Is there ANY Scenario For Brett Favre to Be Back in Green Bay this Year? All Green Bay Packers All the Time

With the 2011 season (hopefully) approaching, let us imagine a hypothetical situation that the Packers could find themselves in:

  1. Matt Flynn gets traded: Matt Flynn turned some heads last season when he made the quarterback transition look easy with Aaron Rodgers sidelined for the Patriots game. It would be foolish to think that other teams aren’t interested in him and former general manager Ron Wolf was fond of saying it was better to trade a player a year early than a year late (and current general manager Ted Thompson is a Wolf protégé).  It only takes one team to see Flynn as the next Matt Hasselbeck to make an offer that the Packers can’t refuse.  As a point of comparison Hasselbeck was essentially traded away for the 1st pick of the 2nd round; would the Packers take Flynn for a 2nd round draft pick? Definitely.
  2. The Packers then stick with Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell: The Packers always think of development first and they haven’t brought in a veteran backup quarterback since Rodgers became the starter.  They risked having no depth at quarterback in Matt Flynn’s rookie year and got away with it and might be inclined to do the same this year. With 10 new rookies and a slew of players coming off IR, roster slots are going to be very precious and the 3rd quarterback might be one spot that gets eliminated.  A lot of this will come down to Graham Harrell, but if his development is where Flynn’s was when he was a rookie, then past history proves that the Packers are willing to make that gamble.
  3. Midseason, Aaron Rodgers gets hurt: Heaven forbid, but Rodgers has already suffered 2 concussions and from a medical perspective, having a concussion increases the chance of having another.  Rodgers has also battled various injuries during his time with the Packers and mobile quarterbacks like Rodgers do have a higher risk of getting seriously hurt (see Michael Vick).  It’s not unconceivable that Rodgers could miss a game or two (or a season) due to his play style and injury history.

If this series of events were to unfold for the Packers next year, what should they do?

The Packers should call Brett Favre.

Now before someone brings out the tar and feathers, examine my logic:

  • The free agent quarterback pool is going to be sparse: There simply are not 32 decent quarterbacks in this league so in the middle of the season, the majority of viable (and even some not so viable quarterbacks, see Brian Brohm) are going to be signed with other teams.
  • Trading for a quarterback midseason is a train wreck waiting to happen: the new quarterback will have zero experience with the Packers offense and personnel and will have no time to get ready before having to play.
  • Favre is unlikely to find a spot on a roster at the beginning of the season: As Zach Kruse has written, Favre will have options but with caveats.  He still sees himself as a starting caliber quarterback and won’t sign with a team with an established starter already (nor would a team with an established starter want to sign Favre).  He also doesn’t have the time to wait for a bad team to develop.  Since those two criteria usually go hand in hand (as having a quarterback opening usually means having a bad team as well), Favre’s options are going to be very limited if not non-existent.
  • Favre has familiarity with the offense and personnel and the Packers are familiar with Favre: The Packers need someone who they can insert right away and Favre likes to play with people he knows.  Playing for Mike McCarthy, Joe Philbin, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant and Chad Clifton is the optimal situation for both Favre and the team.
  • Favre has proven that he needs very little practice to play decent football: He’s regularly skipped the majority of the offseason during the later part of his career with the Packers and with the Vikings while still being able to manage the offense.
  • Deep down, Favre probably wants to mend fences with the Packers: His comments leading up the Super Bowl show that he’s beginning to accept the fact that the Packers were a great team without him.  The Packers have already stated that they intend to give him the respect that he deserves once he finally decides to retire.  Both side appear to want to end their relationship on a good note

This situation has essentially happened before.  In 2009, the Packers decided to part ways with long time starting right tackle Mark Tauscher in favor of Allen Barbre.  Come mid-season it was obviously apparent (like 51 Aaron Rodgers sacks apparent) that Barbe was a terrible tackle and the best option left in the free agent pool for the Packers was Mark Tauscher.  There were probably younger tackles in the free agent pool with more upside, but come the midseason, experience and familiarity trump that.

For the record, I’m not saying that Favre is a great quarterback or even a good quarterback at this point; he is however is probably the best option for the Packers should events unfold the way I’ve postulated.  To put it another way, who would you prefer under center, Brett Favre, Todd Collins (another likely mid-season free agent quarterback), or Graham Harrell?  I understand that many fans and probably a lot of the players were hurt by Favre’s blatant defection to the Vikings, but if you consider which free agent has the highest chance of being successful with the Packers should they need a emergency journeyman quarterback, the Favre’s name has to be on the short list.  It’s not going to be the popular choice (as I expect to see a million comments calling me an idiot for even considering the idea), but it probably will give the Packers the best shot at winning without Rodgers.

