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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 9/9/10 )

Packer News 9/2/10 – 9/9/10

Al: The big news this week, of course, were the cuts made to bring the Packers roster down to 53. Spencer Havner and Will Blackmon were the biggest names let go, which elicited a range of emotions form Packers fans. Many had trouble understanding the Havner move, but not this packer fan. I have said all along the Packers would not risk losing Quarless and Crabtree. It was going to be either Lee or Havner, and the Packers just had more faith in Lee to be a starter if something were to happen to Jermichael Finley.

Holly: That’s not a scenario we ever want to see, Al, but something I think we would all like to see is for Sam Shields to hold his own out there on the field. Especially since all indications are that Shields will be the Packers’ starting nickel cornerback come Sunday. Charles Woodson said as much this week, though Mike McCarthy refused to tip his hand. Shields is doing his part by hitting the playbook extra hard, and enlisting help from Charles Woodson can only help.

Al: Well Holly, with the roster being complete, the next big topic in the Packers Universe this week is who the hell is going to return kicks for the Packers? Everyone has an opinion and the Packers kicked the tires this week on Clifton Smith, a two-time Pro Bowl returner cut loose by Tampa Bay. That never got very far, probably because of Smith’s injury history and propensity for fumbling the football. For his part, Mike McCarthy indicated that he would be using Jordy Nelson on kickoffs and Tramon Williams to handle punts.

Holly: What’s even more interesting, Al, is that McCarthy even mentioned Greg Jennings would be an option at punt returner, something he has never done in the NFL. Jennings did return punts as a senior at Western Michigan, averaging 8.6 yards per return.  According to Bill Huber of Packer Report, Jennings showed impressive open-field skills by eluding … a gaggle of reporters following Monday’s practice.

Al:  Ready to show his open-field skills for the Packers is Mr. TGIF, or Mr. YOTTO, whichever you prefer, one Jermichael Finley. Finley recently commented that he much prefers to line up at least 5 yards outside the offensive tackle. Finley says it creates a lot more open space for him to operate in and obviously, he’s not talking about blocking. Mike McCarthy, for his part, has indicated that the Packers will be even more creative in how they use Finley, now that he better knows all of the offensive sets and variations. Hopefully, Finley will help the Packers drive opposing defenses stir crazy.

Holly: And hoping to drive opposing offenses crazy through 2014 will be Charles Woodson, whom the Packers signed to a contract extension today. Official details have not been released, but ubiquitous unnamed sources say it’s worth $55 million over 5 years. He’ll be 39 by then, and Woodson commented today that his sole mission at this point, is to retire as a Packer. But before that, he expects to bring a championship to Green Bay.

Holly:  .. That’s it for the news… and now, Cheesehead Radio brings you “News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

News from the Packers Twitterverse:

Al: Well, judging from some Packer player tweets, it seems like the temperature must have cooled down a bit this week in Green Bay. Atari Bigby complained that winter had already started in Green Bay, while newbie Packer Anthony Levine tweeted,  “I’m definitely buyin me a jacket 2marra….I can’t get sick “

Holly: Well there were some warm feelings in Green Bay this week. When news hit twitter that good-guy Will Blackmon was waived, it elicited a slew of warm responses and well wishes from fans. Capping it off was this heartfelt tweet by Nick Barnett: “Whoa! just lost one of my close friends on the team!!! Sorry to hear that. I know God has a plan for you!!”

Al: Well, one thing Mike Neal doesn’t yet have a plan for is what to do about really annoying fans. Neal tweeted this week, “Just got stopped by a 6o year old man in the walmart parking lot who held my car door open for 20 minutes and tried to convince me he was black and that muhammid ali was his distant cousin….and the guy was white. What would you have done?” Well, Mike, I would have just driven off after a few minutes, but the fact that you were nice enough to hang in there that long deserves some type of prize.

So for that, Mike, I’m awarding you, the Cheesehead Radio Tweet of the Week…

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