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Packer News 6/30/11

Al: The ESPY nominations were announced this week, with the Packers garnering 5 nominations. The Packers were nominated for “Best Team”, Mike McCarthy for “Best Head Coach” and Clay Matthews for “Best NFL player. Aaron Rodgers picked up two nominations himself, for “Best NFL Player” and “Best Male Athlete.” The winners will be announced on Wednesday, July 13th.

Jayme: Jay Cutler didn’t receive any love from ESPN, and got just as much from Packers Safety Nick Collins. Appearing on the the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN, Collins named Tom Brady as the toughest QB he’s had to face. Asked for who was the easiest, Collins surprisingly answered the question. “Jay Cutler,” said Collins, “I’ve had my share of success against him and I do get a good read on his throws.” Even in this lockout-marred offseason, the Packers – Bears rivalry flourishes.

Al: We haven’t heard much in the way of endorsement deals for the Super Bowl Champions, but this week AJ Hawk signed his name to an exclusive contract with Cinch gear, a leading name in performance training apparel for elite athletes. Cinch has a strong presence in amateur wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts and are looking at the Hawk deal to expand into the football arena. Cinch will be developing an AJ Hawk Signature series for 2012.

Jayme: On the sadder side of player business news, it was announced that Fuzzy Thurston owes the IRS 1.7 million dollars in unpaid payroll taxes, penalties and interest. The money is owed from a failed restaurant chain Thurston was involved with in the late 70’s. In 1984, he was deemed to owe $190,000. Almost 30 years later, the IRS has seized some of his possessions, such as one of his Super Bowl rings, and will auction them off to apply towards the debt.

Al: With all the praise being heaped on Aaron Rodgers lately, there had to be someone willing to crash that party – and naturally, there was.’s Bucky brooks raised the ire of Packers fans by stating Rodgers is not yet in the class of Brady, Manning and Brees, and possibly can’t hang with Rivers and Roethlisberger, either. While I respect his attempt to temper the enthusiasm, his arguments were weak at best, and left out some important facts, like Rodger’s presently having the highest passer ranking in NFL history.

Jayme: James Jones conducted a youth football camp this week with one big difference from most camps – it was totally free for the kids. Jones, who lived with his family in homeless shelters from age 5 until high school, remembers so badly wanting to go to a camp, but knowing his mother could never pay the $150. If she had that much money, it was needed just for the family to survive. According to Jones’ wife, it became his dream to give back by making sure some kids got the chance he never did. This was the third year Jones has run his camp.
Anthony Smith:

Al: Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you…


“News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Jayme: New father and last week’s CheeseheadRadio guest Daryn Colledge was able to find time to  share some thoughts this week. In one interesting tweet, Colledge said, “Watching my daughter swing in a fisher price thing. Wondering what it would cost to build an adult version?”

Al: And then Colledge turned his thoughts over to the NFL lockout, exclaiming, “NFL plans to enforce the personal conduct policy after the lockout. How about you enforce my 401K?

Jayme: Aaron Rodgers had a not so pleasant trip to the airport, as he detailed in this tweet: “Dear US airways, You suck. No air conditioning and you make me miss my connector and then you downgrade me. Thanks.” I say that’s no way to treat a Super Bowl MVP.

Al: And finally, there were a flurry of tweets today regarding Wisconsin’s new conceal and carry law. When ProFootballTalk tweeted that Green Bay police aren’t sure if guns would then be allowed into Lambeau, Adam Czech replied, “Would Aaron Rodgers’ arm be considered a weapon?”

I’d say yes, and that folks, was your…

Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week


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