Weekly News From the Packers Twitterverse and Beyond – 8/19/10

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Weekly Packers News from Twitter and other sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio. 8/19/10 )

Packers News – 8/13/10 – 8/19/10

AL: Rumors were swirling this week that Al Harris could be cleared to start practicing with the team this upcoming Monday. Although no one from the Packers or the NFL would confirm that, Harris was seen working out on his own during practice for the first time.

Jayme: That’s sure a good sign Al…   And another good sign was the return to practice of the only real punt returner the Packers have, Will Blackmon. After resting his knee for the last week, Blackmon said his knee felt better so he decided to get back out there to work on his transition to safety. Blackmon also worked on catching punts, which everyone agreed, he looked very good at. Afterwards, Blackmon remarked that he can return punts “in his sleep.”

AL: Hmm, as opposed to some other returners that seemed to be asleep…    Certainly not asleep last Saturday was the Packers first team offensive line. They graded out very well, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. Despite a preponderance of blitzes from the Cleveland Browns, they managed to keep Aaron Rodgers unsacked and untouched. The second team line did not fare so well, testing Flynn’s manhood as he absorbed some really hard hits.

Jayme: Flynn wasn’t the only one that took a hard hit… Ryan Grant was knocked woozy on a first quarter play and barely made it off the field. He suffered a concussion, but was back at practice on Tuesday, after having been cleared by team doctors and an independent neurologist, as per the new NFL policy. Grant had an interesting comment about the new policy. While saying it’s good overall, Grant speculated that it may result in fewer players admitting to having symptoms to not have to miss any games.

Al: I think there’s probably some truth to that Jayme… And speaking of telling the truth, or not, the Brett Favre – Vikings charade thankfully came to an end.  The Vikings three amigos flew down for a sleepover at the Favre’s house, where they convinced him to once again go make out with the ugly Viking chick. Or was that Brad Childress? In any case, Brett flew to Minnesota, where once again, the Vikings were too cheap to hire a car service to pick up Favre.

Jayme: For the final word on Favre, we give you Leroy Butler, who made a guest appearance on Cheesehead TV’s Packers Transplants show. When asked about Favre’s return, Butler, never one to tap dance around a question, simply replied, “ I wanted Favre to come back so Rodgers can beat him twice.”

Al: You and all of Packer nation, Leroy.

And now, it’s time for,  News from the Packers Twitterverse.

AL: Hands down, this week’s best tweets were all about Brett Favre. Reports of his plane’s arrival in Minnesota were tweeted and retweeted far and wide. Greg Bedard put an exclamation mark on it by tweeting, “The Silver Eagle has landed. Repeat, the Silver Eagle has landed.”

Jayme: As the spectacle of his return unfolded, with live Helicopter coverage of Favre being driven from the airport to the Vikings facility, Rahim Tariq tweeted, “Why couldn’t it have been a white Ford Bronco? Why?”

AL: But the tweet that had me all ROTFL,  came from one of my favorite tweeters, CheeseHeadChick. First a tweet from Eric Stangel arrived, saying. “ So the Vikings kicker was driving Brett Favre. I don’t want to know what the holder was doing.” To that, cheeseheadchick replied, “Gently clutching Brett’s crocs”.

Yes folks, that was the tweet of the week…

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  1. Tonight’s game:

    Improvement at all levels of ST’s.

    Some kind of pass rush.

    Proof that the Oline cn stand up to a better Dline.

    Tighter Dback coverage

    If progress is made in these areas, things are looking good for the openner.

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