5 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers First Round NFL Draft Picks – Video 3-pack

  1. WOW!

    The Rodgers video is awesome.

    What a predictor of the future.

    The first use of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood sure didn’t take long to trot out.

    Rodgers poise and correct use of “best fans” and “America’s team” was great. His deference to Favre right from the beginning should have allowed Favre to cooperate with the new guy, not shun him. I guess character counts and like Tracy Lawrence sings about “You can’t hide redneck”.

    The call from Rich Campbell and NOT Brett Favre was sure foreshadowing as well.

  2. Has anyone ever found video of Rodgers actually being drafted? Of him going to the podium, or getting the phone call?

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