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Packers News 9/15/11

Al:The news coming out of Mike McCarthy’s press conference yesterday was not good. Injured Packers defensive end Mike Neal will be missing more games after undergoing a surgical procedure on Tuesday. Details of the procedure were not released, but Mike McCarthy said the doctors were pleased with how it went. McCarthy would only say Neal will miss “significant weeks,” but he doesn’t think it would be long enough to put Neal on injured reserve.

Jayme: The news was better about Tramon Williams. Thanks to the extra 3 days between games, McCarthy believes Williams’ shoulder could be improved enough for him to play Sunday at Carolina.

McCarthy also said that it wasn’t a requirement Williams be able to practice this week to play in the game. Sounds like Mike really doesn’t want to play the game without him…

Al: NFL sources have reported that Packers cornerback Charles Woodson was fined $10,000 for punching Saints tight end David Thomas in the third quarter of last week’s game. Although Woodson was flagged for a penalty, he was not ejected, which the rules call for. After the game, Woodson said he regretted that it happened, but he didn’t exactly apologize for doing it.

Jayme: Aaron Rodgers certainly has nothing to apologize for with regards to the Saints’ game. Rodgers lit up the stat sheet with 3 touchdown passes, 304 passing yards, no interceptions and a 132.1 passer rating. For that fine performance, Rodgers was named NFC offensive player of the week for the 3rd time since last season.

Al:   James Jones, on the other hand, didn’t win any awards or possibly any friends after voicing some concerns about his role in the game plan. While Jones was only thrown to once, he seemed more concerned about how little he was used, and even how he was used. Seems that half of the less than 20 plays Jones was in for were three tight-end formations and running plays. Jones also made a comment that it’s pretty obvious who the #3 guy is now…

Jayme:  I don’t like the sound of that, Al… And speaking of sound, many Packers fans didn’t have many positive things to say about Lambeau Field’s new 2.5 Million dollar sound system. Seems that some fans, especially those in the South endzone, couldn’t hear the announcements, while fans in other parts of the stadium complained that it was too loud. The Packers say they appreciate the feedback and will continue to make adjustments every week.


News from the Packers Twitterverse:


Jayme: The pull-no-punches Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal came out this week and spoke the words none of want to hear, but are all thinking, “So far in their Packers careers, only difference between Mike Neal and Justin Harrell is the round they were drafted in.”

Al:  Ouch. On a friendlier note, former Packer Daryn Colledge once again displayed a good amount of class by tweeting to his replacement, TJ Lang, “congrats on your first LG start last night, friend. Well deserved, way to kick some ass. Only 400 more straight and you’ve got Favre.

Jayme:  Our next tweet was this warning for the Panthers from @TheLukeRodgers “ “Love that @ESPN is already crowning Cam Newton king after Week 1. He’s up for a rude awakening when a REAL defense rolls into town in 3 days”

Al: And finally, looking back at last weeks game and the whole lockout practice controversey, we would this poignant little tweet fro some called @JaggedLittlePhil: “Apparently the Saints didn’t use the off-season workouts to practice getting one yard with the game on the line”

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  1. It’s beginnig to look like the minor injury to Tramon is graduating in severity. Ouestionable for Sunday. That doesn’t sound like a bruise to me. After 8 days Trmaon has failed to go to Full Practice status. I guess that’s one way to turn around the injury report from last year. Just don’t admit they’re injured.

    1. I don’t think that’s the case here. He wouldn’t have talked about Williams having a chance to play if it was that bad. Note he said nothing like that about Neal when we din’t know the severity of his injury.

  2. I don’t think Tramon’s injury has graduated in severity. It’s a bad bruise that takes time to heal. McCarthy has been consistent on him.

  3. Demovsky said he saw Williams going into the prectice field today. He tried to catch up with him but he lost him before he could ask any questions. Press was only allow 3 minutes at practice today. He thought Williams trying to avoid him.

    I don know, but that sounds strange to me.

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