Packers vs. Bears Week 3 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 3: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 2-0 Green Bay Packers 17-13
Typical slugfest that we saw last year.  Cutler takes another beating, suffering 4 sacks.  His last drive stalls with a fumble (not a INT this time) and the Packers hang on again.
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“Jersey” Al Bracco 2-0 Green Bay Packers 23-17
The Packers win this game on the foot of Mason Crosby as he hits 3 of 4 attempts – yeah, I just said that…
Adam Czech 1-1 Green Bay Packers 31-17
Besides the pass defense, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from the Packers so far in 2011. Getting Tramon back should help the pass D and lead the Packers to their first easy win over the Bears in quite some time.
Thomas Hobbes 2-0 Green Bay Packers 24-13
If anything I think Mike Martz is going to start by running the ball (gasp) after diving on his own sword for last weeks game.  Luckily the Packers seem to be pretty good in that regard and if they can get the Bears give up on “balance” to get pass happy, Clay Matthews versus whoever ends up being healthy on the Bears O-line should be fun to watch.
Zach Kruse 1-1 Chicago Bears 21-17
I don’t think the Packers have an answer for Matt Forte, especially as a receiver out of the backfield. Both quarterbacks will make mistakes against defenses that have seen everything each offense has to offer. And as the case has been for six straight games between the Packers and Bears, the winner of this matchup scores 21 or less. The Bears repeat their Week 3 win over the Packers from last season on Sunday in Chicago.
Chad Toporski 2-0 Green Bay Packers 22-21
Last year, I correctly predicted the Bears to win at home. This year, while it will be close, the Packers will emerge victorious. Green Bay’s defense is tied for 4th in sacks made (7), while the Bears offense is dead last in sacks taken (11). The pass rush should get a boost of confidence this week.

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  1. As much as it hurts, Zach makes the strongest arguement here. Unless Capers has figured out the defensive failings this week, the Pack is in for a rough game.

    Got to give Al the prize for most creative amalysis.

    If the D has been reborn the anlysis above is without merit. That’s a hell of a big IF tough. 951 yards of offense given up. Approximatle 425 yards of passing per game. There is no way to put lip stick on this pig. In additon the OT’s got their luch handed to them by Carolina last week. Can’t do that against Peppers and gang. On the bright side, this could just be the Packers usual slow start under MM and they’re getting wins instead of losses (see last year’s losses 4 points or less).

    You might notice I’m torn between loyalty to the Pack and logic. Off to say a Novena for AR. Go Pack!

    1. The Packers are strong against the run, and Cutler won’t have time to use Forte properly in the passing game.

      Capers plays coverage more tight, adjusting for the delayed routes of the TEs and RBs, and the Packers win. This time there’s no Steve Smith to worry the defense deep. Sure, they have some burners, but they can’t get open 1-on-1 constantly as Steve Smith can.

      How’s that for loyalty AND logic?

        1. I think when he says “there’s no steve smith” and “Sure, they have some burners”, what he’s saying is they have Speed receivers, but not complete, great route running WR’s like Smith.

          It takes more than straight out speed to get open in the NFL. There isn’t a WR of Smith’s caliber on the Bears squad.

    2. Ron you are too worried about the Packers defense. Hopefully Jay Cutler is able to restore some of your faith in the D 🙂

  2. right now our D is bad but I dont think it will stay bad. theyll figure it out, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe week 16, but what we did last year was no fluke. we have the talent and coaching, and time to bring it together. were still a young team

  3. Yeah, except we’ve had an answer for Matte Forte most every time we’ve played him. Obviously against teams with lots of weapons, scatbacks hurt us, but Forte is their ONLY weapon. It’s easy to take away one guy.

    Our defense Is going to give up around 220-250 passing yards, tops. First game was sloppy early season play against one of the best passing attacks in NFL history, and the second week was a tough road game where our entire pass rush mush-rushed with zone coverage behind it the entire game (and no Tramon Williams) because they were afraid of Newton’s scrambling/rushing ability.

    1. You make an excellent point. Forte IS their offense. I’m not that worried about the defense, although I certainly hope they can get the pass rush going.

      1. Well if we can’t get the pass rush going THIS wknd, then we really might be in trouble! I think we will though, enough to win anyway.

  4. I have to add that I’m not absolutely certain the Packers are going to win this game, but I’m fairly certain their loss will have little to do with the defense, if they do lose. Think Week 17 last year.

  5. Ok, all of you guys just said that it’s going to be an incredibly close game. Help me to understand this please. The Bears contained Rodgers last season, but last season Rodgers didn’t have Grant, Starks (for the first two games), Finley (for the last two games), Alex Green, Randall Cobb, nor an offensive line that looks as good as it does now. While the pass defense is the worst in the league right now, the Bears don’t posses a talented receiving corps and Tramon Williams is returning. Bears suck anyway, It’s not gonna be close. Just watch.

    1. Finley not only negates Brian Urlacher, I believe Finley will own Brian Urlacher.

      If you have a TE that can get vertical in the seam and beat the MLB in a cover-2 scheme consistently, you’re going to force those wide, deep safeties to cheat to the middle.. That kind of disrupts the whole cover-2 concept. And when you have X,Y, -and- Z WR’s who are all able to present not only deep threats but are great route runners as well, you’ve got a situation that can truly stress that Cover-2 now that one of those safeties has to start being concerned about playing over the top of the MLB…

      Pack goes vertical in the middle of the field frequently and then pounds the rock up the gut of an overly aggressive front 4. Then the edges come loose.

