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Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 6/15/11 ).

To listen to the Daryn Colledge interview, click one of the links at the end of this post. I have to say, he gave a great answer to my question about dealing with criticism.

Packer News 6/15/11

Al: Thanks to the NFL lockout, Packers players have had plenty of free time lately. While OTAs and minicamps would normally occupy their days, they’ve been making the rounds at charity events, awards shows and other functions. Other NFL teams have been holding player-led practices, but the Packers don’t see the urgency – something that apparently bothers ESPN’s Teddy Bruschi.

Jayme:    Bruschi went on record questioning the Packers leadership, specifically calling out Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver for not organizing workouts and extending their Super Bowl celebration for too long. Coach Mike McCarthy addressed the topic and not surprisingly, sided with his players, questioning the value of practices without coaches.

Al: The children and grandchildren of Vince Lombardi were heard from this week, in response to an article claiming that the legendary coach’s grave site in NJ had been abandoned by the family. The article also claimed a NJ man was acting as a good Samaritan and solely performing upkeep on Lombardi’s grave.  In a letter to the Green Bay Press Gazette,the family stated that the local Knight of Columbus have been maintaining the grave for years. The cemetery owners also disputed the contention that the grave had ever been in disrepair.

Jayme:   Speaking of Packers legends, there were plenty to be found this past weekend in Menominee Falls at the 41st annual Vince Lombardi Golf Classic. Founded in 1971, one year after Lombardi lost his bout with colon cancer, the event has been chaired by Bart and Sherry Starr to benefit the Vince Lombardi Charitable Funds. Since inception, the charity has raised over 14 millions dollars to help fight all forms of cancer.

Al:  There was great excitement and a stadium full of wild, cheering fans last Saturday at Lambeau Field. No, we didn’t take the hot tub time machine back to a Packers’ home game. What was really going on was that some guy named Kenny Chesney (who evidently has 21 #1 country hits) was busy rocking the stadium. To top it off, during his song “Boys of Fall,” Chesney brought Mike McCarthy and the Lombardi trophy onto the stage. I imagine that got a few cheers.

Jayme:   Something else that would have gotten a few cheers is the Packers’ upcoming ring ceremony. that is, if fans were allowed to see it. The Packers are keeping it a private affair and there has been much written on the merits of that decision. Not to be left out, we’ll be debating that point later in the show.

Al : .. Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you:


“News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Jayme: We heard from Packers Draft choice Randall Cobb this week, who tweeted, “Trying to figure out my schedule for the next few weeks. I have to visit my new city in GB and find a house”. Glad you’re planning to stay awhile, Randall…

Al: A Twitter user called 8throundpick needled Aaron Rodgers the other day, tweeting, “its good you opened a record label and not a dance studio.” Rodgers took it in good humor, simply replying, “No Joke”.

Jayme: Tired of reading how the players and owners are in “deal-making mode”, I asked the twitterverse, what mode they were  in before? The answers came pouring in… suing -each-other mode was one, “stubborn greedy mode was another, but the best came from foundinidaho who chimed in with “pissing match mode.”

Al: And our final tweet came just today, from Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang, who tweeted, “Tomorrow is jewelry day!!” Yes it is T.J. and I hope you and your teammates relish in it.

That folks, was your…

…Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week



The Daryn Colledge Interview:

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  1. For a crying out loud, Jayme, get off your high
    horse, the Packer shareholders and fans didn’t
    belong at the ring ceremony. It was a private
    celebration, if you invited everybody it would
    have had to be held in the stadium. You would
    have lost all the intimacy that made it a special
    occasion. So you fans that feel jilted get over it
    and you news people let it go.

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