Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Win a Competitive Eating Contest All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Every yearbook has some fun awards in addition to the serious ones. So does ours. Be sure to place your vote in the poll below.

Award #3: Green Bay Packer Player Most Likely to Win a Competitive Eating Contest:

Adam: Rodgers — He seems like one of those ultra-competitive guys that could get goaded into an eating contest, take it way too seriously, then win it in a landslide.

Al: Mike Neal – When Neal first joined up with twitter, his conversations centered around pretty much three things – God, lifting and food. I remember a plethora of training camp tweets about food cravings, especially at night. Neal is a human concrete pillar. He can put the food away like nobody’s business. He wins a tight contest over Howard Green, who has more girth, but is not the efficient eating machine that Neal is.

Chad: I’ve never understood it, but the best competitive eaters are usually not that obese. In fact, some can be pretty thin. (Seriously, check it out.) This means that they have to have a strong inner drive and determination to win, and not just a big stomach. That’s why I’ve chosen Clay Matthews III as my competitive eater for the Green Bay Packers. He’s not as big as Howard Green or B.J. Raji, but he’s got a motor that never quits. And with that quick first step, he’ll probably have his first chicken wing devoured before the other contestants even lift theirs off the plate.

Kris: Raji. The Freezer can hold a lot.

Thomas: Green – I mean come on, this guy was cut from the Jets for eating too much. (I still like him though)

Zach: Masthay: The two most famous competitive eaters? Takeru Koybayashi and Joey Chesnut. Neither are over six feet tall or over 220 pounds, eliminating the big guys on the team. I don’t have any concrete reasons why, but give me Tim Masthay. Never underestimate the punter.


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16 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Win a Competitive Eating Contest

  1. The obvious answer would be someone like Green or Pickett. But in the heat of competition, it’s a matter of who wants it more.

    A veteran who knows the demands of competition while knowing how to gain a psychological edge.

    My vote: Donald Driver

      1. maybe if it was a supplement and/or superfood eating contest. then driver might be in the running. that guy looks like he gained a pound his skin would rip open. i guarantee that guy sinks like a rock when he tries to swim.

  2. Lets not rule out Mike McCarthy. I know this is for players, but if an eating contest happened to break out, I’m sure McCarthy’s nose would lead him out of his office and directly to the competition. Since he’s the coach, the players would have to let him participate.

    I don’t think McCarthy has missed many meals during his tenure with the Packers so he could actually win the thing.

  3. We are getting very,very desperate to write
    articles like this. I would sooner read nothing.

  4. Al, top ten and worst ten moves of TT’s tenure. Article is pure gold. sure to get everyone fired up and pissed off at you. request #2

  5. At least we have something to talk about. Good luck finding filler for a whole non-season.

  6. My vote is for Sam Shields. He didn’t know what a competitive eating competition was when he first went into the room but picked it up incredibly quickly and the longer it went on the better he got.

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