Tramon Williams Tops List of Green Bay Packers Left Off Pro Bowl Roster All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Hopefully Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson are still friends after Woodson stole a pro bowl spot that should have went to Williams.

Most NFL fans realize by now that the pro bowl is more of a popularity contest than an accurate representation of the best players in the league. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a stink once selections are announced.

And if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, something definitely smells funny.

Here’s who made the Pro Bowl from the Packers:

Greg Jennings, WR
Chad Clifton, T
*Clay Matthews, OLB
*Charles Woodson, CB
*Nick Collins, FS

(* = starter)

Here’s who also could have made it (or got “snubbed”):

Tramon Williams, CB
BJ Raji, NT
Aaron Rodgers, QB
Josh Sitton, G
John Kuhn, FB/RB

That’s a lot of Packers on the snubbed list. Lets go player by player and break down whether they deserved to be selected, or if they should be angry about getting snubbed. We will start with the snubs. (Actual starters are in parentheses.)

Tramon Williams (Asante Samuel, Charles Woodson)
Williams not making the pro bowl makes the entire pro bowl concept a joke. Before the season, everybody was trying to figure out how the Packers defense was going to stop opposing quarterbacks. Instead Williams has stepped up and the Packers’ secondary is one of the better units in the NFL. Unfortunately, Woodson stole the spot that should have gone to Williams.

BJ Raji (Ndomukong Suh, Jay Ratliff, Justin Smith)
Raji was a big reason the Packers beat the Vikings in week seven with only three healthy defensive linemen. That fact alone should have gotten him to Hawaii. But really, how do you leave a guy off who has anchored a 3-4 defense ravaged by injuries, especially to the front seven? Suh is the best defensive tackle in the league and Ratliff is solid. But Raji, who plays the most important defensive line position in a 3-4 scheme,  should have gone over Smith

Aaron Rodgers (Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees)
Yes, I think Rodgers is one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFC. No, I don’t think he should be overly upset about not making the pro bowl. Rodgers has navigated an offense that managed just 13 points against the Redskins, 20 against the Dolphins, nine against the Jets and 17 against the Falcons. He also had a costly fumble against the Falcons and made a stupid decision to not slide against the Lions. Rodgers still needs to win a big game before he starts getting that automatic pro bowl nod every season.

Josh Sitton (Jahri Evans, Jordan Gross, Carl Nicks)
Two guards from the Saints? Are the Saints really that much better at running the ball inside than the Packers? Suh said that Sitton is the best guard he’s faced all season. That should be all the evidence needed to get Sitton in the pro bowl.

John Kuhn (Ovie Mughelli)
When I first heard some chatter about Kuhn being a snub, I thought it was just Packers homers being ridiculous. But after further review, perhaps I was the ridiculous one (definitely not the first time that has happened). Kuhn has 25 first downs on 80 carries. That’s the definition of efficiency. Mughelli is an excellent blocker and is going to Hawaii for that reason, but Kuhn’s production with the ball is just as impressive.

Now lets examine the Packers that were selected and whether they actually deserved it.

Greg Jennings
Troy Aikman said during the Giants game that Jennings has really “benefitted” from Jermichael Finley getting hurt. I thought that was one of the stupidest comments I’ve heard all season. Nobody benefits when a talented player gets hurt. Do we really think Jennings is better because Finley went down? No. That’s nonsense. Jennings has stepped up in Finley’s absence, not benefitted. He might be getting a few more balls thrown his way, but he likely would have been good enough to go to Hawaii with our without Finley in the lineup.

Chad Clifton
Remember when some of us were clamoring for the Bryan Bulaga era to begin after the Redskins game? Clifton has rebounded to put together another mostly steady and reliable season. I think Mike McCarthy deserves a lot of credit for Clifton’s success. McCarthy stood up for Clifton when he was struggling early and was patient enough to let Clifton get as healthy as possible before even considering a replacement. There are not many good tackles in the NFC, but Clifton is definitely one of the better ones.

Clay Matthews
Matthews has been slowed recently by a shin injury and team’s focusing their entire blocking schemes on stopping him. But this film breakdown by Jersey Al a few weeks ago shows how valuable Matthews is even when he’s not piling up sacks. If you’re still not convinced, then re-watch his upper-cut strip of Ahmad Bradshaw from last week’s game.

Charles Woodson
Remember how the Pro Bowl is more popularity contest than anything else? Exhibit A is Charles Woodson. Woodson has been reliable this season, but not a pro bowler. He’s not even the best cornerback on his own team. Unless there is a new roster spot just for someone that is highly skilled at forcing fumbles, Woodson is no pro bowler this season.

Nick Collins
At first I thought Collins was a poor selection, but I have changed my mind. Like Williams, Collins deserves a lot of credit for the Packers success in the secondary. Plus he’s battled nagging injuries and has yet to miss a full game.

