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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 9/1/10 )

Packer News 8/27/10 – 9/1/10

Al: Charles Woodson had a few choice words about the Packers defense this week. When asked by Bill Huber of Packer Report if the defense was better than what they’ve shown this preseason, Woodson replied: I think we’re as good as what we’ve shown, and I don’t think it’s all that great.” Woodson went on to discuss the need for players to step up and help out the offense. This was obviously a call to arms by the the Packer’s defensive leader.

Holly: One Packers player that answered a call to arms was Daryn Colledge. The Packers somewhat-maligned lineman beat back all preseason challengers to his starting left guard spot. According to Colledge, he reported to training camp in the best shape of his life and ready to go to war with all comers. That he did and Colledge held onto his starting spot – at least for right now.

Al: Trying to hold on to any spot right now are several players who have been with the Packers a few years and now find their roster spots as no sure thing. Donald Lee, Jarret Bush, Korey Hall and Jason Spitz could all be in battles for a place on the Packers roster. Lee, Hall and Spitz have all been starters, so they have value to bring something back in a trade. I think Ted Thompson will be looking to add more draft picks, one of his favorite things.

Holly: One of my favorite things, Al, is the start of the regular season, which is only 10 days away. While that will require many tough decisions for Packers coach Mike McCarthy, perhaps the toughest may have been putting Al Harris on the PUP list.  McCarthy just had recently had said that he felt Harris was close to getting back on the field. In the end, the ultimate deciding factor was most likely how long it would take Harris to be game ready. If it was going to take a month or so anyway, then there was no point in having him occupy a roster spot.

Al: True Holly, that’s a roster spot that could go to a useful player. Or, conversely, it could go to Jarret Bush, everybody’s favorite Packer. Bush has been very Bush-like this preseason, which in past years, has been just good enough to make the team. With Lee and Shields in the mix this season, I was convinced this would be the end of the road for Bush as a Packer, but with Harris out, it looks like he could now get a temporary reprieve.

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News from the Packers Twitterverse:

Al: CheeseheadTV’s Brian Carriveau was doing his usual bangup job this week of tweeting Packers facts to Packers fans, but not everyone took it seriously. When he let us all know that Aaron Rodgers leads the entire NFL in passing yards, QB rating & touchdowns during the preseason, the Packerranter, tweeted back, “not to mention nice beards.”

Holly: If you follow Mike Neal on twitter, there is one thing you know for sure about him – the man loves to eat. SO many of his tweets concern food, from what to have for dinner to professing his love for Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Eventually, Neal probably had too much of a good thing, showing some eaters remorse by tweeting, “Man why do I LOVE DQ…. I’m done eating it this week..”

Al: Aaron Nagler was perplexed this week by the sudden development of he and Greg Bedard agreeing on almost every Packers issue they discussed. Aaron wondered if it was an omen, while Greg said it was a sign of impending success for the Packers. To that, Aaron tweeted back, “Super Bowl or Life Support! and then in parentheses, (I’m Not ready to commit to the whole dying thing yet…)

I’m with you on that Aaron and that, folks, was the Tweet of the Week

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