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The Green Bay Packers got a good spanking today from the Washington Redskins, even with Albert Haynesworth missing (Redskins 16, Packers 13). Losing Jermichael Finley, Donald Lee, Ryan Pickett, Clay Matthews (the worst disaster) and then the game leave the Packers hobbling out of Washington and licking their wounds.

It’s becoming a recurring  theme for the Packers. Leaving points on the board in the first half and then poor and inconsistent play in the second half. What the future holds for this Packers team is now an impossible mystery to solve.

While I firmly believe the Packers win this game if Matthews doesn’t get hurt, the loss really should get pinned on the offense. Erratic play calling, shaky performances, lack of leadership, pick your reason. If your defense holds a team to 13 points in regulation, this “high-powered” offense should win the game. With or without Jermichael Finley. But lets not assume the season is lost. There’s still a long way to go. That’s all I have to say…

My thoughts and first impressions during the game:


Inactives:  Shields, Johnson, Chillar, Barnett, Tauscher, McDonald, Newhouse and Wynn.

With Tauscher out, Brian Bulaga gets his first start, although it’s at a position he’s apparently never played in a game; right offensive tackle.

With Barnett and Chillar out, AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop will be getting a lot of snaps today. Maurice Simpkins has been added from the practice squad as injury insurance, and he’ll probably see some special teams action.

Word on Barnett (first heard from Jason Wilde) is that he could possibly return in 8 weeks, so the team is considering whether they should not place him on season-ending injured reserve.

Former Packer Quinn Porter was signed to the Redskins practice squad just this week. No coincidence, I’m sure…

New starters for this game: Bryan Bulaga, Desmond Bishop, Brad Jones, Charlie Peprah, Pat Lee (nickel corner)

Predicting a big day for Aaron Rodgers.


Despite Mike McCarthy saying earlier in the week that Jordy Nelson would be the #1 kick returner, Pat Lee takes the opening kickoff and runs backwards… wonderful…

Brandon Jackson? WTF? Obviously, all of the negative blog and forum posts about him have inspired him – haha.

Jackson with a 71yard run. Is this already his best day as a Packer?

Donald Lee atones for several sins (last year’s TD drops and the early fumble today) by pulling in a TD and holding on to the ball.

Hard to believe it looks like we’ll need all 4 tight ends today. Donald Lee now walking to the locker room. Good God.

Donovan McNabb way off with his passing accuracy so far. Doing the Packers a nice favor…

Through the first quarter, Charlie Peprah showing some nice tackling skills, just like he did in preseason. It’s why he won a spot on this team. Having to cover a receiver downfield is where I worry about him.

After one quarter, this is looking like the Packers offense we expected. Distributing the ball to multiple weapons, good mix of run/pass.

On the failure to score on the goal line, the 4th down call should have been the 3rd down play, when it wouldn’t have been as expected. Not on 4th down after two straight stopped run attempts.

I have no problem with the decision to go for the TD, however. MM is trying to set an aggressive tone with the offense, and it’s working well, so going for 7 made sense.

Had to laugh at Donovan McNabb thinking he could outrun Clay Matthews. Child please…

Poor Cullen Jenkins. He could be second in the league in sacks if he didn’t have that club. QBs keep slipping out of his grasp…

With about 5 minutes left in the half, MM forgets he has a decent running game going today. 3 straight in-completions and punt. How about trying to control the ball for the remainder of the half?

And Peprah takes a bad angle on Santana Moss and gives up a big play. That’s what I was worried about.

And the Packers take a lead into halftime, after having done their best to keep the Redskins close.

On the Packers’ first drive of the second half, we see a play the Packers run WAY too infrequently. A simple swing pass to the running back to beat a blitz. Worked perfectly – Jackson picks up a first down.

Well, don’t all the jerks who criticized Mason Crosby feel embarrassed now? (Not yet, 5 games don’t make a season.)

As a Penn State fan, I watched Andrew Quarless for 4 years. He is extremely good at catching balls thrown behind him, and very good hands in general…

And Peprah again beat deep, this time for a touchdown… His real weakness exploited twice now, leading to all 10 points by the Redskins.

Clay Matthews goes out with a “cramp in his hamstring.” I’ve never heard of such a thing, supposedly it exists, but I have a feeling the Packers are just trying to “put lipstick on a pig” – is it a pull…?

Very interesting on Washington’s tyng field goal. As Derrick Martin tries to get off the field, Aaron Rodgers is running down the sideline telling McCarthy to call a time out. Why? Well, if Martin doesn’t get off the field on time, it’s a 5 yard penalty and a first down for the Redskins. McCarthy chooses to gamble and luckily Martin makes it.