In the grand scheme of things, nobody really cares who makes or does not make the pro bowl. But it makes for some interesting conversation in the weeks leading up to the playoffs.

What say you? Why do you think so many Packers were left off the team? Is there anybody else not on this list that should have been considered?


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


31 thoughts on “Tramon Williams Tops List of Green Bay Packers Left Off Pro Bowl Roster

  1. Clay Matthews stripped Brandon Jacobs, not Ahmad Bradshaw. Charles Woodson is the one who stripped Bradshaw…

    1. Fixed. Thanks.

      Watched game with four children under the age of five running around and screaming. I’m lucky I even know who won.

  2. Tramon Williams was definitely a snub, but I would say Josh Sitton is more so. I think you could make a better case of someone else(like Winfield of Minnesota) as the best CB in the NFC, but I would argue that Sitton is the best RG.

    I would argue against Kuhn. He has played more HB than FB this year, so that’s not too fair to put him in at FB for his play at HB. Also Mughelli is a bigger part of the teams offense(plays in 40% of the Falcons offensive plays) than Kuhn is for the Pack(30% of offensive plays)

    I’d also add Desmond Bishop to the snubbed list.

  3. Kuhn has been efficient, but packer fans used to get irate that Alstott would always go as a fullback instead of William Henderson. In a league where the true FB is a dying breed, I like that a true lead blocking FB got it. Kuhn played HB this year in my opinion.

    Woodson make it on name recognition that is obvious. He makes some incredible plays in the run game, and he will make more Pro Bowls when the team moves him to safety. He cannot cover like he used to, but he along with Ed Reed and Polamalu have the best instincts of any DB in the league.

    Sitton will make it next year. It is hard for a G to make the Pro Bowl when all you hear all season is that the Packers cannot run the ball. His time is coming and he will make 4 or 5 in a row…as long as Campen does not screw him up.

    Rodgers did not play as well as he did last year. He has been great the second half of the season, but he struggled some in the first half. Brees had a down year, but he will make it until he retires.

    Tramon and Raji should be pissed. Ratliff? C’mon. That defense has been putrid. B.J. came on a little too late in the year. If he plays like this next year he will make it. Tramon was just purely robbed. The guy is an absolute stud. I would not trade him for any corner in the league right now.

    1. Also, Collins should have like twelve picks this year if he caught the damn ball. Give him credit for reading it and making a play, but he has dropped a ton of easy picks. In my opinion Pro Bowl safeties make those plays. Not sure if someone should have gone instead of him, but this was not his best year.

  4. Al, I just want to thank you for writing this blog. It is nice to read something from someone who is informed but does not have to worry about the backlash that comes with writing something negative about a coach or someone in the organization. It seems like the NFL has such a strangle hold on the media that every sports journalist knows that if they go against the grain the NFl will black ball them. Hopefully you keep it up in the offseason for Free Agency and the Draft. It is usually about the second week of Free Agency when Packer fans need to vent the most!

    1. Adam wrote this article. It’s a pretty good one, too. 🙂

      Collins needs to catch the balls that come to him, and the Williams snubs leaves me only one thing to say…WTF?

      1. I meant just the entire blog in general, not this particular article. But yeah, it is a good article.

        1. Thanks Woods… I’m curious if it always you – the same person – with the revolving screen names – “FireMM”, ShawnSlocumMustGo”, etc.

          As someone else pointed out, this was Adam’s article, but I appreciate your comments about the site, in general.

          1. Yeah, I like to keep it fresh. Slocum and Campen must go!!! If we lose to to the Bears MM must go!!! Al, in your opinion will Slocum or Campen be fired after this season? They are the only units on our team that consistently under achieve. Some might say Edgar Bennett has not done a whole lot with the RBs, but since we have invested very little in the RB department I will let him slide. Mainly just because I loved him as a player though.

            1. Campen & Slocum? Probably depends on how far they go. If they don’t make the playoffs and Hester has a big day, bye bye Shawn. Slocum and MM are close buddies, though…

              Campen should go regardless and they should move away from the ZBS for real.

              Bennett is a demon for teaching ball security and pass protection. I would say he hasn’t had a lot to work with from a running back ability standpoint, so I give him a pass on that too.

  5. I know I’m in a big minority, but if I had to pick a pro bowl corner from the Packers I’d go with Woodson over Williams.

    Williams may have passed Woods as a cover guy, but Woodson is really good as blitzer and plays the run very well. He’s always around the ball and 5 forced fumbles is worth 2-3 interceptions since statistically you will recover 50%. Tramon has been great this year though

    1. You are crazy bro! Tramon is the better corner right now. Woodson does a lot of great things, but Tramon is a top five cover corner right now in the league. He has drawn the opponents #1 WR in multiple games and been great. Replay a game and just watch Tramon, he is tremendous.