Simply put, Favre’s value at this point lies highest with the Packers and the Packers are a team that Favre would want to play for this year.  Personally, getting to see Favre don the green and gold one more time, and then giving Favre one more chance to say goodbye the right way would be a perfect way to end the #4 era.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


52 thoughts on “Is there ANY Scenario For Brett Favre to Be Back in Green Bay this Year?

  1. Lynch this mad man!

    I will never forgive Brent. Start G. Harrel before we let Her Majesty back into the Green and Yellow Kingdom

  2. I’d rather roll with Graham Harrell running a cut-down offense because there’s the chance it might actually work out, and probable he’ll do what is asked of him. We have enough talent on both sides of the field with this team that controlled, measured play should still keep us in a game.

    BrINT Farkle has PROVEN his decision making is horrible in the post season at crunch time, he has no problems ignoring the coaches’ calls, and he’s a douche bag.

    Yeah, call me emotional, but in all seriousness.. I’ll take my odds on what could be a pleasant surprise rather than bring in a guy with proven deficiencies.

  3. Oh, plus, the media frenzy and subsequent total distraction for the Packers team at large makes bringing Favre back on the roster an obvious and absolute NO F’n WAY.

    This would shatter so many facets of the Packers..

  4. Even if Rodgers was to get injured,I would rather concede the season than to have Favre back on the team and add insult to his injury.Thus,I would support his(Rodgers) wanting out of a city that even considered allowing him back as a player unless it’s a one day #4 retirement signing.

    Besides,I’m just completing my treatments to overcome my “INT” nightmares.

    1. So if the Packers had a shot to get back into the playoffs you would still throw the season away? All I am saying is do what’s best for the team. If what’s best for the Packers is to sign Favre then he should be signed, if it’s not then don’t sign him.

      1. Doing what’s best for the team once in this case is detrimental to the team long term.
        There would be no assurances for any point of view but I would not chance the relationship of Rodgers and the Packers for a gasp of succees with Favre once,an erase what could be multiple times with Rodgers.
        Even Rodgers team spirit can be pushed to a brink.

        1. I’m pretty sure Rodgers is pretty confident with his place on the team.

  5. Are you kidding me? The only thing that made sence in your whole lousy story was the fact that you knew you going to get comments saying you are crazy!! You must be!!!
    What was the reason brett left because he would not compete for his job like 99% of all nfl players do or would!! T add to that he did not get along with TT[Ted Thompson] so what has changed?,,,nothing ,,,do you want to hear the loudest corus of booooos you have heard for a home starting qb in Lambeau or any other inferior stadium?,,I think not!!! Think before you write!!! PACKERS RULE viqweens and cowgirls drool!!

    1. Presenting a wildly unpopular scenario or a outside of the box paradigm does not equate to “(not thinking) before you write”, Scott.

      I whole-heartedly disagree with Thomas’ scenario and viewpoint, but he has presented a well organized and written article, with clear and logical points to plead his case of a Farkle return to GB under hypothetical circumstances.

      Mr. Hobbes most definitely thought before he wrote. And was he playing devil’s advocate? I’m guessing to at least some extent, the answer is yes.

      1. I will admit it’s kinda fun to play devils advocate every once in a while.

  6. P.S. The Packers do not have a big enough locker and his own room big enough for brett and his ego!
    P.S.P.S. he wore purple,,,,enough said!!!

  7. Thomas, I admire your creative writting skills. You present the fictional concept as well as Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”.

    All bridges on I 43 and Hwy 41 have been brunt. No access will be allowed. When it comes time for the Packers to recognize the skills of Ol #4 a hologram will be there to accept it.

    BrInt (I love that Oppy) is the definition of “Rag Arm” at this stage of his pathetic existence. No need to wakte the sleepinga Pervert.

    1. I can take no credit for the “brINT” moniker; I don’t know where it originated but it has floated around the internet for quite some time now.

      And I agree, I love it too!

  8. Hold on. I will ride the IF train for a moment.

    IF….GB goes into the season with Rodgers and G. Harell as #1 and #2.

    and IF…..Rodgers is out for some reason and Harrell is either ineffective or injured as well

    and IF…Green Bay is in the hunt to win a playoff spot and needs wins.

    THEN….Yes Brett Would be a a great week 15 addition with a story line.

