Dallas is Done and We’re Back in the Saddle Again- What to Expect Now

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Whew…  I’ve returned from my excellent adventure in Dallas Texas, and will be writing about it as soon as I find some free time (probably this weekend). It was a fabulous experience and I met some great Packer People to boot.

As for AllGreenBayPackers.com, we are planning a series of player evaluation articles, looking at the key Green Bay Packers players, what the expectations were, how they met those expectations and assigning them an overall grade for the season.

Also, in a few weeks we will be turning our attention to the NFL Draft, one of my favorite events of the year. We are planning some profiles of potential Packers draft picks,  we’ll be looking at Packers needs and also making a surely fruitless effort to figure out what Ted Thompson may be thinking.

Finally, the commentary, opinion and analysis articles will never stop. As soon as I get a chance to watch the game on Tivo, I hope to have some film study and other tidbits from the game itself.

It’s been a fabulous roller coaster ride this year. So happy we could take the ride together.


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One thought on “Dallas is Done and We’re Back in the Saddle Again- What to Expect Now

  1. 10 UFA’s! Who can they keep? Who will they lose? How does the draft figure into who stays and goes? Will they surprise and sign anUFA themselves?

    One thing for sure Al, they won’t be able to keep them all. With an eye toward Indy and SB XLVI, this will be a fun off-season. God, I already wish it was August.

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