Green Bay Packers 2011 NFL Draft – 1st Round, Pick 32: Derek Sherrod All Green Bay Packers All the Time

With their 1st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select offensive tackle Derek Sherrod  from the Mississippi State University.

Sherrod measured 6’5” 321 lbs with a 35 3/8 inch wingspan and at the combine and posted a 5.18 second 40-yard dash, 23 bench presses, 28 inch vertical jump, 97 inch broad jump, 7.43 second 3-cone drill and 4.63 second 20-yard shuttle.


College history: Derek Sherrod is one of the most decorated college football players in the nation both on and off the field; he was named to seven All-American teams this year as well as winning the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Award, which is given to the top 16 players in the nation for their academic and leadership ability.  Sherrod graduated in August of 2010 with a 3.54 grade point average in business.

On the football field he played in 47 games and started 36 of them at left offensive tackle, racking up 319 knockdown blocks (8.86 per game, highest of any draft eligible offensive linemen in this years draft), and graded out at 92.8% in blocking efficiency.  Sherrod is more of a pass blocker than a run blocker, just like the Packers like them.  He’s also seen as more of a technician than an athletic specimen, which again is just like the Packers like them (see Bryan Bulaga)

Commentary: The Packers waited until they had 30 second left before turning in their pick; this probably meant that the Packers were fielding trade options until the last minute (as is Ted Thompsons MO), but apparently the value wasn’t there for the Packers so they selected their best player available, which was Sherrod.  Sherrod is likely to be the future tackle once Chad Clifton decides to hang it up or as Bryan Bulaga’s replacement once he switches over to the left when Chad Clifton finally decides to hang it up.  Who will be where?  In actuality, it doesn’t really matter.  The Packers have stated that they prefer to have two “left tackles” at bookend; with defenses commonly shifting personnel to get the best match ups, the best pass rusher is no longer over the blind slide, the best rusher is now over the weakest player.





Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


12 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers 2011 NFL Draft – 1st Round, Pick 32: Derek Sherrod

      1. Don’t know if they’ll have to trade-up. Either Cobb or Jernigan should be there at 64. But, I definitely want a guy like that. That’s my next wish.

  1. I just did not see him there for the Packers.
    I love the pick. I can see him working at LG this season.
    IT would take care of a need and give him NFL experience.

    No matter where he plays this year, he makes the Oline better as a group, and just adds depth you have to have.

    Nice to have a new set of bookends sitting on the shelve.

    1. I didn’t see it either, which is why I didn’t pick him in my mock drafts. But he was the guy I was hoping for. I’m thrilled.

    2. In my mind this solidifies TJ Lang as the left guard of the future. My guess is that Colledge got tendered (maybe) because it such a value, who wouldn’t keep a starting offensive linemen for such a cheap price?
      Then again I kind wish they would let Colledge go; it would be preferable for the entire left side of the line not to be brand new; if Clifton plays for at least one more year and Sherrod has time to sit, then Lang could get experience now.

  2. Love the pick

    Even though i was hoping TT would swap picks with the Eagles or Colts to get Cameron Jordan before he fell to the Saints.

    This was deffinately one of the more bizzar drafts I’ve ever seen

  3. #1 wish satisfied, a well regarded OT is selected. Now on to wish #2 another well-regarded Olineman. Then let TT’s ability to find those jewels in the later rounds and undrafted FA’s takeover. (See Shields, Wilson, et al.)

  4. I think they have those other linemen in McDonald ,Newhouse and Lang. Like many I am not that down on Colledge.
    And Im not that high on Lang.
    The one player I never heard spoke of and you should get to know him is Campbell.

  5. I too was thinking in the back of my mind that old Ted was going to jump up into the early 20’s with Cameron Jordan still on the board, I had that guy as my 10th best player overall and he would have filled a need.

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