    1. If Farkle had parted ways with the Packers on a less bitter note.. If he had not gone to great lengths to “stick it” to the Packers..If he hadn’t gone on national TV and basically called MM/TT liars (which was debunked by Bus Cook a year later, anyways).. If he had been remotely civil to Rodgers.. I could agree with you.

      We’re not talking about your average player-benched/released/traded-before-he-thinks-his-time-is-up-and-as-a-result-feels-bitter-and-says-a-few-things-he-later-regrets situation.

      Couple the magnitude of the emotions with brINT’s post season track record for the last decade, and I can not jump on board.

    2. The series of events I’ve described is not impossible or even unlikely. I would say that the least likely event would be Flynn trying traded, and that seems completely possible in my mind

  9. Very creative presentation. One would hope there would be better (younger) choices than Brett available (McNabb, Palmer, and maybe even Hasselbeck come to mind.)

    But the real conclusion to be taken from this is that TT should not trade Flynn this season.

    The Packers and TT are at a crossroads– they are no longer building a team; they **have built** a champion. Development doesn’t stop (players will always need to be replaced), but keeping players you have developed and are playing important roles at reasonable prices becomes significantly more important. This is the point where ‘win now’ actually means something.

    They could maybe get a 2nd round pick for Flynn — but it would be a 2nd rounder in the 2012 draft, no help at all in 2011. So it would actually be less than they got for Hasselbeck and Brunell, where the picks were available right away. Given that Flynn will likely get starter money in free agency next year, they are much better off keeping his services in 2011 and then (if possible) trading him in (say) February for (say) a 4th rounder in 2012 instead of waiting for a similar compensatory pick in 2013. The Packers could do that if a particular team were very interested in Flynn and wanted to be sure of getting him without a bidding war.

    Of course Flynn would have to agree to the new contract before the trade. It’s far more likely that he walks in FA and the Packers settle for the compensatory pick. But given that TT pulled Davon House out of a 4th round compensatory pick, I think it would OK for the team to settle. The point is that Flynn could be a winner if he has to step in for Rodgers for a game or two. No other reasonably available backup is as capable of that as Flynn. So BPA (as well as ‘pick for need’) says you keep Flynn, the best available backup QB for the Packers in 2011.

    1. Hasselbeck and McNabb are going to be signed by some team before the season starts as they are still probably considers “stopgap quarterback” material, as for Palmer, who knows but it looks like he’s going to retire. It’s also going to be very hard for Thompson not to bite on a second rounder. Essentially you are getting a top 50 player instead of a top 100-150 player. Sure it doesnt help for the 2011 season, but Thompson has always looked forward and winning the Super Bowl probably won’t change that.

  10. Interesting scenarios and I don’t ever like to say never, but its nice to see some folks stay creative. The only way such a scenario could be successful is if BF could find it in his psyche to perform in the Elway role – no risks, let others succeed – during the twilight of his career. Frankly, I don’t see that happening.

  11. I’ll be blunt.

    There is no way in hell that Brett Favre will be putting on a Packers uniform this season.

    I appreciate the breakdown of possibilities that could make this happen, but it’s just not going to happen.

  12. I like it. If it weren’t for the money they would have kept #4 as a backup when he was under contract. He’s washed up but there’s probably enough left for a couple of games late in the year. We had McMahon in ’96 in much the same cicumstance. Great PR move for the Pack and #4. It would bring #4’s usual drama but that shouldn’t stand in the way of a football decision.

  13. Brett Favre should never be allowed to claim association with the Packers. He went out of the way to harm the franchise out of malice and spite. His number should not be retired, he should never be honored with a ceremony, he should never be invited back for Legends Weekends.

    There is no scenario, not even this one, that would make me think it’s worthwhile to bring him back. Once you get rid of cancer, you don’t go out of your way to get it again.

  14. I refuse to read the article or any of the comments. I don’t know if you’re making the argument for him to return as a player, retire his #, or what.

    I do invite him back w/ open arms for this season:
    As a player, no.
    As a goodwill ambassador, no.
    To retire his #, no.

    As a locker room attendant (unpaid) whose sole job is to carry Aaron’s jockstrap.

    1. So you basically posted a comment without reading the article or any of the cmoments? What if I had said there was no situation that Brett Favre would be back?

      1. Yup, didn’t read either article or comments til I returned and read only your response .

        And I gave you a reason for BF to return.

