Packers vs. Broncos Week 4 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 4: Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 3-0 Green Bay Packers 31-17
I don’t think it will be as big a blowout as everyone is thinking.  Green Bay scores enough despite an aggressive Broncos pass rush a Orton’s struggles continue and the cries for Tebow get louder.
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 3-0 Green Bay Packers 38-13
As the Packers romp, will Tim Tebow see some action on Sunday? Who knows and who cares. Packers roll to 4-0.
Adam Czech 2-1 Green Bay Packers 33-17
Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil (if he plays) will be a nice test for Clifton and (if Bulaga is out) Newhouse, but the Packers still cruise to 4-0.
Thomas Hobbes 3-0 Green Bay Packers 27-16
I don’t really suspect much resistance from the Broncos and if the Packers gain a early double digit lead, I can see them slowing down the game and start playing the clock.  The score ends up closer than the game.
Zach Kruse 1-2 Green Bay Packers 27-10
The Packers could have some problems with the Broncos pass rush, especially with Elvis Dumervil likely to play Sunday. They haven’t faced a combination of rushers like Dumervil and Von Miller yet this season, and they’ll be missing RT Bryan Bulaga. It’s hard to see the Broncos’ slow, plodding offense scoring enough to keep this game close, however.
Chad Toporski 3-0 Green Bay Packers 34-24
Denver allowed 20+ points to both Oakland and Cincinnati, neither of which have very high-powered offenses. Aaron Rodgers and Co. should have a field day back on their home turf, with the Broncos managing some garbage points.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


6 thoughts on “Packers vs. Broncos Week 4 Game Predictions from

  1. “As the Packers romp, will Tim Tebow see some action on Sunday? Who knows and who cares. Packers roll to 4-0.”

    This made me spill my drink. Bra-fucking-vo

  2. Here’s hoping things get so stupid-out-of-control that the 4th Q becomes a preview of Flynn, Green, and So’oto.

    Actually, I’m hoping So’oto gets some PT early on, and Green gets to attempt to (not quite) split snaps with Starks.

  3. Meh = this is a bye week. All GB has to do is score a couple times and they’ll break DEN’s spirit.

    Can we fast forward to the ATL game???

  4. I’m hoping to see D.J. Smith get extended PT. Also like to see what Green and So’oto can do. Hopefully Raji doesn’t need to play 90% of snaps.

  5. Yep I want to see So’oto too. Play him in the first half. Walden isn’t exactly playing lights out…

    And DJ Smith has been a great special teamer. Flying to the ball. Gotta love that. A couple of special teams gaffes aside, I’m encouraged by their play thus far.

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