      1. In my opinion, Williams has made the biggest jump from last year to this year. he was toast on a regular basis last season and this year, you could say the Manningham TD might have been his only true burning of the year.

  6. Don’t know why everyone is zoo mad Woodson isn’t having bad year it’s just tramon played better. I mean he had to play better he was alright the past 2 Years now his game picked up like it should. Don’t be mad at Woodson y’all forgot coaches and players picked too. But you guys have a grip switch D.Hall with Williams and the list will be complete cause d.hall get exploited

    1. Woodson cannot cover like he used to. Plain and simple. He should be move to safety if we can get another corner that is starter worthy. If Woodson was a rookie he would get called for twice as many penalties as he does right now. I am not saying Woodson is bad, he is freaking awesome at what he does. But a corner has to cover first and foremost.

  7. Jennings-looking back when Finley was playing,he was hurting the usage of Jennings.Aikman is a dope,but he has a point to a point.

    Tra-loses out to Woodson solely on name recognition only,no offense Charles but you have only played average.

    Raji-His play in coming weeks will spread far and wide.They will come and see who and what he does.

    Rodgers-Two concussions and being hyped as the SB team and now trying to get in hurts.Players and coaches decided this one ,not the fans I think.

    Sitton-Who is listening to a rookie(SUH).He’ll have more clout next year when he praises others.

    Kuhn-must repeat and add some and “Kuuuhhhnnnn” will get his due.

    Matthews-He was locked in after week two.No one can be that blind.

    Clifton-Sack total dropped,somebody has to get credit and LT sacks rule your votes.

    Collins-Operative wording,should’ve had 12 INTs,looking at bad hands here.

    1. During the Packers-Gmen game, Aikman was pointing out what great hands Collins has. I don’t know what Aikman was smoking, but can I have some of that s___?

  8. He does need to cover and that’s his job stop making it seem like it’s that bad it’s not. Tramon is having a better season and shoulda been elected. But Woodson played better than D Hall and Asante. Yeah I said it. Asante has picks but he jumps every route. Tramon benefits on playing on the side of wood. Did you guys forget The ravens game or the Dallas game? Im saying he’s a great talent and wil be compensated league wide(Woodson don’t play in the pro bowl he’ll take his spot.) but saying Woodson play has been average is a slap in the face to all he did for packer nation. And last but not least this is a topped rated defense to be elected for the pro bowl is not far fetched. If they were the 31st like the redskins and Woodson went I’ll have a huge problem. How many games have Woodson made game changing plays. That’s why he’s a pro bowler.

    1. With 6 losses by what…20 points total not a many as you seem to have aspired him to have done.
      I’m pretty sure alot of it is on the defense(incredible as it seems) with SPTs having a hand in it also.

  9. I would not say he is an average player, but he is a slightly above average cover corner right now. No one is saying he is a bad player. In my opinion he plays the run better than any corner in the NFL and that includes Winfield. But he has been beat quite a bit this year, and like I said before, he should get more flags than he does. He has made a lot of plays, but he has missed more than he has in the past. Remember the Patriots game Colin? He can still be a great player, but he would be better in a Polamalu role where he could roam and use his instincts. But calling him a great corner still is a stretch for me. D. Hall is a joke and if it wasnt for Cutler and the 4 picks he threw him, Hall would not even sniff the Pro Bowl. He is a joke. This is just a discussion of the type of player Woodson is at this point in his career.

  10. Great Corner he is. Now is his skills better suited for safety? yes i agree with you. And The patriots game he played good besides dropping that sure pick and getting scored on. The guy needed 6 sec to get open for a yard he gave up 2 passes for 2 yards bad game? Flat out i believe you see more holding out of woodson because of that Arizona game. . Where fitz PI Him TWICE. Not to mention he has chronically broken toes. he does get beat more he has in a packer uni. But Tramon Is playing lights out, but dont forget he gets safety help. hes not on a island. i been a tramon fan since he got his shot and ran back a punt in carolina. Hes playing excellent. my gripe is that Woodson’s eroding cover skills are still better than 90% of the league from a Cover point of view. But Overall Football Player not a player ill rather have. Again Woodson rightfully got selected(remeber those 2 years he didnt make it and they gave it Al in 07?) I mean if tramon gives me 1 more season ill crown him but, we know players can be 1 year wonders. Again I think Wood should move to safety soon but now is a little premature.

  11. hey czech,correct me if im wrong,last weeks game a big game or not….ryan has turner,vick has mccoy,brees has bush, thomas and that really good rookie back,rodgers has um um um wait o yea nobody

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