Green Bay Packers Sleep with the Fishes: Dolphins 23 Packers 20: All Green Bay Packers All the Time

Despite a valiant effort by the Green Bay Packers defense, the Packers suffered their second straight overtime loss on Sunday. Like a mobster in a cement overcoat, their season is sinking fast, surprisingly at the hands of what was supposed to be their greatest strength, the offense.

While it would be “convenient” to blame the injuries, much like last week, the Packers had every opportunity to win this game.  But the unbalanced offense continued their stubborn attack into the Dolphins strengths, rather than exploiting their weaknesses.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, displayed for the Packers what a balanced offense should look like. They dominated the time of possession with a perfect mix of run/pass and some creative play calling (like the Fasano TD).

I know I’ve beaten this dead horse before,  but during his tenure in Green Bay, Mike McCarthy has never impressed me as a game day coach, even during wins. His stubbornness to changing his approach with game-time adjustments has been a thorn in the Packers’ side. Many times the Packers have won games strictly on talent, in spite of Mike McCarthy, similar to the Vikings with Brad Childress.

As the “fire Mike McCarthy” mobs assemble, let me say I am never in favor of mid-season firings, unless you’re sitting at 0-6 or something close to that. In that case, you have nothing to lose. At 3-3, you have a better chance of salvaging the season with what you have, than you do by completely changing direction.

At the end of the season, though, I will have my torch lit and pitchfork sharpened. Bring me the head of Mike McCarthy and go get John Gruden. The Packers need a true offensive wunderkind to properly use the talent that Ted Thompson has provided (sorry, TT haters).

And then Mike McCarthy can go sleep with the fishes…


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31 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Sleep with the Fishes: Dolphins 23 Packers 20:

  1. I could not possibly agree more with your assessment of McCarthy. It must be a treat to coach against him. If you find something to exploit in the Packers’ game, just keep doing it all day long, because no adjustment will be forthcoming. It’s amazing.

    How about some help for Bulaga? I’m beginning to think it is impossible for McCarthy to scrap, or even alter a gameplan mid-game. I wonder if he won’t call a play that they haven’t practiced during the week. Maybe they’d be better off having a few dozen plays they can actually have time to practice, than 10,000 plays that they obviously have no time to practice.

    1. My issue with his play calling is that he runs certain plays as a “token.” Even if the play was wildly successful, you don’t see it again. Instead you see the same repertoire of plays he has picked for that game (which seem to be strikingly similar from game to game). As you said, it can’t be hard for opposing coaches to gameplan for the Packers. When knowledgeable fans can watch the game and know what’s coming, what do you think the other coaches know?

  2. MM is losing it. Just read a JS article showing how MM is 1 and 11 in close games. He cannot coach under pressure.

    I, for one fan, is tired of excuses everytime they play bad. Call it like it is Al we’re with you.

    And now the Oline is crumbling again. Bulaga has a longer way to go than I thought before he’s ready and Clifton is barely able to move. Lang, the guy I thought showed so much potential last year is now playing backup Dline. Just what the hell is goijng on here?

    And, it’s time for Aaron Rodgers to man up. He is at a point in his career that he needs to take charge and move the team to a victory. He’s been around long enough to do something on his own. I’m tired of the same old stupid plays when the game is on the line. Call your own plays and let MM have a hissy fit. I’ll guarentee you that AR stays before MM if the issue gets up to TT.

    1. In fairness to Bulaga, he gets put in a position he has NEVER played before, at any level. His first experience there is in an NFL game? How crazy is that? That’s another MM failing. OL positions are not as interchangeable as he likes to think, especially when you throw a rookie in at a spot he has never played.

      1. Even if you don’t buy into the rookie grace period for Bulaga, with a veteran or a rookie–if a guy is having a tough game, against a good rusher, shouldn’t the staff feed him some help? They just kept doing the same thing hoping it would turn out different.

  3. As a former reliable special teams and offensive threat, I can speak w/ great authority on a few issues. 1st, our special teams deserve a capable coach. Make the change now. 2nd, when are we going to stop the roulette game w/ our o-line. Pick a position for them and let them stay and learn that position.

  4. I will never lose my support of the Green Bay Packers, but I have lost a lot of my expectations for this 2010 team.

    I have given many people the benefit of the doubt in the past, but that grace period is now over. With this level of talent, McCarthy has no excuses to be at more than one loss so far.

    I’m ready for a change.

    1. I have a shorter grace period. Probably comes from being a Yankee fan. Anyway, I think it’s now clear that Brett Favre made him look good in that 13-3 season, as opposed to the other way around…

  5. New book just released by that prominent author Mike McCarthy,”How My Offense can make any Defense look Great”.

    The best thing about this book is it comes only in paperback and sells for .99 cents,even high school DC coaches are thankful for the publishing.

    The young players say”it’s the best thing since crib notes were invented” and ” is cheating suppose to be this easy”.

  6. I agree with most of what you’re saying.His off. seems to lack evolution on a week to week basis.I remember how Holmgren & even Sherman would inject new wrinkles through out the season ,especially before important games.In MM’s defense,it’s hard to win with all those injuries and poor off. line play.When the game is on the line and the other team is pouring it on the off. line has not matched the intensity.Case in point ,the two poss. we had in the last two overtime games.

    1. But Pete, if you struggling with protection,why go empty backfield and call down field routes on 3rd and 2? It looks like his entire game is scripted, not just the first 10 plays…

  7. Hey Al – I’m also of the mindset that McCarthy is just not capable of getting it done. I don’t really see a silver lining at this point unless the players just take over. I don’t beleive TT even sees it that way and is still wedded to MM. It’s going to have to get a lot worse before anything changes.

  8. I think most of us that follow the Packers can recognize that defense is not the reason for a 3-3 start. McCarthy’s offensive play selection is predictable and limited. However,the inability run the ball has taken away 50% of your threat on offense. Teams know that the Packers are one 
    dimensional and plan accordingly. MM’s elementary play calling didn’t just start this season,it followed him here. But having Favre, a quarterback not afraid to change out of a bad play. Along with Grant, a legitimate homerun threat had concealed his poor play calling. The bottom line is we need a RB to make this offense work again.

  9. I agree with all of you. I fear McCarthy can’t coach under tight situations. 6-10 is as good as this team can be. They’re very undisciplined with all the penalties. The Bills are the only team the Packers have dominated this year. We could’ve lost to the Lions and the Eagles just as easily. Without a real run game it’s easy for D-coordinators to scheme against us and then the O-line has no chance. Aaron still holds the ball too long. I’d love to see Gruden or Bill Cowher in GB. McCarthy can’t motivate OR get the players in game shape, hence all the injuries. The Vikings will probably kill us next week. They’re the best team in our division. The Bears suck.

  10. How about we make Capers HC,Greene DC with Capers help and we bag Cameron from Balt for OC. Maybe we just offer Cameron the HC and keep Capers as DC with Greene getting experience for the future.

  11. Agreed. Let’s not kid ourselves. Every team has injuries and these problems lingered long before Barnett and Yotto got hurt.

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