Brett Favre – Drama Queen (Abba Parody) All Green Bay Packers All the Time

First saw this hilarious video in Packerforum and had to post it for my readers…


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15 thoughts on “Brett Favre – Drama Queen (Abba Parody)

  1. I love the supposed shot of Brett on that old Snapper lawn mower. That’s Brett Favre in a nutshell: The Master of the Snapper

  2. Had to watch it twice to get what I missed from laughing. I liked the binky and the Queen….oh heck the whole thing was hilarious!

  3. The “what a crock, you can do it” line was written about him always ‘getting healthy’ after training is nearly done. Just tell the tryth, you don’t want to practice.

    Glad yall are enjoying it. 🙂

    1. Hey, we have the creator of this great video stopping in! Great job, man! Gave us all a good laugh and your wife does a nice job with the vocals!

    2. for the people who use to count on bret to get them sure turnyour back on that person your just jealous.

      1. It’s called following his example. He turned his back on Packers fans by going to the Vikings. Sorry Miss Viking fan, but you couldn’t begin to understand.

  4. bernie: I laughed when I photoshopped that one. Don’t know if you can see his tongue sticking out…looks like Forrest Gump.

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