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Green Bay Packer Most Likely to Get a Contract or Extension During the Season:

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Adam: Sitton — Aaron Rodgers is a top three quarterback that needs as many quality fat guys blocking for him as possible. Sitton’s versatility makes him an ideal guard long-term for the Packers.

Al: Sitton – I suppose the top two possibilities here are Jordy Nelson and Josh Sitton. While I’m a Nelson fan, and the Packers certainly like him a lot, he’s not what you would call a “linchpin” guy that the Packers NEED to lock up for a long time. Sitton, on the other hand is on the cusp of Pro Bowl Status, does not get hurt and is the best lineman on the team. Easy one here.

Chad: This one is a no-brainer. Josh Sitton is entering the final year of his contract and has proven himself to be one of the best – if not THE best – offensive guards in the NFL. He has become an anchor for Green Bay’s offensive line, and for a pass-heavy offense with Aaron Rodgers under center, protecting the quarterback is a top priority. You can’t let a guy like this slip away, and I highly doubt Ted Thompson will. I fully expect him to have something close to a 5-year deal by the time the season is over and he hits free agency.

Kris: Sitton.  Ted Thompson is in the process of locking up his offensive line long term whilst getting younger at the same time and Sitton is a key cog in keeping Rodgers upright. By the time 2011 is well underway, Sitton will have earned that vote of confidence

Thomas: Nelson – Actually I’m kind of surprised that Nelson hasn’t already gotten a extension.  He’s got very little leverage since he’s either the 3rd or 4th receiver on the team and he’s shown he can produce as a number 2 receiver in the Super Bowl and playoffs.  With Donald Driver declining and James Jones likely to leave, now is the prime time to lock Nelson down.

Zach: Sitton: I have a sneaky suspicion that Nelson could be it because he’ll be easier to sign, but Sitton is the player who deserves it most. It’s going to be interesting though—Thompson has never signed a guard to a big contract, and Sitton is going to command a lot of dollars. I’d guess there’s very little chance he lets a player that he drafted and of Sitton’s cailber to hit the free agent market, however.



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7 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Get a Contract Extension During the Season

  1. Only Thomas doesn’t see the light. Not that I have anything against Nelson, but on the priority list it is Sitton going away. Everything else is on hold until Josh has inked his deal.

    With the CBA just around the corner (wishful thinking?)4 year UFA is a done deal. The Oline has finally been making progress and GB can’t afford to lose any of the younger future stars. TT has developed the Receiver Corps to absorb a loss here or there and, hence, Nelson could have a lower priority. Of course, since TT can walk and chew gum at the same time, why not all target players at the same time?

    Time to go to camp is near. I can’t wait! Go Pack!

  2. has to be sitton. jordy will probably get a deal as well is jones walks, but sitton’s deal will take time. he is an elite player at his position, nelson is not an elite player at this point and probably never will be. both will get deals, but if TT could only make one i am sure it would be sitton.

  3. Although I think both Sitton and Nelson will get contract extensions during the season. I think Sitton is a much higher priority to get locked up first. The Pack needs to continue to improve their offensive line to continue getting to the SuperBowl. If they loose Sitton then their going the opposite direction of where they need to be. Jordy is a nice to have Sitton is a have to have.

  4. i agree that they will try to lock up sitton, i dont think he will be first to sign a deal. he will require a lot of money and it will not be an easy contract to do. nelson is a possibility, however i think it might be the punter. i believe his contract is up at the end of the season and the packers seem to like him. he wont require top dollar and should be easy to sign if he starts the season like he ended last year.

      1. never mind then, i thought it was a 2 year deal.
        i still dont believe sitton will get the first contract. usually bigger deals take longer to do than smaller ones. think when chillar signed, most people werent really expecting it but both sides said the deal was easy and came quick.

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