Update on Crosby: Since my earlier note on Crosby, he misses two long field goal attempts. I’m not going to jump all over him, but the thud of the game winning attempt hitting the goalpost will echo in my head for quite some time…

As the OT begins, I’m thinking, “Is there any doubt that the Packers MUST score on this first possession?”

The Packers finally get a block on a screen and Jackson runs right at the defender. I give up…

And the defensive penalties at the worst possible times once again rear their ugly heads…

I have no doubt the Packers pull this game out if Matthews was still in, but che sera, sera. If your defense is that dependent on one player, these things will happen.

Sure wish next week was a bye week…


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35 thoughts on “Redskins Put the Hurt on the Packers: Redskins 16 Packers 13: First Impressions

  1. IMHO game on Rodgers. What to make of it? I really don’t know. I’m in wish mode now. Done analyzing. Someone do the work, I’ll just nod and watch.

    1. I’ll go Rodgers AND McCarthy. Just hate his play calling and game management… Finally show some life in the running game early, finish the half with 5 rushing attempts. Finish the game with thirteen. Doesn’t cut it…

  2. So this game sucked huh didnt no it was possible for a team to shoot itself in the foot 3 games in a row

  3. maybe if our team stopped shooting themselves we wouldn’t have so many injurries. geez, who knew plaxico had so much in commen with the pack

    glad to see that i am not the only one who recognizes MM for the inept fool of a playcaller he is…

    1. He made me look good after the game when he said in his press conference he should have called the goal line 4th down play on 3rd down – EXACTLY what I said during the game. More on this in my next article…

  4. Dear MM control the damn ball and score each and every time you are in the
    Red Zone.

    I know alot of people will disagree with me but Crosby just can’t kick in a pressure situation. Don’t forget he missed a 44 yarder just before he missed the potential game winner.

  5. what were the receivers problems today? Was it just me or did they drop just about everything that Aaron Rodgers threw at them? And lets hope that these injuries today aren’t serious because these are key players in the Packers scheme.

  6. Second and third paragraphs were beautifully put. Couldn’t agree more.

    This loss is definitely on the offense though.

    Laughed while reading the TE comment. Thought the same thing when Lee went out.

  7. Gotta have more run attempts. 100 yards doens’t tell the story. It looks good, but ~70 of it was on one run.

  8. Highly reminiscent of the 4th and 26 game. Sherman went for a 4th and goal in the first half when we were up 7-0 or 7-3, trying to get way ahead early, just like McCarthy today. Both times we blew it. Both times, Donovan McNabb ended up getting the ball back after a bad INT in OT to go down and get a FG. Amazing. I was screaming at Sherman to kick the FG 7 years ago and I was screaming at McCarthy today. You’re on the road. Every point is precious.

    My general opinion of McCarthy’s poor in-game coaching is being reinforced almost weekly.

    The same 53 guys would be 5-0 right now if this team was mentally tougher, collectively. And that’s on McCarthy, too.

  9. Finley’s MRI today and the week long agony waiting for Rodgers concussion review to be completed will make this week seem like a month. GB could be in dire straights for the remainder of the year. Maybe all the Super Bowl crap will be shelved forever. Wait until you’ve accomplished something before the celebrations and bragadocio.

    On a positive side the defense played well enough to win. Neal showed why he was a high draft choice. And hopefully the 3 and 4 man rush defense will be sent to the shelf forever.

    1. I thought Rodgers looked a little woozy earlier in the game. Nothing concrete to go on, just the way he walked to the sideline a few times…

      There was till plenty of 3-man rush, but less than previous weeks.

  10. Under recurring themes, you forgot to list “injuries”.

    Also, McCarthy’s really going to have to start circling the wagons if the team wants to make a real crack at this. It’s not too late to save the season, but it’s getting close…

  11. Whats happening to Jennings this year? Is he not getting open or is ARod not throwing to him. He s dangerous wepon with the ball in his hand and it seams the only time he gets the ball is on a long throw

    1. Simple, it’s called cover two and MM hasn’t been able to change his scheme.

      Barnett and Finley are having surgry this week. They say Finley will be back.

  12. This team is a total train wreck. Where do you start? With injuries happening at an alarming rate, we will have a completely different team on the field by the end of the season. Do you suppose we can ask the commissioner for a “do over” and get him to re-start the season? If we could back it up to just before training camp starts that would be nice.

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