Packers offense is also much better than the one that played against Atlanta in their last match-up. Something’s got to give there, especially with how the Falcons will deal with Finley.

  3. I think Al is most on target.

    It won’t be a blowout but it won’t be close either.
    Falcons O-Line and Secondary are awful and the Packers are doing a good job containing the run.

    Unfortunately for Atlanta, the run game is the way they win games. Controlling tempo, keeping offenses off of the field.

    Pack win by at least 2 TDs.

    Onto the 10-0 start…

  4. My head tells me this is going to be a shoot out.

    …But my heart tells me this game is starting to shape up to be the Packers’ statement game.

    No Question that Rodgers is riled up and ready to make sure BrINT sucks a fat one for his comments, and with his Roddy white fire also burning, there’s a lot of irons in the fire, and Rodgers has to be glowing white-hot. If he comes out pre-game with that same steely-eyed determination on his face that he had during last year’s play off game vs. the Falcons, it could be yet another lights-out performance.

    Add in Raji’s now making it public that perhaps our D line wasn’t real thrilled with ATL’s o line..

    And you can bet that all the negative press on our secondary- especially comments straight from Capers and McCarthy about the lack of Pass rush having plenty to do with the back end of the defense not playing up to expectations- is going to only add to our DB’s desire to come out and shut down ATL’s new-found dream duo of White and Jones, the guy the Falcons basically leveraged their immediate future for.. in direct response to the fact they couldn’t keep pace with the Packers air show… Not to mention Tramon seems to be dying on the inside that he hasn’t been available to really help out the secondary as much as he’d like.

    These guys might just come out and decide to show ATL and the world that the Packers haven’t come close to playing their best ball so far this season.. and give us all a glimpse of the behemoth that is waiting to be awakened this sunday.

  5. Huh. You guys must be playing fantasy football. Atlanta is gonna Kill’em. Green Bay will be stund.

  6. OK martin time to come back to reality, cheer for your team , but this game is a Packer WIN

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