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Despite a slow start, the Green Bay Packers just destroyed the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 31-3. In Minnesota. Think about that. And for once, a Mike McCarthy Packers team did not go into super conservative mode once they had a lead.

I could never have predicted such a lopsided win, but I’m pleased as hell. This is exactly what I asked for on CheeseheadRadio last week. Get a lead and then stomp on their throats. Do not let them back into the game. Congratulations to Mike McCarthy and the Packers for showing that killer instinct that truly great teams have. Hopefully, this will be a watershed moment for the Packers.

My game day impressions:


KEY FACTOR: If I had to pick JUST ONE thing, it would be this: Can the Green Bay Packers
protect Aaron Rodgers as they did in the first meeting between these two teams. 14 sacks in two games with the Vikings last year, 0 sacks in the first game this year. The Packers will needs to score at least three touchdowns to win this game. TRhe packers can not allow the Vikings’ slumbering defensive line to awaken this game. Give Rodgers time and the packers nchances are very good.

My 1A key to the game is containing Percy Harvin. Notice I used the word containing, not stopping. I don’t believe you can expect to shut down harvin, but if you can keep him away from the BIG plays, that will be good enough. If Sidney Rice does play, it will only be more difficult to contain Harvin.

Vikings players are saying this week was the best week of practice they’ve had all season.

Green Bay’s inactives: Green Bay’s inactives Underwood, Hall, Havner, Starks, Briggs, McDonald, Newhouse and Wynn

Quinn Johnson starts for Korey Hall. OK, QJ, here’s a chance to get noticed…

Driver and Pickett are both active and expected to start. I wonder if it would best to keep Pickett out for another week. He keeps reinjuring the ankle and it’s becoming an ongoing problem. Of course, the Packers probably feel they really need him to limit Adrian Peterson to fewer yards than in their last meeting.

For the Vikings, both Berrian and Rice are active…

MM Comments on WTMJ Pregame show:

Bye week – team is fresh, good week of work, two practices in pads

Pickett and Driver – Donald looks like he’s definitely back.. Pickett looks better than he has in the last 4-5 weeks.

DL – having a healthy DL and a rotation will be a big factor in the game.

We need to come out and play fast, get the QB into a ryhthm early, but primarily, we need to run the ball..

Just finished watching the last Packers – Vikings matchup a few minutes ago.

Harvin – We have to make sure we have him boxed and caged in on the kickoff returns.

Rice – Have to watch last year’s tape. Hopefully the challenge will be bigger for Sidney than it will be for us.

AP – Make sure we gang tackle and don’t let him turn the 2 yard gains into the six yard gains.

Vikings strength is on the defensive line.


Great first defensive series for the Packers. Interesting that on 3rd and 10, Capers was dialing up the three man rush. When it became 3rd and 15 because of the false start penalty, he brought the blitz.

OMG, I wrote in August that the Packers should try to ghet the ball in Shields’ hands on returns via the reverse. Let a sure-handed player catch it and let Shields run it.

On first glance, I though Woodson hesitated just a bit before hitting Favre on his blitz when Favre hit Gerhart for a big first down. Seems like he was being too sure he didn’t miss.

Aaron Rodgers internal clock malfunctioned on the Jared Allen “sack.” If you have the ball for that long, you have to make a decision. Throw it away or run. He has been doing a much better job of that lately, but not on that play.

Woodson saves the day with yet another great “chop” play on the ball to force a fumble on what would have been a first down. And Hawk is smart enough to just fall on it.

Well, my key to the game was not letting the Vikings slumbering DL awaken. So far not so good. Still very early, but this may be a game where the defense has to produce some points.

Huge hit by Tramon Williams on Lewis. Best part was he showed good form, led with the shoulder, wrapped up, and kept his helmet to the side. All while blasting the guy. That’s the way to do it.

We’re halfway through the second quarter, and still not a single screen to slow down the Vikings rush. Remember how effective screens were in the first game vs. the Vikings?

Nice escape by Rodgers as well as communication with Jennings. Motions for Jennings to move inside, Jennings foloows directions – TD.

Personally, it boggles my mind why the Vikings don’t run Peterson outside more. But I’m happy about it.

Tramon Williams just HAS to make the Pro Bowl this year. Just HAS to. What a year he’s having.

Now, as I said on CheeseheadRadio, DON”T get conservative and let them back in the game. STEP ON THEIR THROATS…

Let me go on record. Throwing to the running backs is the biggest weapon McCarthy has at his disposal that he routinely ignores. Even more so than running the ball.


Awesome decision by Rodgers to run for the first down on the first series of the half. No hesitation – saw the opening and took off. Excellent.

From the TV angle, it looked like Jennings was putting moves on invisible Vikings. LOL

It was fun watching the Vikings jawing at each other on the sidelines after the Jennings TD. Team turmoil, indeed.

And then Jarret Bush does an awesome job drawing a penalty on a Ryan Longwell field goal.  The three points get taken away and the Vikings have to punt.

Tramon Williams with a rare poor decision fielding a punt inside his own five, but it works out OK with Williams getting a nice return.

In the thrid quarter, Brandon jackson: 4 receptions, 38 yards… Something similar should be in EVERY boxscore, Mike McCarthy. Will drive defenses crazy and slow down the blitzing.

Say what you want about Brett Favre, but he never stops trying…

I’ll bet Sidney Rice is happy he decided to come back…

Face it – best thing that has happened for Greg Jennings is Jermichael Finley getting injured. They have to figure next year how to have 2 “go-to” guys…

Dimitri Nance making his case to keep James Starks on the inactive list next week.

There may be no better feeling than watching Aaron Rodgers come out of the game in a blowout of the Vikings AT the Metrodome… wow…


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20 thoughts on “Packers 31, Vikings 3 – Destruction in the Dome

  1. Al, one feeling better than seeing Rodgers coming out of a blowout would be seeing brent pulled and benched in a packer blowout.

  2. Greatest game of the year? Maybe greatest game of the last 5 years in the regular season?

    Feels really, really good to be a Packer. It always feels good to be a Packer, but now, specially, it feels wonderful.

  3. At the start of this game I thought it was going to be 2009 all over but the D kicked ass all game and O got it together after the first Q

    1. The Packers needed to do some things to get the Vikes to stop blitzing. A couple of draw plays and then the passes to Jackson did the trick…

  4. Well, they not only contained Percy Harvin, they pretty much stopped him. Aside from his one running play, I don’t think he did much all game. He was also fairly pedestrian for his standards on the return game.

    In addition, Peterson had 72 yards on 14 carries. Take away his 25-yd. run, and it’s 13 for 47. (Last game he had 28 carries. Thanks, Chilly!) He also had just one reception for 16 yards.

    Good work, Green Bay!

    1. Overall, the D has played way beyond expectations. But the big tests are coming: Falcons and Pats. We’ll know a lot more after those games…

  5. Great Win! No time to rest on their laurels. Game plan the Falcons as good as the Vikings and we can be one more step closer with five to go.

    Great job by Rodgers, Jennings and MM. Capers and the D continue to impress and improve each week. The big job is to remember the 500 yd games of last year and never allow that to happen again.

    I feel goo, real good!


  7. Someone take bill’s coffee away! 😀

    No way is Mike McCarthy COTY. I would say that finally his team is playing like they’re capable of. Still, slow starts (game and season) seem to typify McCarthy’s squads. And when is going to really learn how to use a running game?

    Good game Packers!!! Now, go get the Falcons!

    1. LOL, Give JimR some coffee to give him a more positive attitude.We don’t have great run blocking,so in order to get first downs we have to pass.

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