Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to win Rookie of the Year All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Green Bay Packer Most Likely to be Their “Rookie of the Year”

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Adam: Cobb — Cobb seems like the only rookie that could have a major impact his first year. Alex Green would be a good value bet, but Cobb has the best odds.

Al: Randall Cobb – It’s been two years now that I’ve been hoping for the Packers to draft an “impact” player who can take over the returning chores as well as contribute on offense or defense. Cobb is the answer to my prayers and all indications are that he is committed to intensive classroom and film study to accelerating his development. Sounds like a solid first-year contributor to me.

Chad: Who isn’t going to pick Randall Cobb for this one? Of the 10 new draft picks, he is in the position to see the most action next season, especially if James Jones leaves. The other rookies will have to contend with solidified starters in each of their positions, and even though Jennings, Driver, and Nelson will be ahead of Cobb, he will still get plenty opportunities because of his skill set and McCarthy’s pass-heavy offense. Not only that, Cobb could be Green Bay’s dynamic answer to a kickoff/punt return man.

Kris: Cobb. He will show plenty this year so the Packers won’t have to sweat out Donald Driver’s pending retirement. Throw in the brotherhood that is the Packers’ receiving corps and Cobb very well could hit the ground running. He has great teachers in Driver and Jennings.

Thomas: Cobb – Basically a process of elimination, Green isn’t probably going to see much time as he’s behind Grant and Starks, and also it takes a while for 3rd down backs to learn the protection schemes.  If Finley returns, he’s going to be the focal point for tight ends, and presuming Quarless is above Williams, he’s probably not going to see the field that often.  Cobb has the advantage of being probably the preferred starter for both returner positions already and probably will see time as the 3rd or 4th wide receiver especially if Jones leaves and/or Driver keeps inevitably declining

Zach: Derek Sherrod: If my selection of Clifton as most likely to go on IR this season holds true, then Sherrod is going to be a big factor in the Packers 2011 season. We’d see a repeat of 2010, when Mark Tauscher was lost for the season and Bryan Bulaga had to step in and play a role in the offense. And in all honesty, was there any rookie last season that was more important than Bulaga? The same could happen next season. Everyone will pick Cobb, but don’t sleep on Sherrod.


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5 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to win Rookie of the Year

  1. It always seems most go for the logical offensive player in these types of questions and as proven aptly so,as offense is the more constant exciting and noted.

    I will go defense other than Davon House simply because of the talent already there and looming in the DB position.

    I have to look at a position that many were expecting/hoping would be a high pick in the draft of a left side pass rusher to offset CM3 and although Elmore was a later rd pick,I think he has the best chance to step in earlier/faster into the scheme and bring the defense to another level.

    Whether this will get him the NFL Rookie Award would be hard but a more probable Packer Rookie Award.

    IMO,he made Brooks Reed what many think he is by what he did and endured with the constant double coverage on him.

  2. Cobb is the obvious choice for the reasons mentioned. Sherrod could have an impact for not only replacing Cliffy but winning the LG spot.

    But the rebel in me will pick “other” b/c:
    —Ricky Elmore could win the OLB spot
    —Caleb Schlauderaff could win the LG spot (Just like Sitton won the RG spot as a rookie before a knee injury sidelined him).
    —Lawrence Guy could end up having an impact w/ Cullen Jenkins as good as gone.
    —“?” The undrafted FA that TT seems to have a penchant for always finding.
    —DJ Smith (for reason unknown even to me).

    The likelihood any of these win “ROY” is a stretch but 16 guys on IR last year tells me anything can happen.

  3. Yup, Cobb is the obvious choice. However, I’ll go with Sherrod since Cliffy probably won’t make it the whole year and LT is such an important position (they would probably leave Bulaga at RT).

    My darkhorse will be Ricky Elmore, who will amaze everyone in training camp. You can’t have 21 sacks in two years, in a major conference, without somekind of pass rushing ability.

  4. Lawrence Guy.With how thin we are on the defensive line he will be an unheralded but most crucial cog in the machine.

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