  15. Way to fall on the sword to present this scenario, Mr. Hobbes. It does provide a chuckle though.

  16. Allowing Brett back in a Packer uniform as an active player would be worse than having Jim McMahon in one. Which did happen. This won’t.

    1. We were 2-2 VS #12 AND 2-11 VS McMahon and nobody seemed to mind. We actually had a bounty on him because he beat us so often.

  17. are you kidding? you seriously think thompson and mccarthy would have that scum bag back? youre insane! not only do we have the best qb in football, we wont trade flynn. no team would have favre, esp green bay. on simply a production level, favre cannot compete in the nfl. he had to be scooped off the field every game after week 8. this is obsurd

    1. Rodgers is not the best quarterback in the game if he were hurt and not on the field and I wouldn’t be so confident that Flynn won’t be traded. My feeling is that if some team falls in love with him and is willing to pay the right price, Thompson will let him go.

  18. The return of the dongslinger would be a traveshamockery, although it would be apropos to witness him as Rodgers backup.

  19. Let’s bring in Haynesworth(less) as well, c’mon man! “…What the hell is going on out there?” Just rip open the scab and create turmoil anew for all the fans who don’t want a brand new wound. In this case, I’ll go with the old adage “Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice….” Doubt TT would panic enough to pull the trigger on a deal like this anyway. I’m certain they have a plan in case AR goes down that doesn’t include sending a crew down south to stroke BF’s ego and having MM play chauffeur. Let’s get back to the wrestling stories (ugh).

    1. I guess the question becomes, should the events unfold like I’ve written, who do you pick up who knows your offense? McNabb, Hasselbeck and Palmer will not realistically be there (not that they could figure out the offense in time anyways)

      1. Draft and develop has been working wonders under TT and MM. No reason to abandon that strategy if a less than stellar performance by a back-up costs a game or three. BF returning would only “complicate” matters and create drama. No doubt the networks would eat it up, but I think I’d throw up.

  20. You’re an idiot for even considering the idea, x 1,000,000. He wrote his own epitaph…

  21. IDIOT! “Once upon a time … and they lived happly ever after?” Too much crap in between to finish your tall tale! IDIOT!

  22. this is basically a game of “What would you do?” in that particular scenario. Those of you who just scream IDIOT, aren’t representing yourselves well. instead, tell us what you would do. Personally, it doesn’t matter what the situation, I would not bring Favre back to the team. I would trade for a QB or just play with what I have if necessary, but I would not disrupt this team’s chemistry by bringing “the ego” back. What would you do?

    1. Al – Mr. Hohbes suggested a million people would call him an idiot for this article. Nobody had and I didn’t want him to be disappointed. Even so, I really don’t think bringing BrInt back mid-season would be the best scenario to return to a playoff run of consequence (should Rodgers be injured and Flynn traded). Last season for BF was ugly – he’s done…

      1. Ah, just performing a public service, I see. Look, i wouldn’t want him back, and I agree that the fat lady is singing to Brett Favre. Of course, he may not be listening…

        1. This isn’t basically a game of “what would you do?”. The question posed was: “Is there ANY Scenario For Brett Favre to Be Back in Green Bay this Year?” My reply was clearly directed at Hobbes for his comment “The Packers should call Brett Favre”, in the scenario he put forth. IDIOT! While you’re at it, can u tell me why the rap tune you chose to play in the clip for Nick Barnetts red truck is laced with profanity? Shame on you! No age limit required to hear that now is there? IDIOT!

  23. Here’s a question for you. Would you rather have the season end by having a too-young QB costing us games but gains valuable playing time and clarifies whether we need to address the position during the off-season, or have our season end in the playoffs during OT with yet another BF interception? (cue Jeopardy theme music)

    1. Come mid-season, with a chance at the playoffs, develop is not an option. If you look at the players that Ted Thompson signs in the season, the majority of them are veterans with familiarity with the team. Take for instance, Spencer Havner, Anthony Smith and even Howard Green (as Dom Capers had drafted him originally). Being able to produce right now is more important than being able to produce later when half or even more of the season has already been played. So really the question becomes, which experienced quarterback would you choose?

      1. Now that is a legitmate thought. In that case a veteran QB that is available woul dbe the answer….
        I just don’t see one that would fit the bill.

  24. “Is there ANY Scenario For Brett Favre to Be Back in Green Bay this Year?”

    Why, is there any doubt? He has a steakhouse in there, odds are he will go in there at least once in the year.

    1. lol, I’m willing to bet that he hasn’t been back to his steakhouse since he left the Packers.

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