      Convential wisdom is that the Bears d Is the only NFL D that consistently gives the Packers Offense troubles, and we should expect that again. I think the Packers have a run away day on offense with Finley and Starks both in the fold. Watch out.

      1. Sounds like a good theory. But whether or not Finley has a good day, someone has to explain to me just how the Bears can contain SO MANY weapons! Yeah the Panthers kept them to just 30 points, but that was because they were able maintain time of possession, which was mostly because of a fumble from Randall Cobb and a ridiculous call by the refs on roughing the passer. The Packers passed over 300 yards in week three a season ago, and that was with 18 penalties and NO RUN GAME. ZIP.

  6. I am sorry , but people who pick the Bears in this game are not being logical , they are just flaming.
    Cutler is 15 against the Packers putting up an average of only 11 points in those games.
    Matt Forte has never had a big game against us.
    The Bear can not run the ball and they can not pass block which means the Packer defense will come alive , dont forget Peprah had a nig pick against Cutler last year.
    Rodgers has never lost to the Bears in a day game , alot has been said about Lovie having the Packers number , he does n ot , he has Favre’s number. Rodgers is 5-2 against the Bears and even in the 10 losses he had double figure leads.
    The Bears really have not stopped the Packers , the Packers have stopped themselves with either penalties or turnovers. Last year in game 3 we had 18 penalties and still had 360 yards.
    The Packers always get yardage on them but an untimly turnover always hurts them like last year when we had a 14-0 and were ready to put the Bears away with a first and goal on the Bear 2 and Rodgers got careless with the ball.
    The only way the Packers lose to the Bears at this time is if the Packers have 3 or more turnovers while at the same time the Bears play a turnover free game. Packers need to run the ball right at Peppers just like they did last year in the NFC title game until Clifton got banged up. There are just too may eweapons for the Bears to cover with that weak secondary , plus, the Bears do not stop tight ends very well.
    Bears O line just is not able to run block or pass protect.
    They say the Bears will be fired up ? what good did that do them in the NFC title game being fired up at home as the Packers marched right in for a TD on the first drive.
    The Packers are just the better team with way more firepower, the Bears’ defense does not stop anyone without turnovers, they never get 3 and outs. Say what you want about the Packer defense, they made the stops in the first 2 weeks when they had to and if you remember they started slow last year too.
    With the Packer fiepower and the Bears lack of firepower plus the fact that Hester just is not going to get the chances like he has in the past, I just do not see the Packers not winning this game 27-13 unless Rodgers all of a sudden has a 4 interception game.

  7. Another typo , Charlie Peprah had a BIG pick against Cutler last year , I am sorry about the typos , I had to hurry before AOL kicked me off.

  8. Also take this into account , the Bears beat Atlanta in week one but it was not a
    big desl because the Falcons dropped 2 sure interceptions that would have stopped Bears’ scoring drives and the Falcons kept turning the ball over. We all know that the Falcons are not good on grass, they have not won in Chicago since 1983. The real Bears showed up in New Orleans , they were man handled by a defense that we pushed around.
    The Falcons would have beaten beat them if the held onto the ball , Falcons did sack Cutler 5 times.
    People may say the NFC title game was close , it was close only on the scoreboard as the Packers dominated the first half and had 2 chances at 14-0 to blow them away.
    At least 10 things have to go the Bears way for them to win .

  9. I’m worried about the D.
    It could go either way really.

    If McCarthy doesn’t call a good game (use TEs and RBs) it will be unnecessarily close.

    Hoping the Pack can pull off a big win.
    If they do, they start the season 10-0.

      1. Your math-ness perplexes me, sir!

        But yes 10-0 as in “0 losses” and “10 wins”.
        Only game that could be competitive (this assuming that the team doesn’t go out and lay an egg) is Atlanta.

        Chargers haven’t impressed and McCarthy is phenomenal off the bye…

        1. Call me crazy, But DETROIT makes me nervous.

          Detroit made me nervous last year, to be honest. But with a healthy Stafford and the addition of Nick Fairley, the Lions- not only of the future but also of the present- should give Packers fans pause.

          Extremely talented team with the QB to get it done on offense and the DL to wreck havoc on our oline and disrupt our passing game w/o having to use pressure packages..

  10. I thought it would be a blowout but after seeing jersey al’s prediction i hope they win by 3 with a crosby 51 yard field goal as time exspires. And i will have visions of Al jumping up and down in his loungeroom chanting CROSBY! CROSBY!.

  11. Can I just remind Zach Kruse that if the Bears were to repeat what happened last year in week three that it would take 18 penalties by the Packers? Just a thought.

  12. Head and logic says our offense is so much better than theirs and Finley as Oppy says should present a nightmare for their version of Cover 2, that we should win comfortably. Can’t quite bring myself to be that optimistic, call it excessive worrying whatever. Packers 21-19. Just hope I get to watch it live -very inconsiderate of the NFL to schedule Packers@ Bears on my wife’s birthday…

  13. I told you we would blow the Bears out , the 10 point margin was flattering for the Bears as they were whipped in the trenches and in time of posession.
    Packers by the way have never lost in San Diego and have only lost to them one time every and that was in Lambeau in 1984.

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