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Atari Bigby on Bike
Atari Bigby has seen his last days as a Packer with his number given to rookie Alex Green.

Apparently free agent Atari Bigby won’t be re-signing with the Green Bay Packers this season. Third round draft pick Alex Green tweeted last night that his jersey number will be #20, which belonged to Bigby for the past six years.

For the past few seasons, Bigby has been the strong safety complement to Nick Collins. His best season was 2009, when he accumulated 49 tackles, defended 8 passes, and picked off 4 interceptions. Though admired by some, he has been considered the weakest of the starters in the backfield.

Unfortunately for Bigby, he sealed his fate last season when he decided to holdout on his contract. With Morgan Burnett drafted that year, the Packers didn’t budge and reportedly threatened to reduce his $1.759 million tender offer if he didn’t sign it.

Bigby eventually signed, but a chronic left ankle injury seemed to put the nail in the coffin. He had to undergo arthroscopic surgery in August and was placed on the PUP list. By the time he returned to the field in November, Charlie Peprah had solidified his spot as a starter. To top it all off, Bigby missed a few of the final games due to other minor hamstring and groin injuries.

With Alex Green now donning the #20 jersey, it’s clear Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have decided to move on without Atari Bigby. Charlie Peprah and Morgan Burnett have shown themselves to be more than adequate replacements for the injured and aging safety.


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11 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Won’t Re-Sign Atari Bigby

  1. Yeah… About that chronic left ankle injury…

    Bigby probably started to lose favor amongst the coaches and the front office two years ago when he was still sidelined and recovering from an ankle injury.. When during a game, on the sidelines, he decided to show off and do a standing back flip…

  2. Chronic injury problems made him expendable. The impact of the new CBA is showing in TT’s strategy. Banking as much money as he can to keep the “difference makers” and bring in young talent to perform backup roles.

    I just hope that the Oline is stocked with adequate talent. I pay no attention to reporters or coaches when evaluating the individual linemen. If they were a reliable source Spitz, Breno and Moll would have been all-pros by now.

    They need a LG now. No switching positions, a permanent replacement please. So far, TT has been clearing cap money. How will he use it? Probably to extend some key players and if neccessary bring in a “good” FA. There are a few good guards out there that won’t break the bank.

    1. I really have to believe that either Lang, Newhouse or McDonald can fill that spot. There is enough talent there. I have heard that Bulaga may get moved there in order to get Sherrod on the field. If that happens I will drive to MM’s house and picket in his driveway until he fires Campen.

      Clifton missing 4+ games this year is almost a certainty. If Bulaga is at LG when that happens then three players will be playing new positions, rather than just Sherrod stepping in. OTs need time and reps. Just leave them alone. There is so much wrong with moving Bulaga to LG that I can hardly stand to even think about it.

  3. Atari was a stop gap the entire time he was hear. He had some big games, but you almost felt like you could not trust him. Not getting the surgery on his ankle in the off season because he wanted a new contract was selfish and stupid. Probably cost him a few million bucks. Bye bye bigby.

    1. I can’t agree that Bigby was just a stop-gap solution… Most people think of Bigby as a guy who would occasionally lay the wood. Bigby was a ball-hawking play maker as well, and for the most part, assignment-sure.

      Not an all pro by any means, but when healthy, he was a sound safety that fit in well with the Packers’ defense. He created turn overs.

      That said, Peprah stepped in and played solid ball last year and I think Morgan Burnett has all the tools to be a great player, more talent than Bigby. So, no skin off my nose that Bigby is most likely a goner. Talent does not matter when you can’t stay on the field.

  4. TJ Lang would be fine at LG if Sherrod isn’t put there. Hell, Lang was even serviceable at LT, given how few reps he’s gotten there. Lang is excellent in pass protection. He just needs to shore up his run blocking if he’s going to be a guard.

    1. That won’t take much to be better than Colledge. Lousy run blocker. He was more a “run get in the wayer” if he wasn’t flat on his butt two yards back of the line.

  5. Every Packer Fan in WI got an erection from watching Bigby have that one game in 2007, in the snow, vs. the Seahawks. He had some big hits because nobody could plant and he could just consistently go for the kill shot. He has never been anything more than servicable. I didn’t know about the backflip thing….that pisses me off even more. If anybody sheds a tear over losing Colledge, they haven’t watched the Packers in the last 5 years. He is just average and will be replaced easily. The money he was paid is hilarious….have fun Arizona.

  6. CLEAN UP ON ISILE 9! Boy, the Packers are seriously ridding itself of dead weight! Look Out NFL, TT knows how to reload and here comes another Lombardi Trophy, folks!

  7. Atari was a bruiser, that’s for sure. It would e been nice to keep him but obviously we can’t keep everyone. Same with all other vets that left! Derek Sherrod or TJ Lang can definitely play as LG and/or LT! We have Ray Dominguez who was offered by 16 other teams but of course chose the Packers! He can definitely be a backup especially with our coaching staff!! We’re all set in my opinion. The only hard part is if they can stay healthy. Go packs go!

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